All psyched up………

My nerves are in high gear. I’ve just opened my Etsy shop and for the next half hour, all I heard myself say…out loud, was…oh, I’m so embarrassed. Over and over and over. This stuff is very hard on a shy girl. Also, the new story has been sent to a few to read and I haven’t heard back from them all yet and that makes me nervous. I’m actually shaking….ha, but I can still type. Of course I can type. Typing, writing is my release. My wind down method. Well, unless it’s a story, that’s different. That requires complete activation of the brain….held in high gear…. Brain…full throttle. Yup. This here is easy stuff. Baby cookies. Hahahahaha. I’m not saying it’s hard….I’m saying it requires full brain and that isn’t usually required in life on a daily basis.

And people…..I swear…..this ALWAYS happens. I live in cluttered chaos with some knowledge of where things are. If I ever clean and throw away…..It is always within a few weeks….that I then need what has been sitting in dust for years, and I have now thrown away. Cursed in this one regard. Dang and double dang. “The future is what you’re doing right now, all strung together”…, quote from a movie….wow, all summed up nicely. Exactly. At the moment, life is the present, the past and the future. Pay attention for a few seconds and watch em go.. Seriously. Watch. Now. Now…that first now is now the past. That sentence was the future in my Present now but it then became the present and then the past. I just love how that works. I made that realization while I was at a 30 day alcohol rehab place. The guy just kept saying…Now, now. No, now. What is the present, was the question. I find it interesting, that tonight, when I just finished writing my book that has bonsais in it…I get to watch Karate Kid 3, with the bonsai’s!

So….I’m writing this story… and it involves humans that exhibit fairy tendencies, being called Ness. One of my friends sends me a post calling me sherileeness…then is calling her friends Ness…(insert first name). How cool is that? I’ve started a trend? Yup, she’s one of the ones who read it. Hey…… she asked. I’m trusting you guys, cuz this hasn’t been published yet. And I do intend to publish it. Let me say that again for my sake. I INTEND to PUBLISH the FAIRY STORY. That’s its name, by the way….discussed but just this second confirmed. Coming soon to a theater near you. Hey…one can wish or hope? Shoot, I always wanted Steven Spielberg to make the Wiggles movie…hehehe. Right about now, I’m wishing I had J. K. Rowling’s publisher and Spielberg for the movie. Ha!!!!!!! Dream big baby! Oh man, it’s been a good movie night. Right now I’m watching Men of Honor, the navy diver movie and earlier I watched an awesome movie about an ex football star turned farmer who was losing his farm and committed suicide by stuffing a rag in the tailpipe of his truck. He then wakes back in highschool…..and has to decide whether or not to allow himself to be injured in the final game…therefore ensuring his life and family as it existed. Isn’t it funny how people make movies about such things? Like me, writing about fairies. How odd. Night night sweeeeet ones. Love you. 1:29am = 3 = holy. Oh ya, supermoon is beautiful…all lookin like it’s got clouds on it Night.

Good morning. Ahh, well, I’m telling Jesse this morning that not only is my friend calling me and others the Ness, like in my book….and Jesse says, like in the movie, You, me and Dupree? What? No, like in my fairy story. He then proceeds to grab his laptop and show me a few scenes where the guy says it. Oh wow…..well, no. Not changing the book. It was a logical move in the story….about fairies, and one human, Emma, who did a kindness for the fairies, is then named her Emmaness. It just seemed fairylike to me. Then it evolved to the ness farm. No, not changing it. Didn’t copy it, and not changing it. Also this morning, my blood sister, in actuality, did me the kindness…lol, ness…..of giving me suggestions on my Etsy shop. She noticed all the things that need fixed. That was super awesome of her. Seems I even forgot the dimensions on the fiber paintings. Goodness, kinda necessary piece of information, eh? Thank you Lori.

Ahhh heck. Was just reminded of a few more things that could be worked into the book but then that will make it much longer than the first book. Hmmm, but on the other hand, if I’m in the Amazon, shouldn’t I go ahead and explore? More? I’m pondering. Oh my….went out to set up the electrical wire for shearing and LILA is doing so much better!!! Going to worm her again, just in case. Her eyes are still swollen but she can see. Getting up on her own now. Tough little cookie that one. Well, Jesse wasn’t in the mood to shear, so I made him at least get me the goat. And he did. Then when time for the 2nd goat, we argued about something, so I got the damn goat. Worst goat I’ve ever ever sheared…..and I’ve sheared her before. Yazhi….one of the Pretties. Worse than Choxie ever thought about being, and Choxie was the standard to go by. Ha….1st goat today was Choxie. Good girl. Who’da thunk??? I told Yazhi she was going to the sale barn. Girl tried her best to bite me. Had clothing in her mouth many times, but luckily not skin. Ooooooh, now I’m done for. So hot. So…2 goats sheared today….YAY.

Good news all around. Lila, and Buhhda’s eye looks much better today. And, Khalifa’s coat may not be a whole waste. Seems he’s finally getting in curls, and boy does that kid have coverage. Wowza. He wanted to put his head against my leg again, this time I didn’t put him down, I just held his horn, preventing him…and kept snapping photos and talking to the others. It’s been forever since he’s even come to me after the last put down. But dang that boy is gorgeous…he and my Crystal and Buddha are the pretties to me of the new ones…well,….I’ll just keep naming them off. Lol. Well…as you can tell, I didn’t do any story writing so we is long again. Ah well….chicken a la king for dinner, yayayayay. Something Mama likes this time. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps. Got the Etsy things fixed…..and etsy ate most of my item dimensions…crap. Pss. Remember when a mini spider dropped to 2 inches in front of my eyes? Last night a big one did the same. Didn’t even jump, nope I didn’t. And today a dragonfly let me take photos when I told her she was pretty.




















7 thoughts on “All psyched up………

    • Lol no I didn’t know that!!! Plus her pen mates were let out n she couldn’t graze. Lol goats. Yup. Lots!!! Love you lady. Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  1. I had one goat that used to try to bite me when I was shearing her; I’d have to muzzle her and hog tie her to get the job done. The breaking point for me was when she kidded and would pick up one of the kids and throw him against the wall. She went away. I had her mother and sister, and they were fine, and her kids didn’t have that attitude either.

    • Ya I’ve had some bad ones before like you. All 4 of the Pretties who came together are like this. But this was rediculous. I got her done though. Every bit! Lol. :)))

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Maybe you can add a link to your etsy shop on the blog?? I will check your FB page to see if I can find it ok?? Excited for you!!

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