Meant to be……..

Ye know….there’s them that say that there is a planet sitting by our sun right now. Have ya heard that? As in…..just arrived there. Don’t know how one would prove that….without equipment. Who can look at the sun for long….and how do you know where to look once it’s dark? I know, I sound like a whack, but hey….the info has entered my brainwaves, so it comes to my mind, that the planet x, or niburu…whose people are known as the annunaki’s. who are, the El’s…..and I do believe…fallen angels? From the area of Mesopotamia? Goodness, I forget…but there’s a bible…the Kolbrin bible. I even bought one. It’s very large. It has stories very much like the normal bible stories, but with different people doing it. Also, it speaks of how humans were created by the annunaki, as slaves to gather gold. If….and they are coming back? Lol……….well then…..won’t be too hard for them to find their gold, now would it? The people are wearing it. And it’s in the banks and it’s in the homes with fancy cars and fancy houses. A cinch. I don’t believe it and I don’t disbelieve it…..cuz I have no proof either way. And, there has been nothing in my gut to tell me which is true. As far as I’m concerned…it’s that nursery rhyme from childhood….yes, no, maybe so.

Speaking of aliens….when I was 19, I was sitting at the dining table in NJ and this important and religious lady leans over and whispers in my ear. She says….my mother was given an idea for a story and before she passed on, she whispered it to me….and I now whisper it to you. We never did anything with it. It is now yours. It was a few years later that I wrote The Wiggles of Crystal Cave……the fairy tale that could. Well guess what people….I just realized that the Wiggles fit into my new fairy story like a glove. Like a spinoff. But necessary in the fairy story. How crazy awesome wonderful is that???? It’s all my story. They are connected. Shoot….earlier today, I was thinking I could use that name…the fairy tale that could…for this one and said nah…that’s the Wiggles. It wasn’t until tonight that I realized what was supposed to happen next in my story….involved the Wiggles. Holy crap! (I copied some of this to FB…too excited to wait to share.) Man oh man this could get interesting…either that or complicated….lol. I say interesting!!!I mean…it fits! It totally completely fits with this storyline at the moment. How exciting. Should I? Guess we’ll find out. Yup…answer is yup. I started late so I only got 700 words or so, but ya…the answer is ya. It fits exactly. Then I saw a little blue guy on FB and ended up changing colors of one character because I wanted him to look like that. I thought I already had one, but it was a girl. Nope…had to change one to fit the photo and then it really worked. Oh how amazing. My brain is already going blue and has been cuz I told either Summer or Cathy it was going blue, when I’m still on pink. Night night sweeties. It is 2:30am = 5 = changessssss.

Wow. We just went to see Man of Steel. How funny, to see the El’s the day after I’m blogging about them. The part of the movie that got to me…made me cry several times, was that everyone in the movie, knew that he was too different and would never be accepted. That just made me sad. He looked like them, so big deal, he can do things you can’t….to you it would be magic. So….I thought we earthlings loved magic. He is kind….what’s to fear? Ah gosh….guess we needed all the other superman movies and the series, to be able to truly appreciate this one. I knew this one went in a direction that my heart was craving, through the commercials…..knew I would love it and yes indeedy I did I did. Ha…woke up late, only half hour to drink my tea and do morning rituals….ha, bypassed some and went straight for last nights writings to see what I’d done. Oh my… is meant to be. This story seems to be taking on a life of it’s own. I am birthing it.

Ohhh…back to the superman movie. It had a reterraforming machine. How many movies will I see those in? The collective seems to like thinking of those. Epoch 1 and 2. Plus many others. When I said it to Cathy, she said that’s what we want to do to Mars. Excuse me?????? Not our planet to re terra form!!!!! In other words…removing the top layer of the planet and beginning again. God….Life absolutely fascinates me!!! Jesse saw…This is the End….said it was the best movie he’s ever seen and was the only movie ever where he didn’t leave disappointed. After he told us all about it…now I think I want to see it. Oh ya…..and last night I talked about gravity…man of steel was all about gravity. Yup. Everything is still happening in Gods perfect time and the synchronicities grow, that’s how I know.

100 degrees. Told Jesse to start feeding his portion of goats later now…it’s too hot. Oh great…it’s still got 2 more degrees to climb! Dang…8pm is when it goes below 99….to 95. My poor goats. Everyones poor goats. All the animals and people who have no choice but to work outside. Miserable. And speaking of miserable…..not only is my special plant dead, but the ac just tripped in the Rv. Good note to sign off on, eh? Yup, I’m sticking to the keyboard already. Have a great weekend folks……Signing off sticky hot at YeeHaw Ranch. Yup….102.
















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