ANYTHING…..can happen

Of all the scenarios that could have happened when I left the gates open to both girls pens today…..I didn’t expect this one. I should have, after all, they are HERD animals. But I didn’t. They are all in one pen. There are only 3 or so in the empty pen. That’s way too many goats. Ha….and even though it’s not a funny situation…..every two yr old who can… standing up on a log. No babies playing cuz the aunties have claimed them. Maybe if I give it time, they’ll sort it out. Pray no one is hurt in the meantime. I try my best folks….but there’s always ways to get hurt. Ok….book on my mind again. I should probably read back to see what I’ve said but I’m lazy. I was reading it aloud to Cathy, who likes it that way…and I stopped partway in and said… do realize that this was written sentence by sentence don’t you? Well, most books are I would guess but those usually have a topic or an outline or something. At the end of each sentence, I had to figure out what happened next. In a sense….it was like living a suspense movie or book…..cuz I had no clue what would happen next. Just like the reader. Just like in life. No clue. ANYTHING can happen. Wow. Wow, what a concept to pour over oneself. Oh good Lord… brain is racing with this. Lightning. Fireflies. Just words, erupting from my mind….it is raining neither of those right now. I see now the clarity of visualization. I see it, oh my do I see it. Folks….try to write a story and you may get what I mean. It’s important that you do. The power in what I am realeyesing is nothing other than powerful. Yes, the power is powerful. I can see it.

It may sound like I’m a rambling idiot right now but I’ve just had an Ah ha moment. A lightbulb….that’s what I meant just now when I said fireflies. If we can visualize to the nth degree….like a fiction writer has to……..Yippiekyaaaa and a custard puff…..with fireflies and candy glitter on top. Oh…the fireflies are not to get eaten….they are to light the bites. Hehe, can ya tell I been writing? I can. My words are more plentiful and in reach and they are put together with more skill. Like this here ranch……..we have many animals….but I’m in it for the goats. With my artistic blessings…..I have many directions and joys, but the writing….is my goat. Get it? And with coming up with a story minute by minute….I have expanded my writer brain. Ha….and now my Sheri brain too! Oh yes…speaking of my writer brain. It has been awarded a choice of like 5-6 awards! LOL….the lady is busy so she just said 4 bloggers she really likes and said for us to choose from the ones she’d been awarded lately. Jeesh. That’s a lot of awards. Anyways…..that makes me feel good. Thank you Bernice. Bernice writes a cooking blog in a fun way that’s not boring, like some can be. Let’s just say….she’s the only food blog I read. In fact, I even read her blog when the recipe isn’t something I would like. Pretty cool, eh? I don’t know which award to choose. Lol. Ok….I choose the 7×7 Link Award. With that…I tell 7 things about myself and choose one of my blogs to link to that is what I would consider either my most…..beautiful, helpful, popular, controversial, surprisingly successful, or my most pride worthy piece. Well, I chooses most pride worthy….but it’s not one of my blog entries. It’s THE WIGGLES OF CRYSTAL CAVE…THE FAIRY TALE THAT COULD…..found at the top of every page….but here is the link anyway…..Ok…so 7 things…..I have one bent toe, I recently…within 2 years, switched from margarine to butter, I was just gifted with a wedding favor….it’s moonshine. I won’t drink it. I have pretty hands, one of my favorite movies is…..Amazing Grace and Chuck, I keep scissors near me at all times…well, nearly, and….. I am now a photographer. Ha…you might’ve known that….but I didn’t. Someone told me tonight I had an eye with the camera. Bless you dear soul. Ok….so……now I gotta nominate. That’s difficult for me at this time, here in the Rv…so I will just do 2. Mari. Of course. Mari takes care of her dad and writes fascinating poetry about it. Deep to the bone poetry. And….Strawberry Indigo whose blogs remind me a bit of my writing. I just like her topics and how she puts words together. There we have it. Award accepted and completed. I feeeeel good, I told ya I would now. So good, so good. Na na na na na na nah. Yeah. Yup….I been writing a childrens book. It shows. Gosh, I can’t wait to show it to you. I won’t hang on to it. I will post it here AND I will get it printed one day too. It’ll be alright. Ok….bedtime for bonzo. Tomorrow I’ll tell ya what happened with the girls. Night night sweets…12:39am = 6 = earth. Hello earth! Keep on a rollin please.

My curiosity was bursting out of its seams this morning when I woke. I lifted my curtain and what did I see? I saw goats everywhere. One pile under the napping tree and the rest were scattered in tiny little piles. All laying down. Some were in clusters and some were mom baby couples far from anybody. Curious. AND, it’s as if they are waiting for me to let them in the yard. It took me forever to try to get them to find the yard that initial day, till I got the peanuts…now they surely know about it. In fact, some are laying there….at the gate. And shearing WILL take place here today…..dangit! It better! Ok….off I go to see if they come mow for me today. Jeesh…nope….I opened the gate and they started to come….but the pups ran in and they froze. Had to use peanuts. In the end….the garden got torn to shreds and we spent all our time keeping them off the trees. Put them back in the L early and went to shear. Was exhausted before I even started. Then there was an argument about oiling the blades, of all things…..and my son stormed off. In his moment of anger….the dryer door got broken. Great….I get to tell hubby. But on a positive note……I had an offer to illustrate the book! Hey…maybe she can do the Wiggles too. Depends if I can afford her to be honest. Well, doesn’t look too expensive….$35 per illustration. Lordie…it’s fixin to storm and the humidity is …..well, let’s just say I’m melting………Better sign off from YeeHaw Ranch now…thunder and lightning!!! Ooooh yes, welcome cool weather came with the rain. Ps….someone got sheared. Moonee! What a sweet boy. Later y’all.
















6 thoughts on “ANYTHING…..can happen

  1. OMG your goats get cuter every time you take their pictures. So excited about your book. I think it is good all the girls are together. Perhaps you can change them all around and have a black pen, a red pen and a pattern pen now!!!
    Hugs and lOve, I am off to shear

    • Lol. Only you would say that!!! And yup they are getting cuter. Petunia was beautiful pattern but the white face made her look funny. She’s finally growing into that white face and I know will be a stunner. Heaven too. Wait till you see tonight’s Heaven photos! Good luck with the shear! Yup exciting about the books! Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Got the two big boys, Luther and James done. They were very buggy so the fleeces are trash. I hate that I haven’t gotten them all done yet. Three more to go. How many illustrations are you needing and what style are you wanting them in? I am surprised you can’t get Jesse to come up with something through computer graphics. you could morph different things together?
    Just thinking.
    Oh, and what I am the only one who would separate on color? How about genetic group?

    • Lol!!!!! Got me laughing again!!! Shoot. I’m lucky I separate boys from girls!!! Shame about the fleeces. Bad year. Um just a few but I’ve found an illustrator! He wants to design the covers for the Billy series but with her drawing. Hehe she doesn’t know yet. And I still have many to shear. Not 3!!!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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