Saving baby Flower and a friend……Guru got a call

I’m Ok….since I’ve opened the topic of aliens….let me tell you what I can remember about what I’ve learned during my 14 years…yup….14 years now on the big ole spiritual journey…missed the anniversary in april, no biggie. Anyways….let’s see. Hmmm. There are the ones that come and dive into the waters, and there’s the lizards. The grays, and apparently….the tall ones. That could be the El’s. Or, the angels, or fallen angels…take your pick. It’s all very fascinating. There’s the aliens who live inside the earth, deep in caves….oh, there’s even the possibility of another world, just like this one…inside this earth….sky and all. Sun and all. Imagine that. There’s the possibility that the Milky way is a portal. That there’s a black hole on the other side of the moon, which merely hides the planet X, or planet Nibiru. Seriously people. These are called conspiracy theories. Like Atlantis and Lemuria. And aliens. And Monsanto. And the bilderbergs.

Gosh……I hope my typing this stuff doesn’t get me killed. Jeesh. Surely happens all the time. I actually found myself counting how many times I said that B the other night. Gave me the creeps. Especially since it’s been verified, as far as I’m concerned. Well, either that, or that was the plan…to raise alarm…but I go with the other. I mean, the dude finished his speech, or the explaining of things…then said…here’s my personal words. I will sum it up for him…he basically said….we are screwed….take up spirituality cuz religion ain’t gonna cut thru this one. He also called it an unwinnable war. Then he said….make your own banks and make your own world of harmony. Huh? How are ya supposed to do that if the aliens are working with the gov and the cabal, to create a one world order…yup….the biggest conspiracy theory of all….the one world order and the bar codes on the body…coming soon to a state near you. In fact, I just read today….of a place where they shall require it of all the baby boys. Lol. I mean…besides the B word…he even used the….trilatteral commission!!!! Next they’ll be telling us the masons really do know something and the Knights Templar are still hiding something. Craziness, I tell you, pure D craziness………..but probably not. Shirley MacLaine said she knew some personally, that looked humanoid and their ships went under water. She said they helped her. Heck if I know, closest I come is seeing the lighted dome shape in the pasture here.

As for the situation here, I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t want to hurt the person who hurt me. I’m not like that. She doesn’t want me to talk about it here. Suffice to say…big life changing promises and hopes were raised to the ceiling, then popped like a balloon. My children were involved. That’s the worst part. I guess my friend wasn’t my friend. I dunno. Okie dokie. Let’s see. Whats new here on the farm? Well, Ernie the pretty pea is losing his long tail feathers. I’m finding them all over the yard. The white guinea is now allowed to hang out with the gray guineas and the baby ducks are friends with everyone. I have moved the Rv up closer to the house where I can have proper electricity and at 3pm, I have the ac on and it’s ok. Nothing getting tripped. I can’t tell ya much about the goats cuz I’ve been stuck in misery the past few days and only saw them long enough to feed. They will forgive me cuz I bring sunflower seeds today. They love those. The babies have never had them so will be a new treat for them, Lucy might’ve given up the nest cuz she’s been off a lot lately. Today was the first day I’ve done anything….I spun some Lori yarn. Just a few days ago….I woulda called it Blanche yarn, but she got brave and is using her real name now. So proud of you Lori. (no, not my sister Lori…different gal)

Well, God is good. I fed the girls early today and because of that I was able to save Flowers life. I can’t believe nobody put up a ruckus to say she was in trouble. Hours she was probably there, stuck in a 3 inch goat proof fence….up high, to reach something. Understand? She was in standing position when she got stuck. They usually go under the tree from noon till 3, so that baby was probably stuck 3 hours standing in this heat. We got her out and hopefully she is recovering. While I was sitting with her…and the others were greedily eating sunflower seeds…I received a phone call. A friend said….I know you’re the Suicide Guru but I just need to talk. I said……that’s all the suicide guru was there to do….to let people know I am there. I will help. So…my friend has lost her job and is about to lose her house. She wants to die and she’s been suicidal before. I got her to agree not to…yet. I offered to take her chickens and cat if she goes homeless, but couldn’t take the dog. She’s gonna come over for a day of spin fun with me this week. So…..gee, IF ONLY I was in a position to help her. I will help her. I will do my best. And by helping her….I will help myself. By helping baby Flower, I also help myself. Ok, well, I’m gonna go check on the baby now. Also, Khalifa has a stuffy nose. Poor lil guy. Ok….friend who called me today…….I’m here girl. And mom Susan, to the 12 year old…..I’m so happy she’s home now, help her find her thing….whatever that may be. And the situation? Sad. Signing off still sad, but helping others….yay, at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps. Baby Flower is eating grains…I think she’s gonna make it. YAY! Pss. Now you know why I was waiting on the world to change and Psss….all of the black babies today are of Flower.













6 thoughts on “Saving baby Flower and a friend……Guru got a call

  1. You are strong, Sheri…and you are needed and you are helping people. I look forward to reading your words every day 🙂 “Friends” come and go all the time. I had a friend since high school, like a sister to me. At a time when I needed her support the most she said very hurtful things to me. All because I would not stay the same and be the same person she wanted me to be at a time of great change in my life. To this day she expects all overtures of friendship to come from me, I’m supposed to “fix it” and I’m not made that way anymore. I don’t think the way she thinks I should and so she cannot reconcile me with who she wants me to be, the person of the past. It hurt and I cannot forget what she said….forgive, yes to a point, but not forget. Feel what you need to feel and then let karma take care of the rest. I am so glad that Flower is ok….poor baby. Sunflower seeds and hugs heal the the world 🙂 Hugs to you!!

    • Ahhhh I’m sorry about your friend. I’ve seen that happen but never experienced it. I have a longtime friend but we are separated by a few hours now and we actually grew apart now she’s into the same stuff but it’s not the same. Friendships are so odd. I suffered thru Cathy’s daily 2-3 hr visits from nearly the day I moved in for years until I blew. Upon invitation only was the result for a year or so and now? Ha! Good good friends. I’m gathering myself back up. Thank you kind one! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. You KNOW what I just went through with a “friend” recently. It hurts, no denying it ~ it tears your heart up! I am SO SO very sorry you also had to go through such pain ((hugs))

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