Tornados…friends…..and an unnecessary death

Haha….I did it again! It’s just about midnight and I just now remembered to blog! On the other hand…’s been a crazy night in America. Another set of tornadoes aimed itself right at the same place it went 10 days ago. Oklahoma City, Moore, and this time….El reno. Where my friend Em lives. It got close to the skin this time and all I know is that she was in a cellar at last post. Very scary. I mean…seriously folks….you only have a few minutes warning, if any…..unlike fires, where you can load up your animals if…IF you have the means….and get the heck outta dodge. These things come in minutes. One came through here between us seeing the place and us buying the place. Did some pretty good damage but split into two and veered around this house. It’s a blessed place. I told ya…God told me it was Noah’s Ark, the day we saw it, as we were walking through the gate…before we even saw it. There was an old tiny guitar propped in the corner of the living room. That got me. Then, the minutes old baby horse, that got me too. Then the wacky rock garden, that’s what I call it….I haven’t shown you pictures, have I? It’s wind eroded rocks….I’ll go soon and take photos. Then there’s the mossy rocks….the meadows, the huge oaks, the cedars…..ahhh. Ya, really, the tornado here only took out the adorable corrals from way way back. So cute. The tiny tiny tiny house the people lived in when they immigrated from Germany is here too, in shambles. I mean, 5 ft by 5 ft? Ok, maybe a bit bigger, but not much…and they had like 6 or more kids! I’ll try to get a photo…if the cows haven’t destroyed it completely.

Oh heck…it’s Hachi!!! Get ready for the waterworks. This movie does me in everytime. But of course….I think I forget to tell you that I also smile a lot. And giggle. Both…very important things…smiles and giggles. I’m having a wonderful chat in message, with a dear friend. That is also smiles and giggles. Friends are awesome. They don’t live with you, they try not to lie to you and you have companionship…..growth as a whatever…woman, man….child….Friends. Worth every second of energy and love. They back you up, they stand by you, they cheer you up, they talk to you in the wee hours, they drive many miles to see you, they know they can call you at any time night or day. I have one old friend left…well, no, I also have 2 male friends…not the same. That would be Susan. Susan and I went through some hells together and she doesn’t sound like shes all that happy these days. She’s lonely and sad…but too far away. Then there’s Cathy…..and that’s all the past friends… I also have goatie friends and blog friends and internet friends. How cool is that!!! Speaking of that…as we were cleaning my room, we came across tins and I said hubby had bought them for me to give my cookies to his work people for Christmas one year. I then said….I haven’t made them in awhile…..Cathy got this funny look on her face and said…NO YOU HAVEN’T! Lol. Guess it’s time to make extra large chocolate chip cookies!

Ahhh, we’re at the skunk scene. Trust me folks…its way better to just wait for the dang thing to leave, than to try to combat a skunk. Trust me. Been there done that many many times. Just leave em alone. They will go. Dogs however will cause a problem if they trap it on your porch! Haha….and…since we’re talking about skunk…the first time we got skunked was in the middle of the night here. I woke up smelling smoke and thought the house was on fire. Then after a few minutes I realized…after running screaming…waking hubby….us both racing thru the house to find the fire….there was no fire. It was a skunk trapped by the dogs at the time…behind a desk on the porch. Oh Lord. It burned. It burned the eyes, the lungs too. So….just leave em alone….they’ll wander off. And oh holy cow…my mj pain meds have just magically grown in size. I was so close to out it was pitiful. Magically….my bag is aplenty. What? How? Why? I’ll friggin take it!!! Utter magic. Thank you. I AM BLESSED. Night night my friends.1:29am = 3 = holy..

Good grief…it’s JUNE! And I don’t know about where you are, but it’s really hot and really humid. After returning from town, where I did NOT get a smoothie……hubby misanticipated when he needed to be somewhere and I lost my smoothie. He drove right by…in a hurry. Ahhh, sad days. Lol. Just kiddin folks, but I really did and do miss it. I could exist in life having three smoothies a day and that’s it. I’m certain. Anyway…..sat with the goats under the napping tree. Petunia has decided she really likes to have her forehead scratched. Today I was able to expand it to around her ears and finally, under the chin. Most love the chin scratches….IF they’ve ever been brave enough to experience them. Today Maya was laying down and they pretty much stay in place and allow me to walk through and around them to get my photos….and so I’m squatting right next to her talking to Heaven and I reach over and touch Maya. She starts to get up, I remove hand, she lays back down. Repeat that three times and……that was today. One day my friends, one day….she will let me pet her. I mean, she’s only 2 for goodness sakes! Two years of avoiding me. It wasn’t a long visit, cuz it was so dang hot. I cut our feed bill nearly in half today. Yay…..goats may not be happy but they have plenty of greenies. Lots of weeds, lots of hay.

Oh….I have to tell ya something. Marijuana is illegal. Harmless and illegal. And a friend of Jesse’s DIED two weeks ago from taking the synthetic marijuana called K2. He had seizures and died after taking a hit. One too many I guess. And although it has nothing to do with K2, last night, his best friend, go everywhere with best friend….was hanging out a car window at 60 mph and he died too. So now the two inseparables are together. But the point of telling you this is the K2. It’s very bad stuff. It’s legal some places and it’s cheaper than pot and kids are dying from it. Basically, if pot were legal….he would be alive. So…just a heads up. Okie dokie folks. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….got peach cobbler this time for midnight….I’ll let ya know. Yup, forgot the vanilla ice cream.













2 thoughts on “Tornados…friends…..and an unnecessary death

  1. LOVE the ROCKS.
    I tried K2 once with my sister and we almost went to the hospital. I was worse then her, I really thought I was going to die. We were both throwing up, I couldn’t regulate my body temp, from sweating profusely to freezing with goosebumps. it was horrible and it was because I could get any of the real stuff. VERY VERY scary

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