Oh goodness…it’s even later this time. 1am….no excuses though cuz I actually finished the book earlier, around 10:30. Jesse just came down and jeesh. He didn’t want to read it. I told him my whole family doesn’t read my stuff, not even my husband…he then asks if I read hubbys stuff. Hubby works for a computer company doing chip test. I am to compare a childrens story to chip test material? We argued about that. He said his music only took me 3 minutes to listen to, whereas the book would take awhile. I explained that it didn’t matter. Time shouldn’t exist in this matter. I look at yours, you look at mine. In the end…he wants more conversations and stuff.. Lazy writing. True enough I suppose. I was happy with it, but I guess he’s right? You can’t go from heading for an adventure to getting caught and put in a guarded cave in two sentences? I didn’t realize writing could be so hard on the emotions. Now that I’m doing it, doing fiction….I’m having so much fun coming up with the things….the words….the story ending. The story beginning. The moments of…..what can I possibly do next? Usually those are best dealt with by just putting finger to keyboard.

I’m listening to the critique and not liking it. Isn’t that an artist thing? Who likes critique? Love you Jess, not dissin you just talkin about life. He doesn’t like critique either….this I know. Who does. Anyway…..unless I decide to change it cuz he’s right…..the book is done. That section could use some more detail, he’s not wrong. I’m just talkin out loud. That’s what I do. Daily…to you. What’s new about that? He even wanted me to put all of my conversations in quotes. That’s just not how I roll. I don’t follow the norm…never have. Never will. I am unique and try to stay that way. I’m proud that I’m different. I put a period after a question mark for goodness sakes. Well, when it’s appropriate. I make up my own words. I am me and nobody else could be. Just like nobody could be you. Nobody knows the troubles you’ve seen? Nobody knows whats in your heart. But you know….and I know. And we are ok. In fact we are more than ok…..we are home. Or at least know that home is in sight.

Fleas. I’ve got fleas. Yup….the other night as I was petting Blue goodnight, I felt a patch of yuk and knew it was an infestation. I started to brush them off the said, oh crap…and took him outside to do that. Then I didn’t know if he’d be able to make it back up the steps, but he did. But yup….it’s flea season. I feel accomplished. I have finished the story to my satisfaction and yes, I may add…but still. I wrote a book in a few days. I wrote 2 books in less than a week. I should feel accomplished. I should feel…..should….should….should. Hate that word. It’s a sucky ass word folks…lets ignore it. Let’s change it to could. Always. Whenever you hear yourself say should….change it to could. It will help us all, cuz we all learn through connectedness. And through connectedness….we grow. We know. Night night sweet ones. Love you and appreciate your coming to chat. 1:29am = 3 = holy trinity.

Today we sheared Edo, Jess and I, then I took the boy to the movies. He had wanted to go for his birthday but nothing he wanted to see was playing locally. So….we went to see Hangover 3. As you know, I’m not all that into comedy….but lemme tell ya…..I lol’d all the way from start to finish. I’d have to say a pretty good movie if it can make me laugh that hard and that often. Oh and btw, if you go to the theater to see it…..don’t get up and leave. It’s still got a little bit more. People left and missed some good stuff! Kept stirring my brain….can I write an adult book? Can I write a movie script? Yup….she has the bug. I know none of these answers at this time. I may never know, and that’s ok too. Whatever I do….is ok. Home, then straight out to the girls. It seems that they are filling their bellys with the greenies and leaving grain behind…so, I gave them less today. Too much waste and too dang expensive. Then I went and sat under a tree to see which babhy would come see me today….a surprise baby… was Violet! Her first time to lay beside me! Then Heaven came and joined in. Then Khalifa came and the party was over. Boy what a buck. This one is a handful. Went to town pressing his head and horns on my boots while I sat there. Had to get up and remind him how big I am. Didn’t have to put him down and hold him till he’s still. They get all wild eyed when you do that. No, tyhis time, he walked away.

