I am climbing now…do you see me?

Goodness. Life is contrary. Life is sparkly and glittery and hard as concrete. The ups and downs of the rollercoaster ride make life seem impossible. If you can get to a place where you know it’s for a reason. Know it with every fiber of your being…you can ride that coaster to the highest joy and the lowest lows and still enjoy the ride. Right now, I’m in one of those In between sections. I’ve just gone down a majorly steep drop, the gforce got me, and I’m at the plateau where the hill begins and I climb. I climb to one of my highest highs, I am climbing now. Do you see me? Are you watching the dance? Life dances with me and I am a lousy dancer but I want to glide. I don’t glide, but I dance just the same and my partner enjoys every single moment….every awkward move. Our love affair is reaching new heights and I yearn for the closeness, for the joy I now feel in my being about my being. Human I, moments of doom but my ride is twirling me in the air and is about to set me down gently, oh so gently amongst the roses and moss and violets and fern and fairies and fairy dust.

Hehe….thought you guys might be missing some real writing so I wrote that for you. I’ve been talking about nothing about the books and there’s not skill in that. Just wanted to remind you that words ooze out of me. Ha, but on paper only, not in speaking life, only when my hands are either writing or typing, do my words flow like this. In person, I stumble. Ok….back to the story. I had a problem. I needed to write a next part but within my parameters, all roads seemed dark for a moment…didn’t want dark, even for a moment. But tonight the solution said hello to me and when I now feel the part that actually needs to go before that……well, I will….it’s coming soon, I can feel it. It’s coming together in my mind. Hehe, at least the how and why….after that…..lol, I usually just play. Ok….gonna go look at the white screen till it falls into place. Be back in a jiffy. OOOOOOh, and my movie is on….Last Holiday, with Queen Latifah! Was about to give up hope of finding anything Again….and wham! See, the reason I love this movie so much is cuz it’s about passion. She has a passion for fine food and fine chefs. I admire that. And now I’m off to the white screen. And back and it’s 1:23am = 6 = earth. Goodness, I got really sucked in there!!! Nighty night folks.

Well, I woke up to the filibuster news. Very disgusted about that. Wish I’d known, might have been up there opposing it. Our news said it was about the 20 week cap on abortions. I later heard it was about not funding PP. Come to find out, it was. The bill had the cap and the bill had the Texas people desires for non funding of planned parenthood. Hey, the Texas people spoke. Then this lady gets up there and filibusters and wins, but not really. The Gov will or already has called for a special session so we can pay the Tx congress to come back….do it again. Good grief. It’s called abstinence people. Ye don’t want babies….don’t have sex. And if you ARE gonna kill the baby…….at least for Gods sakes…do it when they are but a flowerbud, not a grown baby!!! That’s my opinion. And the rest of the issues that stem from that…are humanity issues, plain and simple. Sorry, that’s my rant, I’m done. Oops…that gal I talked to, to help her stay awake while she drove? Did that ever make it into the blog? A few weeks back? Well, she has taken offense to my FB post about the filibuster and oooooh, ticks me off. Ha, we ended up next to each other in my feed when I responded to her 2nd post about what I said. I took a photo. Tee hee. Take the damn morning after pill if ya don’t want a baby. Science invented that. Sorry….rant NOW over. P.s….yup, the Govn’r has set a special session for Monday.

Sheared Dessa today and was amazed at how soft her fiber is. Non lanolin and ohhhh so soft. She’s a large girl, so I tried to give her away recently…..don’t like large goats. Have another, Sarah…..anyone wants a free, or 2 free large does…holler at me. Dessa is grey and Sarah is white. Both are under 5 yrs. Either way….they are both sheared. Yay, 6 done this week so far. One more doe and we move back to the boys pen. About ten or so still left. Oi ve. And remember those capes we left on the boys last winter? Man are they long! Don’t know if they’re felted, but man are they long. The Beautifuls were out today and they are lookin snazzy. All curly. Hey….I can show you them now! They looked too awful before, so I only showed you their faces….cuz they smile all the time! Shoot, shoulda taken some while they were grazing, oh well…..a pen shot is better than no shot, eh? Now, DaVinci still isn’t well, but he is improved. I can even show you him. Lol, but I’ll probably try to get them in one shot, so I can mostly post the cutie pies. I just love taking photos of those babies. They are getting so big, well, some of them! Some are short things, like Heaven. Petunia is the opposite. I’d love to get those two in the same shot. 99 degrees right now, at 4:10 in the afternoon. Humidity only 30%. Actually do able under the trees where the breezes blow.

Been staring at the experiment girls bellies. Still way too soon to tell, but can’t help myself. Did it work? Did I achieve the impossible? We shall see, but even if I do….it will be up to me to determine if I like it that way and will continue or not. Who knows…I may hate it…or I may love it….or it may be a moot point. Lol…..it’s june, not May. I have an Aunt May. Oh Lordie…..it was too hot. I got em fed but then had to sit under a tree before I fell out. Then my Iphone ways….emergency….much cool phone down!!! With a big yellow caution sign….what? Wow. Yup, it’s that hot. Shoot…forgot the Beautifuls photo. Maybe I’ll remember after I peel the taters. Either way….I am signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps… I found some baby Wywy fleece in a kitchen cupboard…lol Yay!!!! Pss……If I hadn’t been out there taking the Beautifuls photos for you….. I wouldn’t have known that Doc was caught in baling string and was about to strangle. Thank you Life…..todays dance has been unique and interesting and full of blessings.


















2 thoughts on “I am climbing now…do you see me?

  1. My big issue with the law they are trying to pass is that it will shut down all but a handful of clinics where women can get abortions, all located in or near big cities. So poor women in rural areas will no longer have the option of seeking safe medical care. It’s all fine & well to say that folks should just use birth control but it doesn’t always work (just as my friend who has 3 kids. 1 born while she was on birth control pills, 1 born while she was using an IUD, and 1 born while she was using a diaphragm. And yes, she always used them properly).

    It is a personal, difficult decision to make, and not one that a bunch of men should be so cavalier about blocking able-minded women from making.


    • Yes I do get on a soapbox and I do know that accidents happen. In the end if we change things we can change things!! Lol made sense to me. Thank you for your honest opinion. 😊

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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