Don’t label me……

Wow….I didn’t know that the Hopi believe their ancestors originate from Sirius!!!!! The Dogon too, but the Hopi? Wow. I feel a connection to Hopi. I’ve been to the Rez once and I was told that I was a Hopi Medicine Woman in another life. Haha, I also thought I’d discovered the missing , oh shoot, nevermind…suffice it to say it was Hopi. I went to South Dakota, with a Hopi Prophecy… a part of the trip. Wind Caves. Which then takes us to the Anasazi….which takes us to the Aztecs. I was tremendously stimulated as a small girl child, by the movie….She. (which I’ve spoken about here before) …She, is set in an Aztec type nation…where they have sacrifices and blue flames of eternal life. Now….why on earth would a little girl, enjoy a movie where people had their heads cut off and rolled down the steps??? Especially an extremely sensitive and emotional child. I’ve frankly always been baffled by it, but when I knew better, I just considered it a trigger. Something meant to trigger something dormant in me. I wonder if it worked? Am I the only one who wonders on a daily basis….what’s it all about? Life? I mean, I’ve settled on something that sits well with me and I’m comfortable with but that doesn’t stop me from wondering. Hmmm, Sirius. Maybe that’s why I’m always telling my dogs, thank you for coming.

Very interesting. I was reminded of OM….and I grabbed a paper towel, folded it in a square, then wrote…Ommm and below it, I ended up drawing a snake…..Hmmm, a snake? Hmmm. See, I wanted to remember the power of the OM, and I draw a snake? Very interesting…indeed. Snake is so prevalent in my life and I of course know that it means transformation…but goodness…more? Ok. How many times have I already said this? Heavy sigh. But a lighted sigh. Hehehehe. Yup, I’m still up. Happy. Doing good. And, it’s time for night night…..see ya!!! 1:23am = GO! = 6 = earth.

Saturday chores are done and we are all in our own spaces, cooling off. I’m in the Rv and have just made the discovery….I get to watch TWO new Hallmark movies in a row! Now that’s my kinda evening. Yup…Saturday night is as thrilling here as a Friday night is. Ahhh, but how many of you can say you just spun peacock frillies??? Not in with other fiber, nope…straight spin. Ha, I am crazy!!! Had to find out if I could, so I tried it this morning. Yup, I could. Not that it’s a good idea…lol, remains to be seen…it’s just ye won’t know if ya don’t try. It worked…..just might not be soft enough. I’m still thinkin on it. My Rv smells like Dawn dish liquid. One of my readers, Storm maybe, suggested dawn in some water…under a light…to get rid of fleas. Well, it’s working in the house and at Cathy’s house, but not in the Rv. Maybe it’s the blue bowl I have it in…the others are clear. Lol, seems a trick when bored is to pick the fleas off the cats and throw it in and watch them sink. Lovely boredom.

Ahhh, Jesse just came down and played his new beat and rapped to it. He did a great job, he said it didn’t have a hook…which apparently means chorus…just the beat and the rap. Then we chatted and had a fun time! The conversation went all over the place cuz he’s ADHD and I’m ME. Hehehehehehe. I will not take a label anymore. What once fit, does no more. Change happens. Growth happens. We heal. I healed. I heal. And I am still in the throes of the recent heartbreak. I just wailed to two people that I didn’t feel free. To talk. But I shall do my best to go beyond that. And while I was typing, though nothing I did on purpose, the type got miniaturized immensely. Too cool…what a lesson. Its small, in the long run, thick of things. What I’m going through is small compared to someone starving…or someone being raped or tortured, sold, held captive…beaten. I’ve only had hopes and dreams crushed….not bones. I can endure, but there’s no point in me hiding what I’m feeling. It’s just gonna frustrate me, which will eventually frustrate you. And I love you. Night night and sweetest of miraculous dreams to you all. 1:17am = 9 endings.

Well, it’s a very hot Fathers Day here. Jesse’s plan was to wake up early so he could beat hubby to the lawnmower, and he did!!! He cleaned the yard…as his gift! And I didn’t even have to wake him up! I’m proud. Yup, just a lazy day here…lol. Jesse’s first riding lawnmower experience….and he liked it. And hubby slept in his chair all day. Perfect FD for him! He loves sleeping in his chair. Get this. Jess mentioned he didn’t know how to change oil or a tire or anything on cars. I told hubby, and typical hubby…..made arrangements with the guy who’s remodeling my 55 Chevy, to teach him those things. I drove my old car over yesterday and we went to town in the truck, leaving the car there. One day this week, I will drop Jesse off there for the day…the day of lessons. He got him tools too. That’s my hubby. Ok…off to see the goaties. Oh holy Toledo it’s hot. And yes, it’s only 95. It will get hotter, but I gotta tell ya…I’m dizzy. Oh….real feel 103. That’s more like it. Some of the mommies tongues stay curled….curled and creased but I can’t talk em into drinking water. Silly girls. All the babies gathered round me, so cute. I just love these guys….oops, goats. It was so hot, that I wanted to give them cool fresh water before I fed. Most of em gave up and went under a tree….but the second I started scooping feed……..ahyyyyyye…..a madhouse! But I’ve started making tiny piles way out from the alley…so no fighting needs to go on. What a random blog this is…guess it’s due to taking Saturdays off, I wrote a bit Friday night, a bit yesterday, some last night and wala….we got a jumbled thing! Smile!!!! Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps. Both my father and my dad have passed but Happy Father’s Day in Heaven!!!!
















4 thoughts on “Don’t label me……

  1. I just love how the goaties all curl up together, on top of each other with all that fleece in 95 degree heat! I would be melting into a puddle…lol. It was me that told you about the Dawn, I use it with the tin pie pans from the dollar store. I think that reflectiveness with the light really works. I am glad the idea is working for you and Cathy. So easy to do 🙂

    • Yes. Truly amazing the goat puddles. So hot. But they love each other dearly. Ya I thought it was you. I’ll try the tinplate. Thanks!!! Ya Cathy was really happy! <3.

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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