Right now….I’m fixin meatloaf. The bread was so moist it was taking me forever to pull apart so I stuck the bread in the oven. Who knows. Hmmm…ya gotta flip em over and toast both sides. Hope it tastes the same. Nope….didn’t work. Oh well. Well, hubby said I shouldn’t put the book on here cuz then nobody would buy it….but you guys are not my target audience and besides….if you like it…you may want to buy one for your kids or grandkids, right? Hoping y’all don’t think it’s too heavy, too old…..cuz there’s some tension in this one, towards the end. But I’ll let y’all see for yourselves and decide. The entire book came out just like the first one. Never knowing what would happen till the next second when I wrote the next line. Such a surprise that even I didn’t know how it would go or how it would end. Ha. But to be on the safe side…I am gonna stick the words COPYRIGHT all over the place. Lol…oh once or twice. Ok…same as before folks…..after the photos…………but give it a minute if it’s not there. It will be in a few minutes. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps massive argument with the boy just now….that’s why it’s titled jeesh.























Once upon a time, on planet Iluru, pronounce that “ill loo roo”, ok? Anyway…Syla was the middle child of a family of Tinklehoppers. Tinklehoppers were tiny beings with wings and a light, similar to a firefly, but more the size of a squirrel. Another way to picture them, is fairies with a light built in. They lived at the tropical end of the Gaia River. Their village was in a circle stand of magical Tika trees….as old as old could be. The trees gave their thoughts Lift. Power. A boost to the stars. Nearby, down in the crusty flats, lived the Banini’s, who spent their days digging. Digging for morons. Morons were the shiniest sparkling gems that Iluru possessed. They liked the finer things in life, and digging was a high priority there. It was a family thing. If your daddy was a digger, you were a digger. Male, or female. So, within the Banini bunch, was a young child named Kindle. Kindle was different. Kindle was small. Not only small, for a Banini, but she had a bad hoof. Hoof? Yes, didn’t I tell you that she was a unicorn? Unicorns have magic of their own you know, but different than the Tinklehoppers. Unicorns power lie in making wishes for others….not for themselves, so they rely on other unicorns to make wishes for them. You wouldn’t think they would need gems, right? Sadly, the leaders of the Banini wanted more. They always wanted more. And they were crochety old geezers to boot. Day after day, they got the Banini to dig. Dig with their hooves for hours, like most of the day kinda hours. When you’re a magical being, this type of lifestyle is hard, so very hard. Nobody minded anymore cuz they had never known a time when they didn’t dig. Their ancestors did, but those stories were long since untold. So, as you can guess, Kindle was not a good digger. No no no, not at all. This made Kindle sad. Back at the Gaia River, Syla, who was an empath and could hear sadness…..heard the cries of Kindle, from a very great distance. Syla was very gifted. She was so gifted, that she knew who was crying. Ahhh, a Banini! So….she made a wish. She made a wish that a Banini would come to visit her and be her friend. Kindle heard it and told her dad she had to go create a wish. Her dad however, was hearing nothing of it. No ma’am. You will be digging today, as usual. But dad, I really think this is why we’re here….to create wishes for others, not for digging! Nope. No go. Hmmmm. Kindle had to get there, she just had to. How hard could this be? I know, she thought. So she strained her ears listening for other wishes. She sorted through them until she found the one she wanted. They needed a viggy stirrer in a hurry. Viggy is the main food of the Banini, and it had to be stirred on a continual basis. She asked her mom if she could go stir Viggy. Sure honey, her mom said and off she flew to the farthest part of town. And she did indeed stir the viggy, but for only an hour or so, then quick as a wink, she was gone. Gone to the Gaia River to meet her new friend Syla. Syla heard the flapping of wings outside her upside down dome shaped nest. She ran to the window and yes……YES! There was the sad girl she had heard cry, hovering just above the purple sand……sending shades of violet flying and shimmering as it landed again. The two locked eyes and it was if they’d known each other forever. What came next is what happens whenever two little girls come together in secret on any planet. Giggles and laughter and smiles and tears and twirling. Everybody twirls, don’t they? Stories were swapped, tales of woe exchanged, and with a contented smile upon their faces, they slept.

