LOL…..I’m a nut

I’m sitting in silence, listening to the sounds of nature and the animals…just like they used to before electricity was invented, which led to the television, which led to ac, which led to people not being in nature. Did you know that we require sunlight? That fake stuff just doesn’t do it and we get weak and ill. You know….lights! There are so many sounds. The loudest at any given moment would be the bugs, or they could be frogs, not sure. I was just looking at my iphone and realized there was an ant crawling up my hand. Without thinking…I blew on him and away he sailed. I looked up to my phone screen and it was a photo of 2 tornado funnels and lightning. Interesting. I created a tornado for the poor lil ant. Don’t know where he landed. So many bugs. Right now, two different kinds are wratching through a lil pile of fiber I have just laying about. They’re just like, digging in. I have a rather scratchy sheep fleece that was in my room. Jesse’s gonna take it to the woods and let the critters use it for nests and such. Somethin about bugs and fiber. LOL. I’m a nut.

Uh…….a spider just spun a line from my laptop to the cabinet here by my head. Thought it was my buddy but nope, bigger. I see why he would…there are so many bugs flying around the only light on in here…just above my head to the right. What spider wouldn’t want to weave a web and capture them? But not on my laptop you don’t. I am fifteen seconds from deleting this cuz I just read it and IF I can keep going and maybe say something worthy….something worthy of you. Gosh, that’s all I can think about now…how bad the blog is. Ha. Persevere Sheri Lee. Haha…break that word up, per severe. LOL. Hmmm, the two little drying out flowers I told you were laying here, aging with beauty…well, there was some water on the counter next to them. I was curious to see if anything would happen and I see now, that the larger flower has drawn the water to it. It is a cut flower and its nearly dry petals are drawing water to it. Interesting, very interesting. Ahhh, and the emotional ending to a good movie…wonderful. Tomorrow is foretold to be a very good day. I’m so excited, I wonder if I’ll sleep. Then I get to be excited again in a couple days. Oh my…..lot of excitement. I can take it! Night night sweet people I love you, or luv you if that’s more your style. 1:14am = 6 = earth. I rooted again today, yup yup yup. More reiki to the little dying child. Long time for your organs to fail. Reminds me of the dead flower drawing life to it. Guess it’s not so bad a blog after all. Night.

And, like the flower appears in the morn, still a cut flower, the water is now a part of it, but it is still ending the life of which it knew. And like this flower, little Kenzie has reached out and grasped the last bit of water/joy around her, drawn it into her and now she too is ending the life of which she has known. To fly toward her next journey. She is taking all the love with her. Remember the water in the pitcher? Spilled out, then contained in the cloth used to soak it up? To be wrung out to once again be water? Yes. Life and death. Essence just switches vessels. And no…I did not know this child. But I did get to know a tad about her spirit. Very strong and vivacious. Very loving. Have a wonderfully fun filled journey little one.

My day today, must definitely include laundry. I best get to it. Well, it’s been a slow hot hot day. All I got done was laundry and to say I did SOMEthIN…..I dyed some curls. It was so hot that I just couldn’t sit in that Rv for any longer. So I sat in the kitchen and wiled the day away. That’s where the dying commenced. And would you believe the girls didn’t like spinach leaves either? Go figure. So I took the rest over to the penned up Beautifuls and they loved em. Even Darwin who always stays to the back…..was eating outta my hands. Been doin more research. Maybe maybe they’ll eat lima beans…fresh. They are high in zinc and selenium. Hasn’t done me a ton of good. So far, the only one they like is parsley, and I forget what it’s high in. But I shall try the lima beans. If they like em…I can attempt to grow em. Jesse got the cut up dead plum tree dispensed of today. Yay Jesse. I was about to make my huge chocolate chip cookies, but discovered I was out of walnuts. Bummer. Well, maybe tomorrow my package will arrive and I will have to go to town, I can get some walnuts then…cuz these cookies are one of the best things I make….and hopefully my company that’s comin will enjoy them. Either way….I surely will. Gosh, it’s been at least 6 months!!! Ahhh, the dye came out a nice orangey burgundy. I like it. And on that note….guess I’ll end this a little early. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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