Writer first…fiber person second…finally solved

Well, my son really laid into me and said I should choose writing. And I should write now and again and again. I finally got a bit of something a tiny spark, and pulled the laptop onto my lap. What. What am I supposed to write about? I musta sat there for half an hour, when I got a name. At first it was Jemma, then it became Emma and next thing I knew, I was writing.…..and I still am. This one is all humans…well, there are animals at the farm, and it’s completely about faieries, but ya….what the heck???? I’m having fun. I* needed the smiles and I really didn’t have them, except for the giggles, until I posted on fb that I was writing but still not smiling. Ha, thanks to two friends, I am now smiling. And like I said, aside from the giggles. Yes, I get giggles writing these stores cuz they literally come outta nowhere and sometimes they just crack me up some of the things they say and do. How strange to be talking about myself, or my writing in third person sorta. I think it’s working. My son is a genius. Hasn’t even been 3 days!!! See, I guess I forget. This story writing is so very new to me. I forget it’s in my bag of tricks. My son is definitely my catalyst in this. He pushes. He also strives himself, which is inspiration in itself.

People….I want you to remember and realize just how friggin trusting I am. I have a new friend, who by the looks of it, has gone through quite a few similar experiences, so tonight when I posted about the new story, she said she was interested, would I share. Yes, I will share with her because she asked…up till where I am now….she shall get. Hopefully she likes it…lol, but the point is…I guess I haven’t been jaded entirely or I wouldn’t be able to do that. For any who wonder what I mean when I say jaded…read the story HERE. Hopefully I’ll remember to put in a link. Cuz I am just human, after all. Ya, I’m really liking this story. And in the past, when I thought it needed filled in, I shrugged…this time, when I feel an opening for a diversion in the story, I go there. Fun, and me….storyline is taken from me of course, which is why it’s flowing so swiftly. Here’s the nutshell. 8 yr old awkward girl, unloving family, she believes in fairies. There ya go…that’s the nutshell. Hehehe, it gets better! Thank you Jesse…he was spot on in the universes wishes tonight. He pushed me and it worked. And now…I’m going to say goodnight. Whether or not I continue to write the story after I stop here, remains to be seen. Night night good people. Love you. 1:33am = 7 = holy. But wait….earlier, Jesse was telling me I should write down any ideas I had, in notepad. I said, why not just do a page for that in my WORD documents? He said no, and proceeded to find notepad, while I was saying, but I want sticky notes. He said, no…notepad. He opened it and showed me how I could write anything and he made it easy to find. Just now, as I was closing WORD, my laptop screen had a sticky note on it. HUH?????? COOL.

Hehehe, the sticky note thing is cracking me up. Where, how? Lol. Well, I read the story so far to Cathy and she loved it. Ha…it’s about fairies, so what girl wouldn’t? Can’t wait to get to work on it tonight and see what happens next!!! Just went out to get some fresh photos of the goat I guess I am selling…she has decided to go ahead….Butters! So, I sat awhile and got the customary Kachina breathing in my ear…she always, ALWAYS comes as close to me as she can get…kinda in my space kinda thing, but she means no harm….and of course these days…Kiwi was already there before she got there. That boy stays glued to me. He really likes me. And he really likes being touched. Somethings goin on with Lila….so we gave her some wormer yesterday. We shall see. Well, most of todays photos came out blurry…something on the lens….gee, that means I gotta go back out there and hang out with the goats. Drats. Ya right!!! Hehe, I’ll love every second of it. Don’t wanna work up too big an appetite though cuz the meat looks gross so I’m skipping dinner. This is happening more and more these days. Sure wish hubby would take a cow to be butchered, cuz I’m more and more disgusted each time I go buy meat. See……smoothies all day would be great!!! Maybe since I have a crockpot meal going that requires nothing more from me….maybe just maybe I’ll go up and make the chocolate chip cookies I’ve been talking about forever. In fact…..I think I’ll end this a few words early….give ya a break and go make cookies, yay!!! So, my kind folk…who cheer me up even when I say they don’t have to…thank you all. I do love you guys. You’re a part of my family now I guess!!!! Ok, well, signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!! Ps…turns out we were outta Cisco so I doubled the butter. Should be edible but are rather flat. :)))

















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