Meanwhile, back at the Flats, Kindles parents were starting to wonder where she was. Her dad thought about her request and her desire to be a true SilverHorn….and he dismissed it. The Banini hadn’t been known as the Silverhorns since Iluru first spun. And she wouldn’t dare disobey him. He was as certain of this as he was about the triple moon rising each day. A given. Done deal. Unshakeable… His lineage went way back to the ancient ones who had done many great and powerful deeds. Nobody really talked about the way it used to be before the digging. In ancient days. Ha, not really all that ancient. The children were being born century after century. And their gifts were squished and squashed and stomped upon. Century after century until there seemed no point in remembering the old ways. Why bother? Nobody cared anymore. They only thought of viggy. Viggy on their minds. Guess what? There was stuff in the viggy. Chemicals, not in the recipe. Kindle knew this but didn’t know that she knew this. But THEY knew this. Her little diversion today had cost her and she had no idea. She was sleeping peacefully with a curled up smile on her face, while the powers that be at Crusty Flats were scheming how to keep her quiet. Unbeknownst to them, she had run off. So….the elders schemed, the father paced and the girls slept soundly. And the mother? The mother slept peacefully as well, because she had heard the wish herself.


Chapter 2

Syla woke with the beams of the suns, which were tiny, by the way…and sat with her mind for awhile to figure out what to do. She understood the problem, which meant she had to figure out a way to change the minds of the Silverhorns. Ahhh, a REMEMBER          campaign! She woke Kindle up and they gabbed for hours on how to proceed. They had two different gifts they could juggle. Since Syla’s thoughts rose and came true, and Kindle could grant wishes……hmmmmm. But wait. There’s also the purple sand….created from crystals long ago. The sand itself was magical, which in essence, was like fairy dust. Yup, these two girls were a triple threat. Smart too. Which was good, cuz this would take some thinking.


The magic these girls had available to them was quite large and was making them giddy with all the thoughts they were coming up with. Syla decided she needed to know more about the Silverhorns and how they became Banini’s. Maybe something in their history would help them. So, that night, while Kindle’s father slept….Syla listened to his dreams. She discovered much. First of all…..Crusty Flats was not their original homeland. No no no, their homeland was in the Inipi mountain range. Wow, they sure were far from home! She knew how it had happened too. The Silverhorn leaders had been approached by strangers. These strangers had a deal to offer. They needed morons. If the Silverhorns could get their people to mine the morons and give it to them, they would give the Silverhorns some very special powders. These powders make you forget who you are and forget your problems. The leaders didn’t realize that not knowing who you are is key…..and they thought not having problems was the answer for their world, SO……with the special powders given to the Silverhorns being put in their viggy….the Silverhorns forgot who they were and why they were here and were easily led across the mountains, across the Gaia River and into the Crusty Flats…..where the morons were. Day after day, the powders were put in the viggy….and day after day, the newly named Banini, were digging digging digging. The leaders themselves had eaten the tainted viggy and had forgotten everything. After many centuries, the strangers came less and less. The moron piles were growing and the powders were less and less. If the powders ran out before the people remembered….they would be doomed to remain Banini’s forever with no hope of regaining their ancient memories and history….and their magic. The powders didn’t keep the magic away, but it did dampen it a lot. Most Baninis felt something deep inside them, that there was more…it seemed like there should be more to their life than just digging and eating, but they would get hungry, eat the viggy and forget they’d even had those thoughts. Goodness. Syla was overwhelmed at it all. Only she knew the true truth. And only she knew the answer. She knew about the silver berries. She saw them in the dream of the father and she knew their purpose. Silver berries are magic. Very magical berries. They change anything bad into good. I would say alchemy, but that’s a really big word and you might not understand. Anyway, she knew they needed to get some silver berries. But how was she gonna make that happen? Well, in the end, she did what all young children do when they need to do something their parents wouldn’t approve of. She asked if she could stay the night with Kindle, in Crusty Flats. Her parents, knowing none of this….said ok. So, Syla and Kindle took off…no, not towards the Flats, but toward the mountains of Inipi. They did not get far. A league of warrior Banini was out searching for Kindle and they were caught. Caught and put in a cave with guards at the entrance and guards near them as well.  Syla eventually told Kindle some of what she’d discovered while listening to her fathers dreams. Ohhhh, said Kindle. So that’s what was in that shaker that she saw someone add to the viggy when she’d arrived that day to stir. She knew the recipe and that shaker was not part of the recipe. She had just shrugged it off though. After filling Syla in on the events of yesterdays sneak away plan, Kindle then said…..I think we are in deep doodoo Syla! 


