Waitin on the world to change….

As you all know….I am opposed to chemicals. I try to use them as little as necessary. But seeing what my dog Blue has gone through with these fleas….I have no choice. I will be buying a flea collar. I know for a fact that the frontline and all those things don’t work. The DE didn’t work. Blue has at least 50 fleas in a 3 inch radius back near where his tail would be if the idiots hadn’t docked him. No matter how many times I put on the DE… fleas. Right now…Blue is outside so the fleas need something warm blooded to bite on, so it’s me. Looks like I will even be forced to put off bug bomb things….but Cathy has done 3 already and she’s still got em. We should put Monsanto on this project. Create something that works to kill fleas, lice, mites, etc. Oh, but wait…if they did….they would then just find a way to dilute it so that it must be repeated, month after month…isn’t that what ALL corporations do? Yup. Yup it is.

How can you be so happy with a dump? Well, it’s our dump. Lol, movie words, but so fitting right now. I’ve got company comin and I already said the place was messy but my daughter was like, but Mama, did you tell her how messy? Ha! Well, my guest said she wasn’t coming to see my house, but jeesh, a gals got a bit of pride and I had to at least clean the kitchen some. LOL. Ya….there’s very little furniture here, so it’s like there is extreme lack of …..well, a place for everything. We lack organization skills. He’s an engineer and I’m an artist….go figure. We both have a problem with throwing things away but I think mine is less. Well, I know it is. My husband has a collection of mugs…many many mugs. Among other things. Funny…when I cleaned my room the other day…I got rid of a box of bears. The moveable joint kind and just little bears, some straw hats, etc. I have carried that box of bears from home to home to hell to home to here and I gave it away. To a little girl. Yay oh yay. I always thought I would dress the bears…I never did. And I obviously wasn’t meant to or I woulda!!!

Tiny things. I have always loved tiny things. Tiny pencil eraser size frogs, tiny spiders, tiny baby dolls, etc. I once saw faces everywhere I looked, for months….at the floor, the walls, the trees, in the dirt, you name it….faces. Then for a few days I took my Nikon camera out and filmed the crevaces in rocks. The tiny dips and holes. When I looked at the photos later, I saw tiny people. In one, I saw a man from either Ireland or the old Willy Wonka era….and a woman with him. There is a young blonde curly haired girl coming toward the camera screen, reaching towards and it is creepy. The others are animated type people. I don’t really see them much when I look at the photos lately….but always…..always…see the man, lady and child. Dang…..that means I gotta remember to put the photo in. Might have even put it in before…not sure. Either way….it’s night night time. See ya in the morning. 1:23am Go! = 6 = earth. Yup.

Well, I got up early, well, early for me. The crows are crowin and the hawks are teaching the babies to fly and one is not too happy about it. The breeze is blowin outside…..I can hear it. Can’t feel it, but I can hear it, so it helps just knowing it’s there. I am still waiting on that package to arrive which will require a trip into town, therefore, it’s not a good idea to start a big project or shear…ya right, the boy will sleep till one. It’s naptime for the goats, all resting under trees. Lotsa birds still singing at nearly 11:30 am. Got laundry folded and a few things washed up. Basically waiting for the pups to tell me someone is at the gate. I am anticipating something…therefore, I am in the future, mindwise….and thus time has slowed. So….I shall spin some ply for a shawl I’m spinning for. Spinning while I wait. To be sung to the tune of…whistling while you work.

Well, I spun a little, then separated the Billy book by paragraphs. Not so hard at all. Didn’t think it would be though, either. Just another loose end…now tied up. Thelma and Louise, the baby ducks, have made quite a few friends now. They mostly hang out with the white, male goose…his gray gal is sitting on a ??? nest. Dezi maybe thinks they’re geese? Lucy accepts them too when she takes her mad dash for food and water. And yesterday, the 2 ducks found them. The peas also hang out with them. I dunno why they’re so popular. Maybe everyone saw us carry them to the pond that day. The pups have been great…shoot, they even let the squirrels eat now. And ALL the birds eat their dog food from the porch and they never ever hurt one. I’ve told ya before about Lucy’s mystery nests. One year there was a fork in it when she finally got off. Sometimes, nothing whatsoever. Hubby says if she has any…it’s only one cuz she’s sitting now, not laying.

Well, it’s pretty much dinner time and the day part of today is about over. I got more spinning done, yay! During hang out time with the girls….Khalifa was at it again. Been awhile so it surprised me. Didn’t let it go unchallenged. Put that boy down, and he stayed down. Even after I let go, he just lay there looking up at me, with eyes asking why. Because you are a buck. You cannot treat mama like a buck. Sure…I would not have this problem if I’d had no interaction with him……but I’d hate that. And he’s the only one challenging me. I have other baby bucks. Oh…and after finding the 2nd dead mouse just in front of the Rv on my path….I realized they are a gift from Liberty kitty. What a sweetie. Her nose is all healed up now, as is her hip. Kitty with 50 lives. Hubby said he won’t be home for dinner…..SO……french toast it is!!! Yum. I have to cook real meals for hubby. Had a bit of fun stalking butterflies today. Eventually they get used to ya. Well…….guess it’s that time. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….waiting on the World to change. Yup…song has been stuck in my head all day. See ya.













8 thoughts on “Waitin on the world to change….

  1. We had a big problem with fleas two years ago…tried EVERYTHING, bombed twice, sprays, yada yada. You want to know what ended up working and finally getting rid of them all? The simplest of things. Take a desk lamp or any small light, sit it on the floor where the fleas are at the most and put a pie pan underneath it with water and Dawn dish soap in it, about 1/2 deep in the pan. Don’t have to suds it up or anything. The fleas will be attracted to the light and jump into the pan and the dawn smothers them. You can get rid of them on Blue by washing him with Dawn dish soap too. Love ya!!

  2. You are so welcome! It worked really well. I was just floored after all the money we spent on other stuff….. This was just so simple and if the cats or dogs drink out of the water…no problem. No poison.

  3. Glad you are taking steps to discipline Khalifa. I’m a huge believer in having manageable males. One of my friends even changed how she handles the baby boys after getting one of my rams. I handle them from day 1, but I never let them do anything as babies that I’m not willing to allow when they are grown up. Lots of petting, but no climbing on me unless I invite it (sometimes it’s easier to trim feet when they are in my lap). And I keep a very careful watch on them when the turn into teenagers. Every once in a while I’ll have one that gets that “I could take her” look in his eyes, and I am very firm about killing that idea quickly. I smack, chase, stomp, threaten until they show submission. I’ve only had 1 that I had to do that to twice, and I can approach any of my boys, or work in their pen without fearing for my life. As someone who spends most of my time alone with my animals, I need to be able to work with them safely.

    • Yes me too. I need to be safe with the boys. I’ve actually never encountered this before. I’ve never ever had one my boys…oh wait…once. A beautiful…forever penned he did rare up once. Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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