Turquoise water….and a sneak peak

I’m watching Zeus and Roxanne, a dolphin movie. The turquoise water is in nearly every scene. I adore turquoise water. Pretty sure I’ve told you but I used to think it was fake…the magazine photos showing turquoise water. There was no internet back then. I had seen my share of oceans and none of em looked even remotely like the ones in the photos. My 1st hubby’s parents church took a collection to prove me wrong and sent us to the island they had some business on. Bonaire. The water is indeed turquoise. And I’ve seen more since then. In all truth, it depends on the light. Don’t most things? Yup…..depending on the amount of sunlight…the ocean water changes colors. Who knows why the American coasts waters are so yukky, cuz surely they get sun too! Unless it’s from ships churning up the yuk. Anyways…if you ever get to go to an island with turquoise water…you’ll need to snorkel at the very least. It’s not hard…even I could do it. But make sure to spit in your mask or it’ll fog up and you will panic. Go figure. Also, the flippers really help you move along in the water.

And if you want to dive down deep from a tread water position…..all I remember is you have to bend your body in half. Try to put your head against your toes and somehow you push down. It’s magic. I was able to get way down…even far enough that day to reach the seahorses. I’d say…..15 or more feet. They were in weighted barrels, designed to hook a buoy to to protect the reef. Imagine a burn barrel, or a metal barrel….with a circle cut through the center. Inside this circle was coral. Attached to the coral, were black seahorses 6-12 inches head to tail. Body between one and four inches thick. Didn’t you always picture them tiny? Like the ones they sell at the dime store? I had some. My dried ones were one inch period. So I really thought these were fake. Staged to get tourists. But as we reached our hands towards them….they swayed back. Over and over. But they didn’t uncurl their tails from the coral. Just kept swaying back. We swam up and said we’d seen them and they wanted to see too but were too old to dive that far. So, we uncurled their tails and curled them around our pointer fingers and up we swam, to show the old folk. Can you imagine the glory of that? First of all, to see it personally….but to be able to share it with 25 others who would never have had the chance. Ya….awesome. We swam them back down and put them back exactly where we’d found them…no harm. They seemed very pleasant and non-threatening. It’s one of my favorite experiences on planet earth, which is why I’m talking about it again.

That vacation had so many aspects. The green flash, hubby1 swimming with wild dolphins, looking for sharks, night snorkeling…yikes and wowza, seahorses, confronted by large fish, swimming alongside barracudas after panicking and then hubby1 getting mad. We also saw a flock of migrating flamingos on the salt flats, saw the divi divi trees whose branches go up the in one direction due to wind, I made that awesome necklace out of black coral that my mom threw away in a tissue when I gave it to her…on accident. Funny thing is…we went looking for seahorses one day….and found starfish instead. Then we just go snorkeling and see seahorses. Lol. We rode the turbulent joining of currents, swirling in the water till you PoP up on the other side of it. Awesome and scary. Sucked my belly in while floating over a hedge of FIRE coral…..and saw peace…..on the other side. A tiny garden inside a ring of fire coral. Yes, it was a most memorable trip and I’m still leaving things out. Ahhh, I enjoyed going there tonight with you. Course, I missed most of the movie then once I started typing but what the hay, that’s me. And I gotta do it. Night night folkies. Later. 11:43am44. Hmmm. = 9 ending, and 1 beginning. Cool. OOOPS…..The moon pulled me in. I started by asking Jesus…you still there…and I saw animals and faces form. Then I prayed for the waters, the earth, the lost to be found, the taken to be released, the hungry to be fed the thirsty to drink. The clouds over the moon became mostly goats, sometimes it looked more like a lion. Human faces. A male face of utmost intensity. Our thoughts were joined. Or mine to his. The clouds at one point were like rays of light, beaming into the heavens. But mostly I saw goats. 1:44am. Whipperwills and owls.

Last night I was chatting with a friend who has deer energy. I said night deer, she said, night owl. Lol and owl did a hoot. That’s what I meant by whipperwills and owls…they were singin. Yesterday in the grocery store, lady stops me and asks….are you an artist? You look like an artist. Lol. Yup, guess I am and I do. Just finished my walk with the girls. They ran to meet me at the L gate, but I just hung out so they continued grazing. So many goats that used to not give me the time of day….are now chillin with me and letting me touch them, getting closer and closer. And some babies that I used to couldn’t touch…..ha…….I win. A few of the boys want to push their heads into me, as if I’m a goat. Figured out a simple trick. It’s my cat trick. I blow in their faces as I say NO, and yippee, they back off fast! The true test will be Khalifa….but he seems to be remembering the last put down and approaches me, puts his head down like he will, then just walks off. Cutie pie. This isn’t an average Sunday here cuz tomorrow is in essence, another Sunday. No work for hubby tomorrow. Just had a long chat with Summer on the phone and read her the newest story….the planet one, and she loved it. Jesse said kids would love it but unicorns and fairies were not for adults. Lol, we disagree. Cathy liked it too. I mean, there’s only 1000 words so far, but it’s a definite story. Maybe I should share those thousand words….since you’ve all been so patient while waiting for the Billy story. At the end of the photos….I will put the thousand words. Know that they are bound to change and be added to…..but it’ll give you a peek into what I’m doing. In fact…..I’m nearly another thousand words in. What fun!!! My brain jumps and says ooooh, and then ooooh I can…..lol. So……signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