But Syla’s brain was already working on it. Her solution? We need some help! Kindle giggled. Here, in the cave? How are we gonna get help? Well, I don’t know yet Kindle, but if I listen to thoughts and you listen to wishes….we may find an answer. So, both girls laid down as if to rest, but they were far from resting. What they were doing was frowned upon, but hey, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. So….they eavesdropped on wishes and thoughts. Not too far from the Inipi mountains, lower in the valley, the Inipi Valley, to be exact….there lived a Unugle. Pronounce that You`nuggle, ok? Unugles were very rare because most of their breed had been killed off. Once upon a time, everybody wanted unugle curls. They were highly prized. All kinds of beings used unugle curls to make their soft things and their warm things. A unugle was in the goat family, had long gorgeous curls, and instead of typical goat horns, they had a uni horn. Like the Silverhorns. After all, they did both live in the Inipi Mountains. Well, once long ago, they did both share the land there, but now…only a few unugles were left on the mountain and in the valley below. This unugle was Hector. Hector hated being alone all the time. He longed for friends, family….anyone really. Sure, sometimes, winged ones would fly by and stop for a chat but mostly, Hector was alone. On this day, Hector was grinding silver berries. He’d picked them last month up on the mountain and they were just now ready to grind. Ohhh, he was so very excited, he was, he was. Oh….this was the best batch he’d collected in a long time. He had a huge stockpile of berry dust all kept in the small pouches from the last of the kankarees. They were perfect for his silver dust. But there weren’t many kankaree pouches left around here. So, on this day…..he was wishing he could find more kankaree pouches, cuz he had a very large batch of berries to grind. This is the wish that Kindle caught and she knew Hector was perfect. Hmmm, now how to proceed. The girls whispered again. They had solved one problem, but had grown another. How to get Hector to them…and with the dust. See, normally this wouldn’t be a problem, since Kindle had the power to grant a wish, but with them trapped in the cave….hmmmm. Syla? Can you put thoughts into dreams as well as hear them? With a very happy Yes, the two whispered some more. So….while Hector slept, he had the most wonderful dream. He was traveling, headed for Crusty Flats and he stopped off to wander through the nearby caves. While he was exploring, he came upon a humongous pile of kankaree pouches. And he woke with a start! What if it was true? He had to find out. So, he gathered all the pouches he could shove into a kankaroo pouch…much larger, and he threw it over his back and off he went…in search of the caves that held his precious pouches. Now why did Hector need all these pouches and all this silver dust? He didn’t know. He just did. Did what he thought he should do, and he thought he should gather and collect silver dust. It was his passion. He loved holding the shiny berries and ever so gently, placing them up near the grinding wheel….to see the sparks dance and wiggle in the air. When they landed, whatever they touched…was turned new. Brand new. For example, a dead leaf, laying on the ground…..would become a seed, that would immediately begin to sprout and grow. So, Hector started his journey right then, when he finished packing. No need to wait till morning, with the triple moonbeams to guide his way. Besides….what if it was true? He was way too excited to sleep.


