oh, I’m clapping again….

Wow. Just seconds ago I finished book 2 in the fairy series. I literally said out loud….now what. Ha….it’s midnight, I can blog! I’m exhilarated. Pumped up. Raring to go. Ahh, the joys of life. Golly bum that was so much fun. Writing that. Oh gosh, this story can go anywhere. Anywhere my mind can conjure. Funny thing is….I now know these characters. They flow through me and I can hear them and I can see them and I know them. Oops, I’m back…had to go edit and add a few things I forgot. Much better now. I’ll probably add and take away some as I go, but for now, I just need to write them, while these people and these fairies are bright in my mind. Oh, I’m clapping again. Hehehe……(from the book……do you know what happens when fairies clap? Magic. A whole lotta magic.) I think I mighta said something similar in the unicorn story, but I like it so it works, eh???? I am the writer.

Hmmm, which takes me, or at least it should……to…I am the artist, I set my own prices, I sell to who I want to sell, etc. Ha, no. He’s still saying I’m just not feeling worthy. He could be right cuz others have said I should stick to that price, but no one is buying it…..i know…it’s only been a few days. And I haven’t really even formally listed it yet. OH man…..sometimes, like lately, with the painting and the books……I just wanna scream…..I’m good, I did something good! It’s actually a very humbling experience for one such as me. I wrote poetry my whole life, since age 11. Nobody was interested in reading them. I wrote journal after journal of feelings and thoughts and nobody wanted to read them. To find myself here……with you….and with the future people who will read my new stories/books….I am awed and humbled and still having self esteem issues. LOL. Yup…that’s me. And by the way…can’t nobody make me put a dash between self and esteem. Forget that crap…no little blue line is gonna change me. Or a red one for that matter. Yes, I’m talking typos, or perceived typos….by the invisible spellchecker. She musta been a librarian in a different life.

I need a publisher. If any of you know a good one….holler at em for me, eh? I actually think I’ve got something here. Sure, I can make a Billy series and I will….but this one, this one I think is something kids and adults alike will like. Good Lord, I’m tooting my own horn! Wow. No, I mean, WOW. Cathy….wait till you see this! Oh my. 444 word count. Tonight is the supermoon and yesterday was solstice. I figured that writing about saving the amazon rain forest was putting that energy into the consciousness, therefore that was my moondance. Yes, indeed it was Sheri. You’re not always called to dance…..or to pray….words are prayers….I guess I was praying. And dancing. Oh what fun. Clapping my hands a lot lately. 1:11am = 3 = holy. Night night on this supermoon night to you all.

Been tending to Lila, she seems a bit better. Here’s the deal, finally figured it out. I had switched feed on everyone but the new mommies. Unbeknownst to me, there was no copper in it!!! Bad me, shoulda checked. So, now we are just trying to get her well. She’s skin and bones, but is rising on her own now. Course, we didn’t know she was skin and bones till she got sick and we sheared her to make her more comfortable. The feed store was outta the mommy feed, so I’m still hunting some down. No luck so far, but I gotta get something. Gonna have to run to town and see what I can find that won’t give em all the runs from switching.

Well, I read book 2 again this morning and only needed to make a few very minor changes. Yup, I’m lovin it. There might be a few areas I could expand on should I choose. Dunno just yet. And I just got back from town with the same brand feed, but sweet instead of pellet. Not great but better than a complete switch. Also, I have a potential goat buyer, gotta love that. So many goats I would just give away for free to get off my hands. Less head, more food for them all. Not the pintos people……the solids. All my solids are up for grabs, well, nearly all. Keeping Opti and Moonee Blue. Any other male is up for offers or even free for some. BUT, I do want to keep at least one silver….probably Sendai. And remember ladies…..one buck looks strikingly similar to the famous Nanji. Well, 2, if you don’t count the high horns. Just not as complete a coverage as Nanji. As for the girls……Shortcake and Billy are available. Yoki and Anya are available, but Anya has pinto blood so she would cost a bit more. Kiwi and Flower have pinto blood as well. Any pinto bloods are $300. If they don’t sell, I will breed them in fall. See what happens. Lol, that was crazy…but stemmed from the conversation I just had. Sorry for that commercial. Buddha has something in his eye, but I’m worried that the vetericyn drops are contaminated from getting the bottle too close to Lila, so gonna wait and see how it looks tomorrow. Could be simple like Crystals was…just irritated. But he just looks sad or not feeling good or something. I’m the only one who could tell. Jess thought he looked fine. No man, that’s my Buddha…so loving. Sad face. I don’t like it. I like his proud face. Well folks….guess I’ll end this now. Are you guys enjoying the not quite so long blogs? About 3-400 words less! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. P.s…..Valerie….the photo of the eye closeup…is STAR!!!
















6 thoughts on “oh, I’m clapping again….

  1. Pricing your creations is hard–but I personally think it is better to actually be able to sell the item. For time-consuming art it is especially hard. For my Etsy shop I have looked around at comparable items and, allowing for what I paid for my materials, which is often very little, and considering time spent last, I tried to come up with prices that seemed “reasonable”. Of course, I try not to make things for sale that took all my blood and sweat to create!

    Gale Wright

      • Oh, me too! It’s really hard to imagine someone buying something I made! But I have made two sales and boy was it exciting–what a boost it gave me. I think you will do well. It’s just kind of new at the moment….

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