words to shock your ears and minds……..

Well, I’ve just stretched myself a little thinner, but hey….I’m skinny and I stretch well. I’m going to make this a joint effort thing, this Suicide Guru. Your part….is to spread the word. I can make all the pages and accounts I want, but if nobody knows about them…they are useless. Word of mouth….sharing links…whatever you can do. If you see or hear of someone who is struggling….please, send em to me. Either here, or FB, and either MamaSheri or Suicide Guru. I can’t guarantee, and I won’t guarantee, that all who come will be saved. All I can do is offer one central place….where if ya got that problem….ye know where to go. That’s it. That simple and that complicated. My school is the school of hard knocks and I have risen to the highest honor. Like a Doctorates degree….and I sign my own diploma. So…..Deal? Deal.

Oh golly golly. Weather is in the air and pain is the name of the yukky game of the day. On top of that….I got food poisoning from the peach cobbler last night. It was left out too long. My bad. And, add to that, that I hurt a rib the other day doing who knows what. What fun. On the plus side…it’s been slow here the past few days. At least I got a few things done. And I got the Guru thing done. It needed to be done. I remember when people were talking on the angora goat group….needing a place to sell their goats. I kept saying, as did so many others…someone should make a group. Till finally I said, this is silly….watch, I’ll do it and have it to you in a few minutes. And I did. That group is now over 200 strong….and should we angora goat farmers ever decide we need something done…..we have a huge pool to draw from, and a huge pool to make their voices heard. Not just the sales group, but the goat group too. I mean….over 200 farms…..that’s a lot of power we have….as a WE.

Well now. Well well well now. I am watching a video. It is the Canadian congress or something like that, and this man is saying what he knows about ufo’s. He says there are 4 species….and one is the tall whites. This is the Canadian gov people!!!! Bout damn time. Says there are living aliens here now and 2 are working with US gov. Honorable Paul Helyer. Oh for Gods sakes….it’s like Christmas for conspiracy theorists!!!!Oh holy crap…the minister of defense of Canada. Basically, if you read between the lines…this minister of defense is saying that the gov’s of at least the us and Canada, are at the mercy of aliens. It speaks of the bilderbergs, the cabal and lots more. He says on a personal note that the only way to survive is to become spiritual. Are you friggin kidding me? It’s like every possible secret we’ve wondered at….revealed at once. Hmmm. Interesting. Watch the video…if I can get the link and if it’s even still available…but on the other hand….there were quite a few to choose from after I watched it and it went to the youtube page of top trending videos on that subject. Are you kidding me. I’m still reeling. So many hot button words, all used in about 9 minutes. Like, whaaaaaaaaat? You can hear my skepticism. It was like a bowl full of candy. And not just any candy mind you…oh no, this is the most expensive, most extravagant candy a soul could find on this planet. So….aliens, gov involvement, bilderbergs, cabal, pyramids, aurora borealis all over America? Hmmm, I know I’m leaving some out….oh ya, spirituality is key Goodness gracious me oh my. I’m just sittin here in my little Rv….sure didn’t expect this kind of mind bender tonight. True, not true? Wow….ok. Well….that’s enough words for tonight, so there’s room for some tomorrow! Nightie night sweeeeet people. 12:08am = 11 = master. Funny…I looked and it was 07, then changed to 08 as I was reading it. SO…. 12:07am = 1 = everything

Haha, wow. What a strange news night. And the aurora photos…have you seen any? I ran out and looked, tons of stars but no borealis. Well, I was a little disappointed when I found out my company wasn’t arriving today, so I took Jesse and I to Jack in the Box for a treat. Also got me a smoothie…I missed my Saturday one. Yay, a smoothie. There’s a thunderstorm feel in the air but the weather app shows nothing. Well, not nothing… a big storm down below us but going southeast! How odd. I’ll take it, it was enough to lower the temps a bit. The goats are all a hollerin….lookin for grainies. No rush…gonna let my burger settle. Gosh, if I was a nap person, I’d take me one. Alas, I am not. As an ex suicidal person, naps mean you’re still stuck in that horrible day. No thanks. Hey….I found a gray or silver hair yesterday! I was so excited to see some croneness comin in….but it came out with the brushing this morning. Bummer. Oh….I should tell you, the new fancy inhaler isn’t so bad and there is a plus. It lasts a full month where the other only half a month, so…..cheaper!!!! While it wasn’t exactly a nap, I did lay still for about an hour. Rested my mind. Still feels like a nap. Feels like I just woke up, but in the same day. How I used to hate that.

My barn swallows are back. We caused one to drop the goose feather they were carrying, but they got another, and a cardinal was visiting with himself in my car mirror. Strange bird day. Also saw an unusual colored hawk. My friend will arrive in the morning, in her Rv. We don’t get many overnight guests…good thing she brings her own bedroom with her! I’ve never met her in person….YET. Not sure what will be on the agenda for the weekend. I keep forgetting to tell you I’m quitting Saturday blogs. Again. There’s only a few who read it that day, so by golly, I’m taking it OFF. SO….NO MORE SATURDAY BLOGS. Starting now!!! Dang….I just discovered grass roots everywhere in the L. Stupid goats! Not supposed to pull it by the dang roots. They are littered like leaves….everywhere your eyes land. Not good. They were in wandering and eating mode, so I just followed them. No sitting today. I take that back….I did sit….and they grazed around me, coming to visit, as the idea occurred to them. Kinda dark out cuz it’s still got that storm feel in the air and sky….hope the photos came out cuz it’s about 7pm….too late to get more. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…..see ya Sunday night folks….have a grand weekend. I love ya.













2 thoughts on “words to shock your ears and minds……..

  1. I love it! You wrote about the UFOs 🙂 Nowadays it’s hard to figure out what is conspiracy theory and what isn’t, especially since so many theories are being proven, coming out into the light. I watched that video with my mouth open…wondered if he is a light worker and if the tall white ones are the original “light workers”. What does it take to believe? Do we really need “The Day the Earth Stood Still” to be real, for Klatu to walk out of the ship? Hmmmm…..Hollywood often speaks closely with reality. Night, love…here I am talking about UFOs again at bedtime. Have a great weekend!

    • Lol yes I had to! It was a conspiracy dabblers Christmas. It’s all Proving true. Sleep well. Lol place a shield of protection and safety around yourself. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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