Back at the Flats, Kindle had been gone for 2 days. Her mother Dipti, wasn’t as worried as the dad, but she was beginning to be. Something just didn’t feel right in the Flats and neither parent could put their finger on what it was….but they had their daughter to find, so they couldn’t put much thought to it. That night, Kindles mom made a wish. Kindle caught it and asked Syla to help again. Syla gave her mom sweet dreams that night, of finding her daughter happy and safe. Thanks Syla. The leaders were having discussions on what to do with the two little girls they had trapped at the caves. These weren’t killers, just greedy and they didn’t even know why they were greedy. In fact, they didn’t even know why they were making everyone dig. They just always had. Nobody really wanted to hurt the little girls, but they had to keep the secret of the secret. What was the secret? They didn’t know. All they knew was there was this powder, and they were supposed to put it in the viggy. It was in the few historical documents that remained….which only the leaders were allowed to see. They couldn’t come to an agreement so they put it off till the next meeting.


Hector had been walking for two days when he saw the place from his dream. He knew exactly where to go, because he had walked the caverns just 2 days ago in his sleep. His insides were tingling as he grew closer and closer to the room where the pouches lay. When he got there… was……Empty! What? No no no, this would never do. He slumped down against the cave wall and hung his head. He fell asleep….after all, he had traveled far. But just before his eyes closed and he nodded away into neverland….he wished. He wished for some kankaree pouches. Kindle heard the wish and jumped awake. She nudged Syla, whispering he’s here, he’s here. Syla then jumped into his thoughts and his dreams and showed him where they were and why and what she wanted him to do. But before she ended the dream, she showed Hector a pile of kankaree pouches that would fill both the cave room he was in and the one she was in. Yippee! Hector woke that next morning feeling good and rested and happy. All of a sudden…he remembered his dream….so he crawled as quiet as he could, through the caves…he had to know for sure. There they were. Kindle and Syla. Sleeping. He smiled sheepishly and backed away. He should’ve just trusted, but it was ok. He did now. He took off headed straight for Crusty Flats. As he walked, he thought. He thought and thought. He needed help. Someone to help him. So, he remembered looking at the girls and the realization that one of them was a Silverhorn…yes of course, he knew about the Silverhorns. Why wouldn’t he…..he grew up there, on Inipi Mountain! Anyway…he knew he could make a wish….so, he wished for a helper. Kindle caught the wish, and her mother did too, by the way, and she got Syla to visit a boy named Charlie. Charlie was an outcast type of kid. Very shy and rejected by most, he just existed. Not happy, not sad, just there. Charlie was different. Charlie didn’t have wings and he didn’t have a horn. He just was a thing. He didn’t know what to call himself. A thing. An ugly thing. Charlie had skills and Kindle knew it so she thought it was a good match. Syla did her magic and the dreams of Charlie went swimmingly. When Charlie woke, he went to where his gut was telling him to go. To the viggy house. Strange, but what the heck, so he went. As he walked, he got the feeling he should be kinda secretive about his presence. Keep himself rather hidden. As he approached the viggy house, hidden in the bushes, he heard a whisper. He searched it out and he found Hector. Yay. The girls plan had worked. The two went off into the woods to talk. Hector told Charlie that they were supposed to put silver berry dust into the viggy. What? Oh no no no. That will never do, said Charlie. The viggy is our food…our life! What would become of us if you mess with the viggy? Hector told him what the silver berry dust did…it changed things from bad to good….so it could do no harm. Charlie decided he believed Hector so they hatched a plan.


It had to be Charlie that went in….he was known, Hector was not…hehe, plus Hector was a goat. They thought that might arouse suspicion. Hector of course, would be the distraction. And indeed, he was. Hector pretended to be a crazy goat wandering into town. Bumbling and mumbling and nearly falling down. Charlie snuck in and while hiding and moving and hiding and moving….he came to the viggy room. The stirrer was busy stirring. He did the only thing he could think of at the moment. He grabbed a heavy ladle and he bonked that stirrer on the head. Down he went. He grabbed one of the pouches Hector had given him and with a breath and a prayer…..he poured the silver berry dust into the viggy. A big steaming hiss came about. A frothing and a writhing and a hollering and a wailing. It was very loud. He ducked into a corner to wait till the commotion died down cuz he wanted to add some more. One pouch was not enough. Oh, but maybe it was, cuz some of the Banini were on the verge….so close to remembering their roots….they just didn’t know what it was that was happening. Each day there was less and less powder put in the viggy, and each was thinking they were going crazy, and so, were keeping quiet. Ashamed. But some…. Some, felt something altogether different. They felt a wholeness about themselves. A newness. A wondering. A why am I here?. Kindle’s father was one of those. He was sorely missing his girl and he was feeling all mushy inside. He was having strange dreams and he was very confused. He was also, hearing voices. Wishes.


