Busy Bee Me…………..

Well, I’m not gonna apologize if my blogs are smaller right now. I’m having so much fun writing this story. I’m another thousand words in…although yesterday when I started it, I wrote 3,500. Ya, that’s cuz it’s getting a bit harder now. To remember everything. To decide which fork in the road to take. It sucks me in with a vortex of energy and ideas. Endless ideas! Which way to go? Answer? Type. The fingers know what to do. It didn’t get nearly as drastically exciting as I thought it might…but shoot…it’s for little girls! I sent it to the gal who asked….and she said she loved it and wanted more! Yay oh yay! She’s gonna have her 11 yr old girl child read it tomorrow. How cool is that? To get a childs point of view? I had that with the Wiggles. My Rory and Sean Zuba….they were the first children and only children that I know of that read the Wiggles. They even came running down the stairs with a drawing of what they thought the Wiggles looked like. How precious. I’m actually rocking in my seat tonight. Not entirely sure what that’s about but I know it includes passion, drive. I AM a writer first and a curl gal second. Artist second. Why do I fight that so? I have my whole life. Funny, eh?

Oh my goodness, I am laughing here! Good Lord this is a fun story and where the heck is it coming from… but I don’t care, I like it. It’s nearly 2am and I don’t wanna quit, but I need to, that’s why I switched back over here…to break my thoughts off of it. Not sure if it’s working or not. The hazards of fiction. Crazy crazy that I’m writing fiction. I was always so sure I would only write true stuff. Apparently godspirit had other ideas…or maybe I agreed to the contract this way…who knows…I just hope I find out some of these answers when I die. Well, the goats are all asleep, one would hope….and it’s time for this country writer artist goat gal to go to sleep. Night night sweet ones, night night. 1:46am = 11 = MASTER number.

Jeesh, my boy is back to telling me I should reread my words every paragraph or so. Good grief, let me write my own way! If you don’t like what you read, then fine, you can try to convert me, but since you haven’t even read it, you don’t know if my writing is good or bad, the way it stands….without rereading every damn paragraph before going to the next. I swear…if I did that, I’d never get anything written. Never! I’d be so busy fixin and changing and thinking…..no…..I write. In the morning I read what I’ve written. END OF STORY. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it and you don’t even know if it’s broken! Oooh, good morning people. Well, aside from that, it’s been productive so far. Got the story proofread and sent to the mama and her child to read and got the Hoegger blog photos retaken, lol, lost em somehow and that is now sent off. I’m relaxed about it now…just send em when she needs em.

I will be getting medicine with the money from the sale of Butters, so I still need to earn enough to get the boy that machine he needs. $600, yikes. But I have to get it for him….It’s just one of the things he was told was on the way….for so long he waited only to be disappointed. Well, I’m gonna list some of my things…already shown here and there…..on the Etsy shop II opened but never filled. Wish me luck. I just wish it was easier to get photos off the phone and onto the laptop. Oh well. Jeesh. Turns out the photos weren’t the longest part of the process…listing them was…is. I’ve been at it all day and I only have 11 items listed. So much left. Guess I had more items than I thought. While taking photos, I found unfinished projects and one I even unraveled cuz it just wasn’t far enough along. It’s been a really good day to stay inside and do this since it’s 95 degrees. Yup…long process and I’m not done. Yup…5 oclock and I haven’t even fed yet. Wonder if I’ll ever get that store opened? And 6 1/2% they wanna take for allowing credit cards, plus the Etsy fee. Yikes. I so suck at this stuff. Ahhh gee. Well….I just went out there and even with this heat, there were still goat puddles but no puddle photos cuz not in time. Nope…today since I was late…they just wanted food. Ahhh the chaos of feeding time. The joys. Lol. Ok well…signing off here now at YeeHaw Ranch. 5600 words or so, so far on new story. Waiting on the childs opinion. Yay. Ps. I’m listing the goat fiber painting on Etsy so I’ll show you guys the finished product. Lol maybe today. Maybe tomorrow.















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