Immersed in imagination…….

Haha…it’s midnight and I just now remembered to blog. I am having so much fun with this new book. It’s driving me nuts…I want to share it as I go but I know I can’t….or shouldn’t maybe? Lol. This is all so danged new. So fun. So different. So……what I’ve wanted and wished for forever. It’s like I have finally accepted the gift I was given. I always thought I got skipped in the gift department. It hurt. Most of my life I felt that way. I wrote poetry that nobody read and essays and writings as well. Books, that I knew nobody would want to read….it was awful. If only I were an artist. If only God had given me an artistic gift. This has haunted me all the way up till now. I wonder if this is what caused the sadness of late that was not my own, but was. But see…I’m still wondering. So, my daughter has been so sweet to offer to purchase the reading I’ve craved. You know…the psychic type reading. Yes…I want to know what this sadness is. I want to know where it stems…where it’s roots lay. I’m tired of guessing, this or that. I haven’t really felt it the last few days, while I’ve been writing these books…maybe that’s it. Or maybe it’s more. We shall see.

OK….so back to the book cuz it’s on my brain like 247. It’s taken a twist, or maybe you saw it coming, because I felt it creepin up. Oh what fun. I have added another character, Hector, the long curly haired goat with a unihorn. I am about to add a Charlie as well. That name was begged for by my son Jesse, due to a Utube video he likes. Funny thing is…it’s absolutely perfect, the name Charlie. I can see it in the distance. As the story develops, I am able to see ahead a wee tiny tad. When you write this fast without a storyline…it’s difficult to remember all the things you’ve incorporated…all the nuances that have to jive. Like say…there are three moons. And 2 tiny suns. But I’m doin it. I may not be able to tell you what you just said, or what I just said….but this…..I can do. It’s like being uncorked. When you already thought you were. Astounded. Stunned. Used to woulda said dis-belief but I refuse…..i believe. Yes, little i. i believe. Jesse was down here the other night and I was talkin about bein happy and he said…but you’re not happy. You’re not. It was late and I’d had a few beers and said…you’re right and I never have been, not truly. It stunned one of the me’s to hear it said out loud. I think it was that night that I started writing Billy….if not, the next.

Did I tell you I’m thinkin a Billy series would be cool? Different topics. And yes, I’m still gonna do my fiber. I’m ambidextrous, lol and yes most people would not use that word here. I’m unique. My daughter said my writing skills are improving here on the blog because of it too. Lol, who knows. Maybe so. Ahhhh, guess it’s about that time…..night night my friends….until tomorrow….12:51am = 9 endings.

And a beautiful breezy Memorial Day it is. As I walked outta the house after my morning tea, I see a farmer and his big tank in our yard. It got to bugging me so I went up to ask. What’s goin on? He’s just getting some water. Oh thank God hubby didn’t hire someone to spray chemicals. Ya, but they’re sprayin next door. That sucks, cuz as I said….it’s a breezy day. I can smell it. Yuk. Well, the girls did not sleep in their pens last night. I went to sleep alone and woke up alone….love ya Bluedog. Yes, he’s always here. I swear, I don’t know how to get out of this Rv. I told hubby that and he asked why. I said his Tv and Jesse’s Tv, where did I fit? He says….you get to watch it all day long. I said, ah ha….pay attention much? I haven’t watched tv during the day in 2 weeks. Last night I thought about writing on the new story up there since I had the laptop there…..but with the sound of his tv show……nope. Came on back down here. Soon it will be 100 degrees. I will melt for sure so will have to move back. And there’s no goats behind me now. Can’t blame them….I’d sleep under a tree if I had a choice between a dirt pen and a tree in a pasture.

Like I said…today is just like a Sunday for us. Not much of anything happens…kinda a lazy day. I wrote some in the Iluru book…..up to 4,006 words now, hung out with hubby some, then went to hang with the girls at 3. Sat under the napping tree, which was their nighttime bed last night…a different tree for morning. Nobody got up at all as I approached so I got all the sleeping with mommy photos I wanted. I was sending hubby to the convenience store down the road and next thing I know, he’s coming in the L, with Little Boy. I took advantage, lol and asked him to pull a branch down so I could video it. Jesse and I have plans for occasional videos, so I’ve been collecting little scenes. Then he started catching babies and holding them up and letting them eat… cute. I pulled a branch down too and it was hilarious. He left, I stayed behind with Little Boy and sat some more. Then I did the call and unlike usual…….they raced ahead of me to the pens…instead of running next to me. I was staring at baby Petunia when I did the call…wanted to see if she recognized it…yupperies…..she got it. And of course, I got the photo. Now….I’m finishing the blog in the cool of the house. Think I may have gotten some good photos today. Haven’t looked yet. Kinda excited cuz we’re having stuffed crab for dinner….store bought and ready but yum. Oh ya….the store sugar cookies were horrid…so I’m back to no munchies for midnight. And on that note……it’s time to say…..see ya tomorrow….be well and happy….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. /p>

















2 thoughts on “Immersed in imagination…….

  1. So cool that your husband will come and treat the goats so sweetly. My husband looks out the window and tells me one has it’s head stuck in the fence, when I get back from feeding the horse. Poor goatie, to have to scream and scream not knowing if someone saw you and if help is coming.
    The pictures are great, love the resting ones and the wind blown one is my favorite today.

    • Haha heck if I know who the wind blown one is!! I’d have to go search lol it’s late. Yes. He helps if he sees a problem so I guess that’s better. He seems to have some interest in them but only in his terms….lol love you. Bigggg hugggggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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