Off to rent a feltloom…………..

Haha…just separated book 3 into paragraphs. Not sure if 1 and 2 are done, but 3 is!!! See, I just write and write and write. When I’m done, that’s when I bother with those niceties. It’s so funny to me how the Wiggles came in. And even funnier is that the planet Iluru could be connected as well. Not sure yet…..potential? YUP. Haha again. It is 2am and I have only written these words. Jesse is here now and we’re watching Phone Booth. He has just played me his most recent beats he’s created. He has many struggles due to cheap equipment but he somehow still pours all of himself into creating his music….with what he has. He wants a midi cord so he can connect with the keyboard Cathy’s hubby gave him. Then he can play piano sounds in his music. Talent I tell you. Pure talent and passion. More passion than I’ve ever seen in a human…he intends to create good music of his choice, he intends to be famous, to be an entrepreneur of sorts cuz he has many talents, graphic design, hand skills doing light shows, lyricist. He intends to be able to give back and pay forward in the rap/hiphop/electro/house/dutchhouse/trap world. With intention…..we go. I’m enjoying the evening with the plant that died. My plant died. Too hot here. It was just a baby. Texas heat is fierce. We have to run the hoses for about 4 minutes till it turns cool, or else we give the goats boiling hot water. The whole point is to give them cool water in this ahhhugggghhh. And its only June!!! I’m nearly 52 and honey, this ain’t the weather I remember. Half a century I’ve lived…over……so maybe you’ll take my word? The grass is crunchy now. I refuse to have crunchy grass. Night night sweet ones. 2:46am = 3 = holy. 😀

I just caught myself having grandiose thinking. Then, my mind wondered if everyone, or if not everyone, if others had these kinds of thoughts and I thought immediately of my son. He thinks big, grandiose style. So I wonder….if we all have these thoughts, why are they scoffed at and ridiculed? As an example….I always thought and even said that I wanted Steven Spielberg to do a movie about the Wiggles. Now, I want J.K. Rowlings publisher to publish my book. I think it is only natural. But I’m only guessing. But if I’m right…….then someone is doing us a disfavor by squelching our biggest dreams. Someone has taught us as a society to laugh and say….who are you to want that? You’re nowhere near the Steven Spielbergs and J.K. Rowlings of this world. You’re just a little fish in the big sea. Hmmm, I dunno. I woke up with one of those….you’re not good enough feelings, guess that’s where this question stemmed from. It’s an icky feeling in my gut. Must be related to tomorrows excursion down to rent the feltloom.

Yes, I’m unsure. One, I have never done it before so I don’t know what to expect. Two, I’m an artist and feel shy doing my thing in front of others, and I have a feeling the owner is planning to stay in the room with us. Three, I’ll be on the spot. Create as many things as fast as I can. I guess I must be feeling pressure. Diamonds grow from pressure. Looks like a full day and night of washing, drying and pulling curls. A little dying too possibly. This is two mornings in a row that it feels like I’m at the beach. The breeze is just right to call up that familiar feeling. Nice. It’s so funny watching the goats. They go to a particular tree, depending on the time of day and the extent of the shade that tree presents. Right now, in the morning…they are at the farthest right tree. Usually they’re not there….but I can see that the shade extends to cover a large area. Smart goaties.

Goodness, the icky in my belly is growing and growing. Yikes. I’m not liking this. Oh well. Well, I got more washed, some dyed and most is on top of the Rv to dry. That’s puppy proof!!!! Went ahead and am washing up the Wywy that we found in the kitchen cabinet…..whether or not it’ll be dry is another matter. But at least it’ll be ready for another time, if so. But I gotta tell ya…..5 buckets of hot tap water and still dirty. Not vm,…… sand dirt. It seems endless, the sand dirt. Over and over, I lift the basket and look in the water, hoping to see nice clear water….nope….it’s brown. On the other hand….6 months of the goat laying in dirt and wind blowing dirt, they are born in the dirt…..yup….lotsa dirt. Now, I’m pulling curls apart in a furious manner. I’m so behind. Gotta end this now. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….wish me luck.














8 thoughts on “Off to rent a feltloom…………..

  1. You know, speaking of dirty fleece, I have a yearling I just sheared that still has baby hair. and it looks like her NEXT shearing will be the same! (dontcha love those goats!) and I have my baby Tango who will be sheared for the first time in either August or Sept. But BOTH those baby coats are magnets for VM! They are filled with straw and hay grrr. HOW do you get it out? I hate breaking up those curls but most of it is baby soft fuzz on Hildie’s yearling coat – Tango looks to be a perfect little Angora and is already covered in nice curls so his is going to be really hard to take apart!
    I have a (oh I hate it when words get lost in my head!) one of those boxes with all the nails that loosens the fibers to remove VM>? OH yeah~ a PICKER! But I am afraid it will ruin Mohair?? Have you tried one??

    • Well there is a wand for around $15 or less that Mea loves. I’ll try to find the link for you. I have not used a picker. I love pulling baby curls. Lol except for the ones I don’t. My PayPal has been empty forever so I haven’t bought the wand but I intend to. I’ll try anything including taking the fleece early if forced

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. I have a friend who does what everyone says can’t be done ~ she washes her animals (sheep and goats) before shearing!She washes them well and then leaves in Mane and Tail conditioner (I assume she combs it through) and she says that curls and crimp all bounce right back after they fully dry. She does this at least 3 days (WARM days) before shearing. I think I am going to try it with little Tango

  3. what’s funny about reading these comments is… my middle son just told me yesterday that in Farmer Boy … from the Little House series…they wrote that they would take the sheep to the creek and bathe them before they sheared them. How neat.

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