Fireflies fireflies!

Fireflies fireflies! Oh my gosh, I’m just like a little kid. I started jumping up and down and talking to them and thanking them for coming and telling them how beautiful they are…..all of 3 minutes, then they were gone. First fireflies here in years….Years. My day, week, month has been made. Made complete. Ahhh, thank you for such a precious gift. No joshin…..every single time one lights up….I giggle. Ahhhh, the best gift! I’ve spoken of this once before…..I just adore them and I wrote a poem once, suggesting that my good memories were like fireflies and I wondered if they were all gone. Well, the fireflies didn’t come back after that. One winter, in a short depression, I asked out loud if all my fireflies were gone…ie, good times, good memories. Something caught my eye and I looked at my window and a green light was flashing. A firefly in Winter????? Yup, on my window. He flashed a few more times, then poof. Gone. Never saw another one here until tonight. I did, however, see thousands at the Arkansas Rainbow Gathering a few years back. Literally thousands…the air was thick with them and the paths were bright. Specialness on an infinite scale. I am well and truly blessed this day.

Ye know….I’m not sure what it is about my fictional writing skills. For some reason, I write things that are dual. For adults and children. That’s probably not the way to sell a book. I just can’t help myself. It’s the way I write. Little puns here and there for the adults and a cute story for the kids. I would love to make some money from my writing art. I was thinking Ebook. The low self esteem part of me says NO…..just stick it up on wordpress and be done with it. The newer part of me says…but this is your art. Your God gifted art. Surely you can be compensated in some way. Cookies……pot…….doughnuts….money…..half gates…..Dumor goat feed Pellets…..lollollol. Lollipops! No. I don’t really want lollipops, although….that’s what I call my yarn wrapped on sticks….lollipops. You see, I have a non worth issue. I get beyond it most of the time…but it lingers and hovers in the background. I rise above it when I can. Do you? I wish I didn’t…for Gods sakes. I wish I could just be bold and go right out there and say here…’s a good book…publish it. Something in me, won’t let me. Don’t get me wrong….there’s also a part of me that loves my writing….loves my art, well some…I’ll be the first to tell ya which ones I like…..and which ones are not good enough. Just like my goats. I can’t seem to put them for sale…..they all have plus’s and minus’s. None are perfect, therefore I think no one but me would want them. It’s a ridiculous cycle that taunts me……

So…..what’s up with bugs wanting to crawl in cigarette ashes? What are they getting? I’m confused. And speaking of confused….one of my FB friends just posted about trying to find a cure for cancer. What? How can you be getting my posts and not know that it already exists but it’s illegal? Huh????? This really confuses me. Not only the cannabis…but the soursop and parsley I think….goodness, today I read about a chinese herb that worked. Run for the cure? Run for the truth and you just might find it. No offense intended. I think I’m getting frustrated. Is nobody paying any attention? Are the entire 7 billion people on this planet in denial? Denile….yes, I know….a river in Egypt. Ya, well, just remember what has happened to Egypt? Night night folks. Ever changing, my world is….stay tuned. 1:15am = 7 = holy.

Well, repeat yesterday and you’ve got my day just about. Cathy and I planned to shear early without waiting for Jesse, but he never got the plants protected in the garden yesterday so we had to keep moving them away from the many garden entrances. Needless to say….no shearing got done. It is, however… to follow them. See their escapades. I let both pens out as planned and they are now one big herd. Fed them early cuz tired of stressing, and left both gates open. For those who are confused…..they still have the L, but I am letting them come into the actual yard, my yard, till 3pm, to mow for me. But right now they are all hanging out under the nap tree in the L cuz I closed the yard gate when I fed. While she was here, I read the story to Cathy and we both giggled through it. She suggests getting it printed and take it to local stores. Costs a lot to do that!!! I looked it up! It is a good idea though…local artist kinda thing. Need to find an illustrator too. Afraid that’s not in my skillset. Hmmm. While pondering that….I might need to add more to the book. At least give a good description of some of the characters… they can be pictured in the mind if I can’t find an illustrator. For instance…one character, Big Mama……there is no description at all……Big Mama, is really me……and I’m a tiny thing. Probably around 110 pounds and very small hands. Ya…gotta fix that. (Fixed already) Ya….and the main character….I didn’t say enough about what he looked like either. Yup…….this book is not quite done. Thank you blog people….you helped make the book better and you didn’t even know it. If I wasn’t blogging to you….I may not have realeyes’d it. And ya…it’s hard on the reader to read that word misspelled…so I just do it now and then.

Well, nope….guess today wasn’t just like yesterday. Went to sit under the nap tree with the girls, and the pups….the 2 older pups who were in the L, were laying down under the tree with the girls. Before yesterday…they ran from the pups. Good for both the pups and the goats to hang around each other. So, aside from the argument I just had…’s a banner day I suppose. Integrating the pups with the goats has been a goal of mine. Guess that about does it for today. Great chattin with ya. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.



















4 thoughts on “Fireflies fireflies!

  1. Sometimes the simplest things in life are what pleases me most… fireflies on a summer’s eve with the scent of honeysuckle on the breeze. Glad yours have returned to you 🙂 Looking forward to reading this story of yours too! Night……

    • Yes it is amazing what delights us. Usually things you can’t buy. Ahhh Thankyou hon. I’m so glad there’s interest. I’ve thought about it for so long. Wasn’t as hard as I thought! Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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