Meanwhile, Charlie wished he could get out of the viggy house. Kindle’s father, Geronimo, was swift to pick up the wish and off he went. When he arrived at the viggy house, he noticed the guards out front. Funny, he’d never noticed them before. He walked right up to the door and was stopped. Halt. Who goes there? Why,it is I, Geronimo, come for a tour. I realized I’ve never seen the viggy house. The digging is going slow and to tell you the truth, I’m kinda bored. The guys shrugged and laughed, cuz they understood. They had to guard food all day, how fun is that? So, they let him in….and they came in with him. What the heck. So… they approach the viggy room, they spy Charlie. Charlie, pouring something into the viggy! Oh my, that will never do, no no no. Geronimo, however…..felt something else entirely. He felt love from Charlie. He felt peace from  Charlie, and he felt it was the boy from the wish. He knew what he had to do. He did an about face and before the guards knew what was happening….they were tied up and in a closet. He turned, winked at Charlie……And the viggy was stirred.


They called Hector in and more silver dust was poured in. Enough this time. Now all they could do was wait. Wait for the people to eat and see what happened. Geronimo took both Hector and Charlie home with him and they filled Dipti, the mom, in on what they knew….which wasn’t much really. Dipti already knew that Kindle was ok, and Hector was able to confirm that. Charlie wondered how he fit into the story but he knew that the girls would fill him in someday. He was really enjoying himself today…what an adventure and he’d made new friends. He was chilling out in someones home, a family’s home. He really liked this. As he walked around their home….he came across something that stirred his heart. It was a stone. It was very very shiny. It was a yellowy shiny rock….not really a stone…but sort of. It had little dents all around. He picked it up. Oh man. Something very familiar about this rockstone. He wished he knew what it was that was calling to him from inside the rockstone, it seemed. Dipti, Geronimo and over in the caves, Kindle heard the wish too. Kindle didn’t know what the rockstone meant but she did at least find out that things were happening back at the Flats. Dipti and Geronimo, however, looked at each other and sparks flew in their eyes as they remembered. They remembered who they were. A strong people. A gifted people. A loving people. What had gone wrong? Now that they had their selves back…..they put the pieces together. They told Charlie about his heritage. Charlie’s people had been a join between the Silverhorns and the strangers. A good will pact sortof. A signing of the deal….or like a handshake between business people. But who were the strangers? As Kindles parents memories and ancestral memories came back, they became happier and happier. Well, it seemed that the strangers were from another planet. The planet Earth. And Charlie’s great great great great grandfather was a Lipizzan stallion. A mighty breed. The most respected breed on the planet of Earth. They had joined the best with the best, so Charlie, it seemed…..had much to be proud of. The yellowy rockstone had been gifts from the strangers, and that’s why Charlie had sensed something.  They all ate more “special” viggy then fell asleep exhausted from the days events and revelations. Meanwhile….all over Crusty Flats, people were waking up. Waking up to being Silverhorns and not Banini. Most were happy with the discovery but some were very very angry. By the time the family woke, voices were being raised and Silverhorns were filling the streets. Anger. There was a lot of anger. Why were we kept in the dark? Why were we put to sleep? Who did this? Yup, they wanted answers and they wanted someone to pay. They marched. Silverhorns filled the streets as they marched to the viggy house. The leaders had tried to run away, but were captured and brought to the viggy house. They had them on the front stairs of the viggy house…on full display. The leaders looked scared. The Silverhorns looked angry. This could go wonky, thought Charlie. Charlie and the rest of the family had woken and rushed outside to calm the noise. They followed the throng of marchers, sending smiles as often as they could to as many as they could. When they arrived with the others at the viggy house, they were astonished to see ropes. The slaves no more….were gathering rope. Yup, they