Untitled as of yet

Once upon a time, on planet Iluru, Syla was the middle child of a family of tinklehoppers. Tinklehoppers were tiny beings with wings and a light, similar to a firefly, but more the size of a squirrel. Another way to picture them, is fairies with a light built in. They lived at the tropical end of the Gaia River. Their village was in a circle stand of magical Tika trees….as old as old could be. The trees gave their thoughts Lift. Power. A boost to the stars. Nearby, down in the crusty flats, lived the Banini’s, who spent their days digging. Digging for morons. Morons were the shiniest sparkling gems that Iluru possessed. They liked the finer things in life, and digging was a high priority there. It was a family thing. If your daddy was a digger, you were a digger. Male, or female. So, within the Banini bunch, was a young child named Kindle. Kindle was different. Kindle was small. Not only small, for a banini, but she had a bad hoof. Hoof? Yes, didn’t I tell you that she was a unicorn? Unicorns have magic of their own you know, but different than the tinklehoppers. Unicorns power lie in making wishes for others….not for themselves, so they rely on other unicorns to make wishes for them. You wouldn’t think they would need gems, right? Sadly, the leaders of the banini wanted more. They always wanted more. And they were crochety old geezers to boot. Day after day, they got the banini to dig. Dig with their hooves for hours, like most of the day kinda hours. When you’re a magical being, this type of lifestyle is hard, so very hard. Nobody minded anymore cuz they had never known a time when they didn’t dig. Their ancestors did, but those stories were long since untold. So, as you can guess, Kindle was not a good digger. No no no, not at all. This made Kindle sad. Back at the Gaia River, Syla, who was an empath and could hear sadness…..heard the cries of Kindle, from a very great distance. Syla was very gifted. She was so gifted, that she knew who was crying. Ahhh, a Banini! So….she made a wish. She made a wish that a Banini would come to visit her and be her friend. Kindle heard it and told her dad she had to go create a wish. Her dad however, was hearing nothing of it. No ma’am. You will be digging today, as usual. But dad, I really think this is why we’re here….to create wishes for others, not for digging! Nope. No go. Hmmmm. Kindle had to get there, she just had to. How hard could this be? I know, she thought. So she strained her ears listening for other wishes. She sorted through them until she found the one she wanted. They needed a viggy stirrer in a hurry. Viggy is the main food of the banini, and it had to be stirred on a continual basis. She asked her mom if she could go stir Viggy. Sure honey, her mom said and off she flew to the farthest part of town. And she did indeed stir the viggy, but for only an hour or so, then quick as a wink, she was gone. Gone to the Gaia River to meet her new friend Syla. Syla heard the flapping of wings outside her upside down dome shaped nest. She ran to the window and yes……YES! There was the sad girl she had heard cry, hovering just above the purple sand……sending shades of violet flying and shimmering as it landed again. The two locked eyes and it was if they’d known each other forever. What came next is what happens whenever two little girls come together in secret on any planet. Giggles and laughter and smiles and tears and twirling. Everybody twirls, don’t they? Stories were swapped, tales of woe exchanged, and with a contented smile upon their faces, they slept.

Meanwhile, back at the Flats, Kindles parents were starting to wonder where she was. Her dad thought about her request and her desire to be a true SilverHorn….and he dismissed it. The Banini hadn’t been known as the Silverhorns since Iluru first spun. And she wouldn’t dare disobey him. He was as certain of this as he was about the triple moon rising each day. A given. Done deal. Unshakeable… His lineage went way back to the ancient ones who had done many great and powerful deeds. Nobody really talked about the way it used to be before the digging. In ancient days. Ha, not really all that ancient. The children were being born century after century. And their gifts were squished and squashed and stomped upon. Century after century until there seemed no point in remembering the old ways. Why bother? Nobody cared anymore. They only thought of viggy. Viggy on their minds. Guess what? There was stuff in the viggy. Chemicals, not in the recipe. Kindle knew this but didn’t know that she knew this. But THEY knew this. Her little diversion today had cost her and she had no idea. She was sleeping peacefully with a curled up smile on her face, while the powers that be at Crusty Flats were scheming how to keep her quiet. Unbeknownst to them, she had run off. So….the elders schemed, the father paced and the girls slept soundly. And the mother? The mother slept peacefully as well, because she had heard the wish herself. Syla woke with the beams of the suns, which were tiny, by the way…and sat with her mind for awhile to figure out what to do. She understood the problem, which meant she had to figure out a way to change the minds of the Silverhorns. Ahhh, a REMEMBER campaign! She woke Kindle up and they gabbed for hours on how to proceed. They had two different gifts they could juggle. Since Syla’s thoughts rose and came true, and Kindle could grant wishes……hmmmmm. But wait. There’s also the purple sand….created from crystals long ago. The sand itself was magical, which in essence, was like fairy dust. Yup, these two girls were a triple threat. Smart too. Which was good, cuz this would take some thinking.


8 thoughts on “Turquoise water….and a sneak peak

  1. This is wonderful!!!! I’m getting so many images of sketches in my head! But I’m getting ahead of myself! Need to work on little Billy’s story (which is just as wonderful!)

  2. Smile, laugh and eat, then be joyful again. The owl does hoot to let you know the mice are out, watch the cats if the owls are around, some owls are really really big and will get a small cat without a problem. Glad goats are bigger then cats, it would be horrid to see an owl fly off with one of the babies.
    I like it, but how do you pronounce the name of the planet? simple is better for kids.

    • It’s ok about the name. Had a situation come up where I needed them to pronounce. So will just do so again at the beginning for ill loo roo. Iluru. I never watched for owls gettin the babies. Hadn’t thought of that. Just hawks. Thanks hon that you liked it!!! And yes. Eat. Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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