…….and No cookies

I’m watching Ice Age 3 and as I saw some non earth creatures, it occurred to me that I still haven’t truly….well, some with the Wiggles, but I haven’t truly gone 100% fiction…like another planet….where you get to make up ALL the rules, all the characters completely, and pretty much, the only thing that would be earthlike…is the plot. Plots are plots. A teach something plot, a funny plot, a you can do it plot, etc. That would require a complete opening of the imagination door. Not sure it’s something I can do, but it sounds worth a go. It’s late and I’m craving a goodie. The longjohn thing wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I’m thinkin I should say…..custard filled doughnut with powdered sugar…..and get them from my favorite doughnut shop instead of the grocery store. Problem always is in remembering to order, then, being able to pick up before 1pm. I’m rarely in town at that hour. I got it….order Fridays and have hubby pick up Saturday mornings. Yes….I do love my late night snacks. Nothing available is why I’m rambling on. And yes, there is always the option of hoofin it up to the house and making cookies or something. It’s rather late tho. Yup, guess I’ve gone and gotten old. Friday night at 11pm and it’s too late to bake cookies. Jeesh.

Ok, so I’m doing it. Lol, that was fast, right? Well, I’m doing it, yes, but it turns out my brain isn’t all that free yet. Yes, it’s on another planet, and there’s magic available, but it’s mostly like earth except for the purple sand so far. Hahaha. Well, it’s 2am and I’m 1,000 words in. I think I might have a knack for this. Not sure. But I think. It doesn’t matter that my brain didn’t find a way to make it completely foreign…cuz if it was completely foreign, no one would understand. The Star Trek writers were brilliant. I see this now. I’m all hyper energy now. Did some reiki healin and here’s a funny one…..goatie friend is waitin on babies. She’s wondering if her girl Fern is going to have the baby tonight and she comes right out and asks me what do I think? Right after I’ve just connected and done reiki…..I’m staring at the photo of the goat, enlarged for better view and I get this huge urge to push. So I told her. Then I felt really silly. I doubted. That kinda nullifies things, ye know? Whatever….good luck Fern! Lol. But still…..I need to talk about this. The push urge was ginormous folks. Sudden and unexpected. If she does have the baby tonight this means that my gifts have been upgraded. If she doesn’t have the baby tonight it means that……I WANT to have been upgraded. Ok….just added 50 more words to the newest story. The goats are very quiet, the rains have stopped for the moment but more are expected, and Blue has been carried into the Rv for the 3rd or 4th night now. Sadness that. Love my Blue. Night night sweet wonderful blog readers! Bless you and your lives. Amen. 2:42am = 8 = infinity, which I believe is fairly holy itself.

Just got done with Saturday chores and sat down in the Rv. It is SO humid. How humid is it? So humid that my glasses are fogging. The girls are not stuck in pens and have choices now. Choices that are good for the goat I suppose but bad for a fiber producer. They are staying in the rain. Some are disasters. Like beautiful Khalifa. Just a matt. I was so so looking forward to his fleece cuz it was so different. So soft. Let’s just say this has been the worst fiber harvest ever. Not acceptable. Gonna have to get a shearer in September…..bottom line. I sent the lady the Billy story and she thought it was great and was excited to start drawing. Not much left to do with that one, except figure out where the chapters are. Right now it’s one extremely long paragraph. Don’t worry….it’s easy….do it here all the time. Jesse’s all proud of me for starting another. He says….I knew you were a storyteller! That felt good. Oh ya….7am, Milly goes greenie walkin. Babies were still in the pen. She hollers, they holler back…no. She says yes…no, yes, no…for about 10 minutes, then they finally decided they better do as she said. And luckily, I was able to get back to sleep. They repeated this around 10, when I was just waking up. I’m thinkin it’s time to move back to the house….but ahhh, the problems that will create. The headaches and arguments. And I have the story writing flow here….not there. But jeesh…getting so hot….and so loud at times. I just don’t know. I got sugar cookies from the bakery today so at least I’ll have a cookie tonight! Yay! Signing off a few words early…from YeeHaw Ranch.














2 thoughts on “…….and No cookies

  1. Funny funny funny, I like to bake cookies and brownies late at night, Roman gets so mad at me.
    His fleece isn’t ruined, it will come clean. You have to think positive, they get dirty and they get clean, like horses who roll around in the mud, they don’t stay muddy do they?
    judy was talking about going to a shear every four month schedule. I used to do that sometimes. It saved a lot of fleeces that would get ruined when they got too long. Funny how some goats can grow such long long locks and others start matting really early.
    Oh and one of my kids is a sheep goat. Do you want a white sheep goat? His fleece is the strangest thing I have every felt.

    • lol….a sheep goat! How funny. I dunno…whats it look like? Ok…I’ll be positive about the fleeces. Ha…mad, why? I probably would if I was in the house. Need somethiing now! Huggs

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