And another goat deal bites the dust…

Well, it’s nearly 1am and I just now stopped writing, yup…the third part. It flowed very smoothly and I am 2,000 words in and had to stop. Well, I didn’t have to but it was at a thinking point…either that or I was supposed to push through to see what happens…but since it’s late, I figured it would be a good blogging point. So, here I am. Here I am, sitting in my nice and cool Rv, finally……having my beer and doin work. Haha. About to eat my newest midnight snack….fruit rolled in sugar. Raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry. LOl, yum. Gosh….it’s hard to move my brain from story to blog. I’m all story in my mind. Maybe this will be a shorter one as well. Hehehe. Mom, where are you, my blogs are short! Well, the rental people haven’t answered the phone yet nor returned my call. My first batts arrived today and now I’m excited, please let this happen. Oh ya…the batts. From the yarn wench(etsy). Awesome. Hoping they’re as big as the ones from yorkieslave(etsy), so I can pull them in two, since the going consensus is to make smaller fiber paintings that people can afford.

My ribs are still healing from wacking them on the rv bathroom towel rack. Everytime I reach up high to place dishes away or well, many actions cause pain, but really…I’ve had worse, so it’s not so bad. I goat wrangled today. Put Choxie up by myself and then got Yazhi by myself and up onto the stanchion. Not an easy feat people. Nope. They buck and twist you around like you’re on a merry go round. You just know they’re gonna get away but you’re so dang determined that you refuse to let go. Like the rodeo stars. Besides, if you lose the goat…well, different times mean different things. In this case, with Yazhi, I had already let everyone else out, so no one to shear, without moving the stanchion all the way to the boys and doing it myself, nah. Well, time for bed folks…..1:23am = 6 = earth. I should do something outside tomorrow,….yup, shear another goat. Yup yup yup. Night. Oh ya…1:23 GO!

And a wake up argument. Those are always fun. I’m cleaning my shearing blades cuz we fixin to shear. Well, the argument got worse, so it was just me and Cathy doin the shearing today. We did Oprah who was good, and then Gracie, who was headshy. Didn’t take too long though, both within an hour and a half I’d say. Then we came into the Rv to cool off…..can you believe I just said that…..yup, cool off and then I read her the rest of book 2 and the beginning of 3. Good ole Cathy…noticed an error….and I noticed one myself, so a few things will be changed. Just little things, like I forgot to introduce one of the fairies to the humans and I forgot the Chief had said something. No biggie, really. A tuck and a fold here and there. I had fun reading it to Cathy. Hubby wants me to do storytime with skype for 5 bucks a pop. When I told him how would I know who had paid and who hadn’t, on skype….he dug into skype and said I can let certain people in and use passwords. See, his thought was for me to sit under the napping tree and read stories while the goats are there. What he didn’t think of is…………..they are not copyrighted yet AND, we have no wifi under the napping tree. A wifi hotspot might do the trick for that….but I still don’t know. He wants me to put out feelers and see if there’s any interest. Like maybe a Saturday or Sunday, while the kids aren’t in school. Not only that…I’d have to learn to slow it down when I read aloud. I get so excited that I breeze through. Anyway…if you think it’s something you’d like to do….lemme know. With enough interest, the issues could be worked on.

Not sure what’s up with the weather but I’ve felt pain yesterday and today and now the wind is rockin the Rv but it’s a clear sky. The arguments with Jess were about him drinking too many of my beers last night, then he wanted me to go to the store for ketchup. Nope, shearing. Gets too hot. Now, at 3:30, I have to go get ketchup cuz I need it for the meatloaf before it goes into the oven, so I have no choice. But dang…hate to reward such behavior. Guess I’ll go now and get it over with. I’ll be back here after I do that and feed the girls. Yup….just as I thought. No Heinz, just Hunts. Not so convenient after all, now is that convenient store? Just finished feeding and all look good. Lila is improving every day and Buddha’s eye looks back to normal. 100 degrees yesterday and today 97. Oh ya… I forgot to see if somethings comin weatherwise to explain all this pain. Hmmm, don’t see anything tropical stormwise….and nothing on weather app till next Saturday. Very strange….cuz I’m certain that it’s barometric pressure related. Very strange indeed. Hmm, what else can cause pressure change? Oh well…maybe I’ll figure it out.

Hung out with the girls a few minutes before feeding and then sat by a tree in case any visitors came by. Just Butters. Sweet Butters. Doesn’t really like to be touched, but you can touch his face. Oh ya….the goatie deal fell through. Hope the lady wanting Butters still wants him. If not….oh well. Very strange about that deal. Me no understand. I was willing to bend over backwards and do a flip! No, I don’t understand. Sure hope there’s no mean minded people out there causing me harm. Maybe it’s me that’s too nice. I mean for goodness sakes, I never even named the fiber person who put me through hell. Hell of hopes and dreams….when there were no hopes and no dreams….and this involved my children. I keep seeing the FB thing about….hell hath no fury if you mess with my kids! Ya….my kids got messed with and I still sat here quiet. Bad mother I guess. I dunno. Buy a goat, don’t buy a goat. Hmmmm, in fact. Hubby is taking vacation….maybe he’ll take me and some goats to the sale barn while he’s off. Dunno. Ya. Well, I’m liking Book 3 and I’ll most likely add some tonight. Sent 1 & 2 to my daughter…she has all those little girls there. Should get some feedback. Okie dokie. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Haha, not so short after all.
















2 thoughts on “And another goat deal bites the dust…

  1. Sales falling through, means that was not the right home for your goat. Don’t take it the wrong way. That is the way they are being protected from people who would not be good goat parents. Story time would be good, but I don’t know how you would publicize it. I could see pre-recording it and then people can play it when it would be convenient.

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