2nd book in a fairy series…..on a roll

Oh boy…here we go again. Book 2, in a series has commenced and I’m already clapping my hands at 500 words. Nearly a thousand now, but clapping at 500. LOL. I love writing this stuff, this topic, this fairy stuff, it just oozes outta me. I feel like J K Rowling, only for a younger audience. I know that was silly, but not really. She started while she was homeless and living in her car I believe. I’m living in my Rv since I seem to have been displaced in my home, Tv wise. LOL. Like her, I’m a nobody, but seeking my place and having a message, a voice. Why would she be better than me? I have this strange thing where I think of famous people as just people. Just another person on the spinning ball. Doing their best. Writing, cuz she has to…like me. Ha, well, mine is being Pulled out, but still….it was in there and needed out. I’m so glad, so happy, so something….that it is being pulled out. That it is being enjoyed by a child. Oh goodness me. And the reaction to the fiber painting has been so very overwhelming. So very appreciated, and ahhhh….to my heart. Oh God….gotta get back to the story…see ya

I’m rocking again…as I write this story. Something visceral, something deep is happening through me as I write. (tv) Ok…gotta go back…bye. I know it must seem weird for me to have no self esteem yet compare myself, or my writing to JK, but it’s difficult to explain the depth and complexity of my inferiority and superiority…as in knowledge and wisdom and ability to convey it. This story lets me cover any issue I want and I cover tons, lemme tell ya….and it flows like a family, like a village. Morals galore, but it’s just my writing style. The shy me hates these words. And back I go. Ok….1500 words in and it’s 2am so I’d better stop. Funny, eh? I could and want to keep going, while I’m so in it….but dang, gotta sleep sometime. So, guess it’s night night then. I shall voice my thoughts again on the morrow, lol. 1:57am = 4 = angels!!!!

Well. Day is mostly over but we did get Lila all settled. She has been given meds, talked with the vet. I didn’t tell ya much, I know, but last night her eyes were so swollen she was blind. Put drops in and giving her extra vitamins to replace her lost ones…got her all sheared up, feet done….hoping she makes it. She could see this morning!!! She hates the drops though. Poor dear. She really hates her new tiny pen but I just couldn’t leave all those non mommies around the babies, they were hurting them. Ye do what ya gotta do. And man is it hot today! 96. Yikes. I read the new portion, Book 2….jeeze, need to title book 1. …..to Cathy. She loved it!!! Yup, this is gonna work. Oh ya….hubby knew I was unhappy about the feltloom rental thing, so he told me to order some batts. Yeehaw, 5 batts, to be split in two…..makes 10 batts. Yes, smaller he says. Thing is…..I prefer larger art. Always hated using small canvas. Oh well….he knows best. Ha! Wrong!!! Gosh, I gotta pull my britches up and stand tall! So maybe not all will be halved. Teehee.

I’ve come into the house to wash fiber…. The men in the house, decided the bathroom looked so much better with all my fiber bags piled into the shower. So……down they had to come…to get to what I wanted. Star. I’m washing Star. Haha, this close to dinner, I’m washing fiber in the kitchen sink. Pressure pressure pressure, she says smiling. There, that wasn’t so bad….done and drying by 5pm. There was VM in it but very little dirt. Good girl Star. Ahhhh, a breeze at feeding time! What a treat. Lately it’s so hot I don’t sit much with them, unless there’s a good breeze under the tree. Even with the painting issue, price that is, hubby seems to be in a good mood. Maybe cuz he knows he’s off work soon for a vacation. Not sure but I’ll take it. Wow….a less wordy blog again….thanks to my story writing. If my mom were still reading, she might approve. LOL. Ok, well…..have a grand weekend folks. I shall try as well. Yay! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.






Crystal and Billy





Heaven and her mom Maya




Anya…Yoki’s,(pretty) baby













Lil Star



Petunia and mom Joy…Etta in back



Anya on left…Heaven up front






Kachina and her Flower and Kiwi






Beautiful Crystal



Beautiful Buddha





One thought on “2nd book in a fairy series…..on a roll

  1. Can I say”I knew her before she was ultra famous?” and she sent me a purple fairy dust bag?…..love following this..so excited for you! keep on going girl! Making Magic!

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