intended to hang the leaders for their betrayal. Charlie wished there was a solution. Kindle heard it. She told Syla what was happening. The two whispered, then realized there was no need to whisper. The guards had left….run away. They were free. They decided to continue on as originally planned. They flew to the Inipi Mountains and found a silver berry bush. They picked a few, then whisked away and flew toward the Flats. They arrived just in time. They wound their way through the throng of Silverhorns and met up with Kindles family. Hugs, smiles, and tears poured out and grabbed the attention of some of those gathered. Charlie took the opportunity while some were joyfully distracted…..and he wished they would all shut up. Well, now that they all had remembrance and had their powers back….they all heard the wish. And everybody did indeed shut up. Charlie walked slowly but with purpose…..toward the stairs, where the leaders were waiting on their fate. He climbed the stairs and……….and he realized they would not all hear him….so he wished for an old horn. The wish was heard and a horn produced. He then used the horn to make his words louder for the crowd. He spoke strongly…..telling of the story of his ancestors and their coming to Iluru and the deal that had been made. The Silverhorns looked around and not only did they start to remember…..they started to feel. To feel that maybe it wasn’t the end of the world. Yes, they were all still a bit angry….but after all, it had originally been done with good intentions. They even looked upon Charlie differently. With respect. Then the girls flew over and joined him on the stairs. Syla took the horn and began to speak. “Greetings Silverhorns! As you can see, I am not a Silverhorn and in fact, I am not from anywhere near here. I hail from the Gaia River banks and I have just gone through an adventure, while trying to get you wonderful beings, your memories back. You all know Kindle. Well, she helped me to help you. Quite a few people have helped make this possible. We were taken prisoner…..amid the cries of anger, she assured them it’s ok. It’s ok. It was all meant to be to help this very moment take place. If the leaders hadn’t taken us prisoner… all would still be asleep. Or should I say sleepwalking. I’ve seen your history and I’ve seen your now. You all have a chance now to start over. Start fresh. Why, you can even go back to the Inipi Mountains if you so desire. Or…maybe some of you like it here. Now that you are awake….you are awake. Look around you. It’s not all bad. You all have families that you love and now you even have the chance to figure out what you all want to be when you grow up. Hehe, well, besides Silverhorns. Kindle and I had so much magic available to us and we never even had to use any purple sand. This was meant to be, I tell you. Look at Charlie here. You all have shunned him most of his life. Why? Because he’s different. He doesn’t have wings and he doesn’t have a unihorn. But he has your blood in his veins. Charlie could have said no when he was called to help…but he didn’t. Kindle, and her parents…..they could have said no too. Silverhorns….don’t you recognize that as Love? You do remember Love, don’t you? Have you been digging so long that you forgot about caring for your neighbor? Have you turned to darkness like the leaders did? Forgive them. Forgiveness isn’t for the forgiven anyway, it’s for the ones who are forgiving. It will set you free. Ok…, you now have a chance to get back at the leaders. What say you? Mumbles and hushed whispers….a head hanging humbly here and there. What be you? Banini or Silverhorn, yelled Syla.  Silverhorn!!! Came the roar of the crowd. About that time…..Hector peeked his head out from behind a bush and Kindle saw him. She motioned for him to approach. Hector shyly walked up the stairs. Syla then told of how Hector had been collecting silver berries and making dust for his whole life….with no idea why. He just did it because he loved doing it. Is there anyone out there who wants to be something other than a digger or a wish granter? A little girl stepped forward and said she wanted to be a traveling purple sand sprinkler. But I can’t she said…..I have a bad wing. A tear rolled down her cheek. Kindle called her forward. She then reached into her pocket and pulled out a whole silver berry. She held the shiny berry up for all to see. You see this? This is a silver berry and this has saved you