Look…she’s a yoyo.

What a day. I somehow got this boom of something and I went to town on photographing and listing things on Etsy. Shop is still not open, a few more things to list and then figure out the how to pay part then open the durn thing. People…you have no idea the work involved! I now admire all these professional Etsy people. It’s a time consumer, answering all the questions. Shoulda seen me today…I took all the photos, then started the process…everytime I got to the description, I’d walk into my room and measure the whatever then back to the kitchen to type it in. Not hard…just a real time sucker. But I come bearing good news! The little girl LOVE’d the story! Hehe, that looks better. LOVE’d. I am over the moon about that. What a sweet child. Her mom said she went under covers to read it for like an hour then clapped her hands and wanted to know when the lady would write more!!! Yay oh yay on yay on top of yay. So I sent her to the unicorn story to tide her over. How cool is that? Gosh…the sweetest music to my ears and soul. A child liked it. I can do this. She love’d it!!! I gotta remember that when I get down.

Speaking of down. Hubby informed me today that I needed a whole bunch of clean fiber real soon, to make pretties, in a week and a half. I jumped to….he’s getting me a feltloom. Not. He’s taking me to the farm that has the feltloom at the festival. So I can work there for the day. I have a week and a half to wash up a bunch of fiber and then I’m supposed to create paintings while I’m there. Bunches. It’ll be easy…just draw some rough sketches first. Are you frigging kidding me? First of all……I am still a raw bleeding mess inside…..and he wants to put me in front of a feltloom that isn’t mine. That I have to drive an hour and a half to get to…..in someone elses home. On that note…believe me…I know how to get there on backroads…if I wanted to go…I would’ve gone. Men. Men just don’t get it. Top it off…he wants me to create paintings like I just made. Seriously? Took me 15 hours at least, each one. That’s 30 hours….we are going for one day. I know I know…just do what you can think you can do and do a lot of and do well. Hmmmmm, I shall wrack my brains while I wash wash wash….and lol, he needs to understand…buy buy buy…in preparation. I feel the world on me and crap…..I shall try. Talk about a shift in gears. Not only that………………will I break out in tears upon seeing it? Will I cry the whole day? How will hubby feel if I did either? He was being nice, I know. He loves to surprise me like that.

This by the way, is also how I found out when he’s taking a vacation. No actual words were said, but he said he wanted to take care of his aunts car and stuff with the attorney that week…..lol. That’s his way of telling me he’s on vacation…but at least he gave 2 days extra this time!!! Oi ve…and lol. God…..what are you up to this time??? Please let it be good. Because my brain can truly only think one thing at once. I’m tryin to write this story and get a shop open and now I’m to shift and think what to create and what do I need to wash to create it and then wash it all, then pull it all. Oh yikes. Then…oh man. It sounds like I’m complaining. Not sure if I am or not. Just ranting. Lol and jumping from story to here…as I have particular thoughts. Silly me. And back to the story I go. And, over 2,000 words later, I’m done but not done. I’m at the traditional happy ending but I’ve decided that is just never satisfying for me so I’m gonna take it further. And it is 2:41am = 7 = holy and I need to wind down now. LOL. Night night sweetest of ones.

Ya, well, I woke up still sorta excited. Not about using the rent a feltloom thing, but over the story which I finished….it’s to be a series. And the fiber goat painting. I had a few people wanting to buy it until I told them the price hubby said I needed to ask, that the expert lady suggested as well…$500. Who can afford that? Well, both potential buyers bowed out, who can blame them. Maybe I should tell hubby that when he becomes an artist, he can put prices on his work!!! Went to bed knowing I had a potential sale, woke up to another then poof. Zapped the fun right outta me. I’ll either lower the price or something. But it sure was nice to see that so many people liked it! I think I forgot to put it in here yesterday. I got nothing washed and went to at least look at the turkey fryer and was so intimidated that I backed away. I know I know, I have too many fears. Hot boiling water, hot oil, roads, snakes, on and on. Since I’m in a hurry, maybe I’ll just do non lanoliny fleeces the way I already know how. Ya, sounds like a plan. Either that or get hubby to help me with it this weekend, till I’m comfortable.

So happy with the story. Read it to Cathy this morning and she absolutely loved it. I shall give the little G child the last installment tonight. Guys….how long have I been talking about fairies and how often on here? A lot!!!! This story is 100% about fairies and humans. I like it myself. Makes me giggle. Makes me want to write more. I already have several things unattended…lol, which can go into at least another book, who knows. It’s a fun storyline. Cathy said the ending was perfect…Don’t touch it. Start the next one. LOL. She did however request that I give the father a bit more background in the beginning. Yup, good idea. Just a line or two. Ok well……hopefully I remember to include the painting photo for you. Maybe I’ll have good news tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll be washing fleece and shearing a sick doe…see if that helps her some. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch bewildered, blushing and hopeful, and very grateful to a certain little girl. Thank you. Ok….later.

















6 thoughts on “Look…she’s a yoyo.

  1. I agree. $500 is reasonable. I have not done any fiber arts yet but I can tell you from years of experience selling beaded jewelry that I make and boxes that I hand woodburn with intricate designs…..people will never pay you what you think your art deserves (and rightly) in price. We live in the “something for nothing” world unfortunately. Your piece is just gorgeous and deserves nothing less than $500, that was hard work, love of your subject and time spent creating.

    • Thank you dear. My low esteem makes that a struggle but I thought it was maybe worth that but that id put the price at 3. Tonight I tried to change it to 4…him not happy with that idea. But him doing this makes me unhappy. It’s mine. I did all the work. Sure he pays feed n stuff but I will have a say damnit. Huggs lady

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Well, I’d tell you to take a deep breath and just section off chunks of time for each task, but you and I both know that the writing must be done when the inspiration comes, and you gotta write until you cannot write any longer. The rest will follow. Remember, if you need to wait another day or two for the ETSY stuff, the store will still be there then. The rented loom will not, so perhaps you can start with some of the fleece, and work on the other stuff while the fleece is soaking and/or drying. In any event, the excitement (if it doesn’t kill ya!) will make you stronger, and hey, it’s better than nothing going on at all… Wishing you a stress-free day today… And if you can get $500 for the felted piece, then I say “go for it” but you (not anyone else) need to decide. You have to balance out the potential of buyers and how quickly you need the money, versus what you think the piece is really worth. If you can wait, then waiting for the person whose willing to pay $500 is worth it. If not, then lower the price. SImple, yes, but hard to do when it’s all your hard work and you are too close to it, right?

    • Ah jeeze Erin. Good points all. In the end I guess that’s what I’m doing cuz I washed and blogged and yes. I gotta write while I got a hot iron, eh??? It’s so so fun!!!!!! Ya I’m trying to get excited about the loom rental. Almost there. Especially after today’s stuff. 5 batts ordered!!! Yay. Thank you Erin for your wise words!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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