Too late for planet earth?

For the past few days….every time I step outside this Rv, I see an Ernie Peacock feather. Everywhere, they’re just everywhere. And Cathy came over this morning and handed me about 7 or 8 saying she got them from around the chicken coop. I said, but I just walked around it last night and there were none…..she says…no, MY chicken coop. Good grief. Dang birds just don’t stay home. So, Ernie is losing his feathers really fast and he’s all funny lookin and lopsided. Not so long ago he was just a baby. We saved his life. He’s not very grateful, but he has let me touch his feathers a few times. He’s still kinda irritated with me from when I was stalking him for photos. I just came across their baby photos…his and Bert’s. I told that story a long time ago…let me refresh your memory. We had them in a horse trough with a heavy lid hubby built. A light, food, water and 6 peachicks that we went to a farm to buy. Middle of the night hubby screams for me to save the peas…the peas, the peas! So I run out the back door, knowing he’s at the front door….and I run straight to the trough and I’m leaning in to save the peas when I realize there is a snake coiled up inside where I am reaching. I scream. Then hubby screams….the peas, the peas……

Turns out, the snake had eaten 4 and there were still 2 left that had flown out when hubby lifted the lid after seeing the snake. We had to round em up! Remember, it was the middle of the night…I’d been asleep! It was quite traumatizing to me, but we did catch em and put em in the now empty sugarglider cage, where they lived till their huge poo needs beat out cuteness of bein in the house. They went to the new coop….built for them….snake proof, by my demands…hardware cloth. And now here they are, flirting with each other constantly…yup, a boy and a girl we saved. Bert and Ernie. I’ll try to put a baby photo up, but technology and I struggle. WordPress and I struggle. I would now like to command us to Unstruggle. Geeze. Last year, I had an itch to put the feather frilly things in fiber and spin it, but I was gonna have to buy peacock feathers. I never did and I guess now is the time. Don’t know if it’ll work, but hey….that’s what we do….we try things.

Baby Ernie and Bert

Baby Ernie and Bert

Have I told you my favorite joke? I should say this is x rated, but it also means something very very different than sex. Here goes. What bird represents freedom? Eagle. What bird represents peace? Dove. What bird represents True Love? Swallow. ……………………………….. Now you see why I need to preface that? But there is another kind of swallow. The jagged little pill kinda swallow….who did that? Ahhh, Alanis Morissette. The rock gut kinda swallow. When life has kicked you and you have no choice….you just gotta swallow it and go on. Ain’t easy people…but we do it way more than we realeyes. We swallow things at work, at home, from our children, our spouses….our MOMS. We swallow memories and dreams. Memories being the most dominant swallowees. Memories can bring tremendous pain, so the only way to endure….is to swallow, to bury, to cover up with sand, etheric sand. But we can bury, swallow….and we do, bury swallow. We just don’t think about it much, but here I am, draggin it out into the light of day. Ya well, that’s me folks. That’s my purpose in life. These here words. AND the goats, of course. Night night world folks…..Hello France! Oh, and I think something riotwise may be going on in South America. I don’t speak the language but I saw a video and a photo, so…somethins up there. Night night. 12:51am = 9 endings. Yeehaw and yikes!

And it’s Friday. This week went a bit slow but not nearly as slow as last week, so I’ll take it. Well, I finally finished that spool of ply which freed up a spool to try with the peacock frillys. Won’t know how it is till I crochet it into something….it’s a test. Cathy watched, loving to see the artist attempt. We shall see. And now… mind is reeling from a video I just watched. A genetic scientist has released this video cuz he’s scared. He thinks his fellow scientists are rushing things without proper testing. Well folks… turns out there are now GM Trees! Test plots around the world of GM trees that the tree itself has been turning into an insecticide. So, any insects landing on a leaf of that tree…will die. And the spores of the tree…blow in the wind and travel through the air. It’s already too late. They have killed this planet and the planet doesn’t even know it’s dead yet. I just don’t know if the rising consciousness will rise fast enough. Not much we can do now. So very sad and upsetting. A quote……”Total tree a pesticide.” The pesticide is in every cell of the trees. Which creates superbugs, which requires stronger and stronger insecticides…..which then trickles down to the farmer….who will have no way to kill the super insects which are eating his harvest. Not to mention the illness and disease to humans and animals…through the land and water, via the roots. 75% drop in Monarch butterflies from Bt.toxin. Not to mention the bees. A forest that kills insects…insects that have a job to do on this planet. Damn and double damn. Cornell University is now creating GM fruit trees….impact to humans? Unknown. And I haven’t even told you about India!!! 125,000 farmers have committed suicide, at a rate of 1,000 a month….due to buying the magic seed, GM, that then doesn’t grow, so they drink the insecticide cuz they can’t provide for their family. These magic seeds require twice the water and produce no seeds, so you have to buy seeds year after year. Bottom line….GM = Death.

Sat with the girls under the tree before feed. Hot, even in the shade. Which reminds me of when Flower was stuck in the fence that day. We carried her to the water trough, which she was not tall enough to reach, as it needed refilled. Down below, was a small bowl with algaed water. She immediately went for the algaed water but we dumped it and put fresh in the tiny bowl. She didn’t want the fresh…she wanted the algae and she drank from the ground where we had poured it out. If algae is healthy…..why are we dumping it out and putting fresh????? Everyday they are discovering more uses for it. Something to ponder or do research on, eh? Gotta stop now. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


















4 thoughts on “Too late for planet earth?

  1. GM Trees????!!!! sigh…….. The Goddess needs to just come on an fix this mess, the Earth Mother is going to fix this mess and it ain’t going to be pretty.

  2. it is so scary what we have done to the Earth, and we keep in doing it. We, the people, don’t do anything about it, we care but not enough to cause any waves. What happened to the protestors who could gather huge crowds? I think they realized congress has it’s own agenda and we, the people, aren’t part of it

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