Wow….a cool spell….only 96 degrees, yay!!!

It’s been a horrible evening. Too bothersome and childish to even want to explain. Not just tonight though. Today was just there mostly. Not my favorite restaurant, then the biggie….No feed. They had none, either town. I had done a raincheck, but none were available. Had to give the girls and babies a different feed. Crap…in this heat. 105 degrees at 3 o’clock. But at least I gave them a fancy mineral mix that cost a fortune. I’d been giving them the mineral blocks until the girl at the store told me that was like giving cookies. Jeeze. I moved my necessary stuff into my room tonight, then eventually the Rv was able to be cooled and I came back. It was very silent in my room. I hate silence. And yes, I’m leaving a bunch out. I’m watching John Carter and finally, finally I am understanding it. I’ve seen it in bits and pieces so many times and tonight I caught most of it and I caught it almost from the beginning too. What a smart writer. Dude is artful. Love the part about what the Immortals do for fun….instigate stuff on planets and watch them rise up and separate as a people in the rising…..then fighting each other and they just sit and watch. The Immortals….Gods, would also be a correct word. Or maybe I should use a little g and say gods. Wow, now that I get it….it’s a great great movie. Oooooh, it’s comin on again at 12:30am, yes!

Looks like I may be moving back into the house soon anyways. Hubby wants to take the Rv to have some minor details worked on…like the sink that I’m not using has a drip. He wants it ready in case we do ever want to go somewhere in it. I’m gonna say….wait till the tv people come and hook up a new satellite box so I can actually watch the new tv that he bought me with his credit card points…for my room. Once I can watch…I will move and he can take it in. Yes. So be it. See…..once I move out….I’m relegated to my room. I no longer have a place in my own living room. Hubby watches the tv shows he wants during the day, he goes to bed at 9, then Jesse takes over….in my chair. So. I get to sit in my room. YeeHaw. Life is on purpose Sheri Lee.

Oh good Lord…they were right. You throw the flea in the water with the drops of Dawn….and it sinks and then struggles until it ceases to struggle. Oh my word…how awful. I feel like a murderer but I know I will do it again. That my friends….is a horrible thing. It’s my first one to catch and throw in. But there are other fleas in there so I know it’s working. I just need a better setup….see, there I go talking about further murders. Fleas. I murder fleas. I am sorry. And damnit….I missed the extreme beginning again…..I just need to buy the darn movie. I was busy writing about Quittle. Quittle is a character from the Wiggles who is now inside the Fairy Story. “smiling!!!!” Oh goodness…just finished it. Book 3 done, except for editing. And yes….there is more to come…it’s a neverending story. Lovin this. Night night sweet folk…gonna watch the movie now and see what else I can catch! Sweet dreams y’all. 1:20am = 3 = holy. Hmmm, need to look, jut thinking the last time I wrote that I’d finished pt was 3, holy….need to check 1. Night. 1:36 and I’m hearing thunder. Somethings wrong with this picture. There is no rain forcasted. But I just went outside and thunder is boomin and lightning is flashin, even going sideways like. But I don’t think there’s any rain associated with it. Scary. But night night time.

Well, we survived the dry lightning with no fires. Due to yesterdays argument, this morning, hubby found himself cutting up boxes and bagging them as trash. Wow, lots of room in the stove room now. While he did that, we watched the movie 21, which I had never planned to watch, cheaters, but it was pretty darn good. And…….we’ve got some cooler weather for the next week or so. It says 96 will be the highest for 15 days. Yes and thankyou. And hubby is cooking dinner…..yeehaw, hubby’s vacation. I have spent the day washing fiber in my new bucket and basket, boiling water all day. First rewashed batch of Moonee Blue….great. 2nd batch…Miyagi, still lanoliny so here we go again. More boiling water. Ann is going to give me her wash setup she created. She is being forced from her home so she has nowhere to put it. In a month, she will be living in her car. Say prayers please, for my friend.

Hubby is making chile verde. Wonder if the boy will eat it. He’s been trying more and more foods lately. When he first came, there were only like 6-7 items he would eat, period. Now….he buys his hot pockets for lunch and when I make something he hates, but most days, he eats what I cook. I will expand that boys palette somehow. Inch by inch, bite by bite. Speaking of bites…the girls are eating their new vitamins. I just put little rubber bowls out with some in each and Etta was trying to keep it all to herself. Now, they’ve calmed with it and no bullying required. Hoping it helps the two with what they are calling dandruff. They are looking much better and I bet if I took a human comb….I could comb all those huge dandruff flakes right out. In other words…..I think all the special greenies I bought and fed them…has done the trick. Now, to just keep everyone healthy and shiny! This bag of minerals was $38. We’ll probably have to get one once a month. Not cheap raising these pretty critters. Well…….see ya tomorrow folks. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


















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