Butterflies…..and Owl

Tonight, as I was sitting outside the gate in my Suv, waiting for Jesse to close the gate and get in…I saw an owl sitting 10 ft in front of me. In my headlights. I was only going down to the convenience store, so my night blindness didn’t matter. I saw the owl. I sat stunned. Then it did a little dance…I thought it was injured, but then it flew away. As we drove down the road, a few feet, he was on a fencepost. I willed him to be there when we got back. He was. I turned the car headlights on him then asked Jesse to get a photo. I should not have done that. It was my owl to do. But I didn’t and the photos are not good. But as he’s taking them, I got out to see it in person. Beautiful. And alive! Usually I only see dead ones. The only other living ones I’ve seen was the day God told me to take my video camera when I left. I was in a hurry and didn’t obey. Sure enough, less than a mile away, were two owls mating, that I thought were fighting and I went to break it up. Ha! I was within 3 feet of them when I realized they weren’t hawks and not only that…they weren’t fighting, they were mating. They stopped, looked up at me, like….are you kidding me human? I left and grabbed my brand new Iphone and couldn’t figure out how to work it. I did and got one photo as I drove past. I love owl. They hoot every night here. I was so upset about the photo that later, I walked up to the gate and there he was, but he flew off when I got right to the gate. So cool. That must be his perch area. I’m determined to get a photo of him. Or Her.

Ya…I’m psyched about the owl and it’s already one thirty in the morning and I’m pretty awake. Just sittin here though. So much on my mind that I can’t seem to settle on any one thing. Oh ya. Turkey. They went to peacefully protest the demolishing of a garden, for a mall. It went way bad. Check into it if you have an interest. Turkey…where the angora goats originated. I have two flowers laying in front of me. They were a gift from Cathy and they are laying right here, to dry. They are perfectly laying their petals down into the most beautiful sight for these eyes. Each change, is more beautiful than the moment before. The process. The process. Then…tonight, I was given a new name. I have many. My spiritual name is Rose. Then it was added to some years later, to Rose Hope. I’m MamaWillow at Rainbow Gatherings, Sheri, Miss Sheri. Mama, MamaSheri, and there’s probably more that I can’t think of right this second. Ah well, it’s 1:59am = 6 = earth. Hmmm. Earth, home. Yes. Night night sweeties.

Good start to a morning. I finally broke down and asked in FB’s colored angora goat group…..what is this on my goat. I had thought it might be a mineral deciciency and it still may well be, but they all said…dandruff. That’s not what I call dandruff, but I’ll take it. Simple fix of sunflower seeds. Now what do I do with that Kale I bought yesterday and spinach leaves, to try? Lol, feed em to the goats. So…..good news. Had to get a photo for the gals, so I just turned it into a walkabout photo session. Everybody was wet of course, cuz it rained and they only take shelter if it’s raining hard. As I was leaving, Etta started following me. When she got close to the L gate, I said, no Etta. She then called for reinforcements. Each time I said no, she’d call again and more would come. She was trying to get them to guilt me into letting them in the yard. Crazy goats. But I got a butterfly photo people. I’m lovin it. I am NOT however, lovin the new inhaler for me to breathe. I’m doin it, but I’m struggling to breathe at one hour, when I have to wait 4. Not good. Hoping Doc will give me some plain old rescue albuterol. Oh….Dezi, the male goose is at loose ends again with his gal sitting on whatever she’s sittin on….so he made friends with the baby ducks I just let out of the coop. They still haven’t made it to the pond to my knowledge, but he showed em where the ac condensation is. They live near the coop but hang out by that water drip most of the day. So cute. I love how different species bond. They are white like he is, after all.

Hubby did some mowing and then he snatched up the chain saw and went to town. Cut the one dead plum that was sucking the life out of the live one…..stuff everywhere. Cut the low hanging oak branch the girls love and the yaupons too. Gonna be some upset girls. But we carried them into all the pens. It was feast day. Gave Blue a bath and oh my oh my. The pile of fleas near his butt…nothing but blood. Was so horrible I gagged. But he’s all clean now and I have opened the food grade DE, that has been put in a trash can, all safe. Kitty’s were a little mad but if it keeps fleas off, they may forgive me. Jesse went tree climbing today and went pretty high. Yup…he’s a boy. On the other hand….I used to adore climbing trees. I’ve even climbed one tree here. Hmmm, wait. Did I say I got a butterfly photo? Lol, nope…it’s a TWO butterfly photo. Must be to make up for not getting a good owl photo….which I will include, but jeeze. All in all a fairly productive day for a Sunday. Luvin you guys……signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















6 thoughts on “Butterflies…..and Owl

  1. Taking pics at night is one of my passions and I wish I had a camera that would do it well. One day 🙂 You will get your good pic, I have no doubts.

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