How to change the world……

Bear with me….it gets good. Well, the issue of abortion seems to be in the forefront today. I am in the most heated discussion about this topic that I’ve ever had in my life…in my long life. I was around when it was young, this idea of abortion. It just never got talked about. Once Roe v Wade…that’s all she wrote, katy bar the door. In the end, tonight I said….we, as a society need to change. To change the way we have children, the way we teach children and the way we love children. When we do that. When we reward them for being who they are, for doing the right thing, for having a passion for something and we then give them an opportunity to explore that passion, while still young, to decide…is that what I want to do forever? Maybe not! Maybe they need to try 4 or 5 things, or 8 or 22. Good grief. We need to teach our children about love. About helping others, about loving ourselves. About being worthy. About being special. You change that……and you change the world. Bottom friggin line.

Ahhh, its another wonderful night to be alive. To be breathing decent air, albeit smokey. To have a roof, this Rv roof over my head and another roof a few steps away, where my real bed is and where my kitchen is. I have my Bluedog by my side and pups probably surrounding me. Maybe even under me. My son is making music out the wazoo and my hubby is in a good mood cuz vacation approaches. And I….I love my goats. It’s a good life. Oh ya…I love writing these stoies…this story in particular. But should any out there worry….Billy is still on my mind! Billy the Goat. Billy is cool. Billy is for a bit younger age than this present fairy story. Now it’s me and Jess, sitting here watching 12 Monkeys. Lol. Night night sweet people. I am also writing on the story, going along smoothly. Night night and sweetest of bestest dreams. 1:53am = 9 = endings.

Wow, I got up early today. Not on purpose, just happened. Ended up washing a fleece and getting another one in to wash…and it’s only a few minutes after noon.Hubby didn’t help me with the turkey fryer so it’s sink washing. Not sure I got the lanolin out…jeeze. I also heard from the place I will rent the feltloom. Yup, we go next week. He said it would be hot so I’m guessing no ac. Should be interesting…heat, sweat and fiber. Hmmm. Sticky hands. In other words, if my body is covered in sweat, the fiber will stick to me. I shall do my best. Just read last nights writings and all is good. 2,000 words, so now it’s up to nearly 5,000. Ahhh gee, well, that was not really a success. Will have to insist hubby help with the fryer this weekend. The first fleece that I thought wasn’t lanoliny, was, very obvious once in the water. Still on. Dang, so will have to rewash with fryer. The second fleece was a baby fleece, no lanolin and it’s fine. It’s drying. Then….I realized there is a leak under the sink, so I can’t do any more. Wait….I have one more option…thank you Anne!!!! My friend Ann, she’s the one who teasingly calls my goats aliens on FB and she wants a purple goat…..anyways…..she brought me a wash container and basket she had made for fiber washing and I have the lanolin fleece back in the hot water only now it’s outside in the 100 degree sun, so that should cool the lanolin out, eh? Hopin so.

My daughter just called. She has read part of Book 1 and she said she Loves it!!! Yay! She hasn’t read it to the little girls there yet, but soon. Anxious about that, well, not anxious but want them to like it. Then Summer tells me she has a job picking organic foods. She gets there by kayak!!! LOL. She kayaks across the river, then hikes up a mountain to the organic farm. At the end of the day, she gets to take home whatever they have a surplus of. Sweet deal. Gotta love the getting to work by kayak thing though. That’s my girl. I love that child dearly…lol, not a child though anymore. In a couple years, she will be 30. WOW. My baby, 30!!! Not yet, don’t wanna rush it…..but still, it is approaching. And my boy is 20. WOW again! And in a little over a month….I will be 52. That’s 22 yrs longer than I thought I’d live. …lol, if that…considering I was constantly trying to leave the planet but was never allowed. Thank goodness!!!

Well, as horrible a topic as this is…the abortion thing isn’t going away. They are still talking about it and wanting to talk about it…probably cuz it’s been a silent topic for so long. But when I saw today, that lady activist say that……the women have complete authority over their bodies and if a baby appears, it is an invasion, therefore it has to be removed…..I unfriended her. I don’t understand this. I hear ya….but I just shake my head. There are simple rules of life. Hot is hot, cold is cold….we have gravity, women have menstrual cycles and a baby will be born if the cycles are entered into by a male. We live and then we die. There are a few more, but these…..have been here forever. And I back myself up by saying………read the beginning paragraph again…..because that’s the only way we will change this. Ok….headed out into the great Tx sauna to see the girls and babies.

Oh ya….Cathy and I had a discussion about eating dirt when we were little. Didn’t everybody eat dirt as a child? Didn’t all little girls make mud pies? Apparently not. Not nowadays. Now they are told how dirty it is and how many bacteria. Get a grip. Ok….done….I’m melting. Overheated and melting. Hard to breathe, it’s so hot. Guess I’ll sign off now at YeeHaw Ranch.


















4 thoughts on “How to change the world……

  1. I am with you Mama… My ex mother-in-law sent me a check to have an abortion when I got pregnant with my 3rd child. I tore it up and sent it back (shoulda cashed it and bought baby clothes!) I had 10 pregnancies and 5 births and know there are 10 little souls that came from my body out there…I have looked into my children’s eyes and saw infinity. I KNOW something greater lives behind those eyes. I have seen a child who no longer breathes and know that that “soul” was gone.
    I will stand for each person’s right to believe as they wish, even while crying for the loss of life that is destroyed. I would never encourage that choice nor deny that choice. But I know what mine would be.

    • Ahhh sweetie you’re more gracious than I. I would love to deny the choice. I feel your loss as I have had many as well. And yes lol baby clothes!!!! Love you!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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