What would you want the world to know….?

Wow…..a very tee tiny spider just dropped itself via web…to about 2 inches from my eye. I tilted my head….I have tri focals and need to look either up, down or center depending on what I’m looking at. Then into focus it comes…..one of those tiny spiders. Maybe even the very same one who visited 3 or 4 months ago. Most people probably wouldv’e been scared, but I know these tiny spiders. He sat there and I said…you were checkin me out!!! Weren’t you??? ….as he did that thing that rock climbers do to go up, where they lift one arm up, then the next up, lock…repeat till you get where you want to go. These tiny guys web making skills are stunning.

On FB, it was just asked….if you knew you were going to die tonight, what would you like the world to know? Most excellent question……..……..Life is momentary moments of emotion. Every emotion available…. is experienced again and again, in all of its many facets…throughout the lifetime. Think of life as a ride….a ride to experience emotions. Don’t like one? Try choosing another…ps, it takes effort. I love you. In whatever way I can, I love you. No matter your crime, no matter your donation. No matter your kindness or meanness. No matter your religion or place. You see….just the fact that you are here….on the spinning ball, means that you had to live these momentary moments of emotion too and therefore, in many ways you are just like me, or you are me, so I love you….because this me….Loves…therefore, if you thought you have never been loved…you have. Snorkle in the turquoise water if you get a chance. Talk to your body…it’s part of you and will cooperate most of the time. Believe with all your breath that you can be happy, choose happy and you can. Even if but for a momentary moment. Choose your own beliefs. What else? I tried to help. Thanks for the joy, people! Oh….and you can rehydrate marijuana with lemon or orange peel…..even brick. Takes at least a day. Love love.

There you have it. What I think I’d say before dying, if I had the time. Man….I was just about to say that the wolves are howlin but there are no wolves here…only coyotes and they yip. That means it was my wonderful pups singin the coyotes away. I’ve been talking tonight on FB with a mother whose nearly 12 year old OLD SOUL, is in the hospital for suicide and depression. Right up my alley, eh? I told her to have the child read my blog…back at the beginning, when I talked about that stuff. Surely hope it helps. Well….night night my Friends. 1:32am = 6 = earth. Yes, I rooted into her tonight before sending reiki to a dying child.

Well…..not bad for a mornings work…just tackled the stovetop. Haven’t done that in awhile. So…cleaning my room, cleaning the stove, taking out the dead tree…..yup…..companys comin. Wonder what I’ll tackle next. Oh ya….so, I put food grade DE on all the inside pets and guess where the fleas went? Just guess!!! What a horrible trade off. Before they just used to land on me….now they are biting me. Isn’t that lovely? Ahhh, but on the good kind of lovely……I played a FB status game once where the fiber lady says…Bingo…So I said Bingo, along with another lady. We both won! Some iof that wonderful sparkly stuff that they put into batts. I was only supposed to win black….but she added white as well! I just was cleaning the Rv, and yes, I’m bad, I was still planning on telling ya, I’m just behind…..but I find the envelope and realize there is something inside. A card…really pretty too…..and it says she added the second color because she enjoyed reading my blog! Who knew? How sweet Curlycewes!!!! Go check out her store on Etsy…… www.curlycewes.etsy.comThank you so much Carla…and thank you for reading my words!!! Honestly…I didn’t forget….I thought about it just yesterday. AND, that tells ya what I tackled next. The Rv. I’m done with the fiber paintings so all of that stuff, which is a ton…..can go back to the house….as well as kidding supplies, cuz I’m kinda done with that for now. Also, the wonderful black walnuts that Mea sent me…they need to be at the house to be used for dying…not here. Oooooh, and while I was cleaning my room, I found an Ella fleece. She passed on, but she was my only dark brown, and I still have some, yay. I have Star now, to give me dark brown….a deeper and redder brown. This is why I breed what I breed, aside from pretty curl……..color. Sure, sometimes you need rainbow type colors, but jeesh, there are so many colors all ready to go.

Well, because of the heat…I didn’t go walkabout with the girls….just sit under the tree type stuff. Much more tolerable in the shade with the occasional breeze blowing by. Khalifa has been chillin and I haven’t had to put him down in a week at least. Ha! I sat down and Kiwi came immediately to visit, stepped up on my leg with both feet, like on a mountain….and peed. Lol. Goofnut. But no, that one loves his mama, didn’t know he was peeing on me. And Buddha. Yesterday, Jesse was taking a few photos of the leaf melee and he touched Buddha. He looked up in shock…Mom, I’m touching Buddha. I said…..Thank you Mama. Jesse said….Thank you Mama. But anyway…..Buddha is getting more handsome by the day. Love him. Ok…too hot and too long a blog. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















2 thoughts on “What would you want the world to know….?

  1. Hugs, to you. There is trouble here, don’t know what to make of it, kind of scared. My boy’s mental state isn’t right, he did something in Detroit and… Shit. Then today he announced he is going back to law school. I am getting really stressed, I need to calm way down, or my MS is going to start flaring up, worse then it has been the last couple of days. Too much shit and not enough time to get everything done and it is bringing me way down. Sorry to vent, just freaking

    • No you vent away lady! Dang wish I’d seen this earlier. That is pretty odd and to hear you say you’re scared??? Ah man. You’ll handle it ok. I’ll say prayers. Crap tho. Damn. Huggggggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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