all. Hector has much more dust prepared and there is much we can do with it. She then placed a whole berry into the child’s hand. With a zip and a zap…..a light swirled around the child and when it was done…..she had two perfect, absolutely perfect beautiful wings. You see, the silver berries turn anything bad, into good. What say you we forgive this bunch up here and give them each a berry? The crowd nodded yes. A single silver berry was placed into the hands of each of the leaders and their cohorts. And with a zip and a zap…..they were all turned into babes. Babies who would be relearned. Retaught how to be good and kind. Some of the moms rushed to pick up the babies and held them tight….giving them kisses and snuggles. What was bad, had been made good. Silver berries. The crowd cheered and Geronimo gave his daughter a great big hug. The two girls then turned their attention to Hector. Hector…..come with us. Her parents sent them off with hugs and the four kids went walking. Charlie couldn’t fly cuz he didn’t have wings. Kindle led the way. When they arrived at a very large building, they all exchanged glances. Where is this? What is this? As Kindle opened the door……Hector got a whiff. Kankaree pouches!!!! He rushed in and true to his dream…well, his 2nd dream, there were more kankaree pouches than he could use in a lifetime. What had moments before been joy, became sadness. All these kankaree have been killed? For their pouches? Sadness then filled the building. Hector started jumping up and down….nobody knew why…..then he started tossing silver berry dust in the air….some here, some there….silver berry dust everywhere. Zip zap zip zap….the noise was so very loud but it was fun to watch the lights swirling in the air and bounce bounce bounce….jump jump jump……kankaree babies were popping everywhere!  Oh Hector….your pouches….. said Kindle. Oh Kindle…..forget the pouches….the kankaree are no longer extinct! While everyone had been watching the kankaree babies come to life…..something was happening to Charlie. Zip zap. When the light settled… shone on a shining Silverhorn….fully winged and unihorned….but wait! That’s not all……He had changed colors. He was now every color! Every color of every crystal here on Iluru was on his body. His wings…looked like jewelry themselves. He was the most majestic Silverhorn ever! When he saw himself, Charlie was so proud. So full of love. Especially for his new family…yes, family. He turned to the little group and said….don’t worry……if you all want to be crystal colored too….all you gotta do is make a wish cuz I can grant them now! Laughter erupted and the kids flew back to the viggy house with thousands of baby kankaree hopping after them.  When the crowd saw them…..a cheer so loud went up that it caused the suns to blink. For a moment, it was dark……then Syla lit up and led the way for Charlie. The new magnificent Charlie. Charlie flew past the onlookers whose mouths had dropped in awe. Then a murmer….then it grew louder and louder till it was recognized as a chant. Charlie Charlie Charlie. Then he heard the word…leader. He immediately grabbed the horn he’d used earlier and shouted…..No. No. No. That will never do. We don’t need leaders, don’tcha see? I trust you, you trust me…..let’s just all be family. Now…..who wants to go check out Inipi Mountain? Zip zap! And in the blink of an eye, all of the Silverhorns were magically beamed back to their homelands, along with the baby kankaree, and what was bad, was now good. The end…..for now.


12 thoughts on “jeesh……..

  1. Have you heard of NaNoWriMo? The main one is a novel writing in November (the goal is 50,000 words in 30 days), but they also do a script writing frenzy (in April, I think). It’s a very supportive writing community, and a fun exercise as a writer.

  2. Very sweet story, I love the ending, great lesson. So the critique, “crochety old geezers” a phrase kids won’t understand, the introduction of Charlie is a bit confusing. “This could go wonky” not a clear term, confusing? There are a few times when you as the narrator says something that is like a side note and is distracting. I think you did a wonderful job and take a few days and go back, take the story outside and read it to Georgia. You will see where just slight changes can be made and the story will flow better. But it is a very good story with a great lesson, can’t wait for the next one

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