out of the fog…..back to life

Tonight the mystery lady called. I was so freaked, I handed the phone to Jesse, who had been wanting to give her a piece of his mind, but I wouldn’t let him. She sounded sincere from where I sat, I could hear. But Jesse did Not give her a piece of his mind. He was a bit bitter and cold though. She said she was going to send the money, as promised and he snickered. She said, you don’t believe it will come? He said, I’ve been given many reasons not to. She asked to talk to me and he said NO. She then said she was sending the money and maybe we would give her an apology after we received it. Then she asked him to tell me that her brother had died on Friday. Now see….if her brother had died on Friday, and we were truly friends….she would have told me that. Friday is the day she was originally to arrive, but when I called, she was still waiting on the Rv to be fixed. A few hours later, she said she left. If she returned home cuz her brother died, which is awful…..why would she not explain to me? Why act like she didn’t know me? Why not leave me a message? See, all confusing. After the two hung up….she then put up a huge spiel on FB…giving her side and making me out to be a person desperate for attention and page hits. She told her friends to go…find my blog and give me the hits I so desperately needed. And then she unfriended me. Well,

I have a voice. I want to help people, therefore, readers is a plus in that. Granted. And I have mentioned it a few times. But if you think I would lie to people, to get clicks…you don’t know me. End of story. The ac is still working well in the Rv. Hasn’t kicked the fridge off once. All it took was thicker correct electric wire, you know, the fat cord that comes with the Rv, without 200 miles of skinny yellow wires to connect to the house. Ya, I’m no electrician, but hubby has convinced me it just doesn’t work well that way. So, now the Rv is up by the pole…in full sun, no shade trees….but the ac stays on and the shades are drawn. Haha…my cave. Don’t worry….a few movements any direction and I get all the light I need. And speaking of light…I haven’t been very bright the last few months….my attention was diverted. My usual late night chats with Mayerli, and Mea and Colleen and others, kinda got put on the back burner. My apologies. I missed you the whole time. I’m back. Message or skype me anytime…any of you….but ya gotta tell me first if you’re gonna skype cuz I don’t think it’s generally on. And no…I don’t remember my skype name right this minute. Night night sweet ones. Thanks for bearing thru the craziness with me. Love you guys. 1:25am = 8 = infinity. And now…..2:08am = 1 = Everything! Night.

Wow…a huge mess, that didn’t have to be. A few words. A few words would have ceased this nastiness from ever happening. But there were no few words and it is happening. I’m sorry people that this is what you get to read. Not my typical topic. But then…what is a typical topic for me? I jump around. I highlight whats on my mind that day. And this…is on my mind. So many blogs I wanted to say that….so many blogs ago. Cathy’s not home…sure would like to talk with her. She’s very wise. And my phone ate my phone contacts….again! Yup…empty. Ahhh, hubby to the rescue…he’s feeding me contacts…..and interesting timing too, eh? Also, he found me an app to back them up for me, since this keeps happening. Ahh damn….I’m back to it again…..it just bothers me. I told the story straight out the way it happened, no twists. She added twists. And no, read my words again….I did not call YOU evil…just what was happening was evil. And as far as my son is concerned….shit…… the fines were more critical and you asked what else he needed so I told you. And it was After that…..that you told him he needed a MacAir…..so obviously money wasn’t an issue. Ahh, this is truly ridiculous. I was just sitting here minding my own business…blogging to you….and this happens. Yuk, but a purpose for everything still holds. Always. I just deleted some things…I will hold off. See how things go. It appears that she has removed the post, so I shall stop here. What I deleted would have put this to rest…but….it appears to be calming, so…..

Jesse wanted to cheer me up today so we drove into town…just for jack in the box and a smoothie. So silly and a waste of precious gas, but he knows that getting treats cheers me up. Then Cathy came over and we chatted about what to do. I have 2 sad friends at the moment, and one is coming tomorrow and the other has calmed hopefully for the night. So much sadness in the world. Didn’t get to cuddle with any babies today, oh wait…yes I did, Flower came to snuggle. And I do mean snuggle. These twins are now always the first to greet me and they just hang out. But since Flowers mishap….she likes to lean on me. Ahhh shoot…she can lean on me. Love her. And it seems I need to go do sticker burr duty. Take some hemostats out with me and pull them out….scissors too cuz some are embedded….especially the chin area. In the big boy pen too! Dang. Gonna have to break down and go pour vinegar where I can isolate the plants. The burrs are easy to see, not much the plant itself. Lila got stuck in a stick and was downed by it. When I say down…it means they can’t get up. They lay there and poo and pee…..stuck. She’s ok now….well, she was ok then…immediately went out to munch greenies. And I guess that’s it for today. So much drama. Oh ya…..Ernie is dropping the long tail feathers now at about 10 a day! That’s fast! And Lucy has more or less stopped sitting. Ok……..signing off at YeeHaw RANCH.













4 thoughts on “out of the fog…..back to life

    • I know I’ve already answered your question, but ……I use it mostly. I’m willing to sell some, but mostly it’s for my use…..I know, right…too much! :))

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