Tryin somethin NEW!!!…….

Goodness…I’ve been sucked into writing a book. A childrens book. I’m at 2,237 word count right now. I was just writing on it now, and stepped over here for a second to talk to you. The storms bypassed us. I was hesitating writing on the story cuz of a storm…didn’t want to lose it if I lost electricity. But the desire was too great and I opened it up anyway. I read the last few lines to familiarize myself with what was happening….and away I went again. Quite fascinating. Not much like when I wrote the Wiggles. That just poured into my mind and I typed. This one here…I get to create as I go. Never thought of myself as a storyteller, although I do have the native storyteller charm on my pouch. I have it cuz I was telling My story….not A story. I rarely do any type of fiction writing. It’s interesting. I have to remember aspects, nuances of the characters from way back and carry them through. My memory is not the best, but it always seems to come through for me when I need it. When I deal with 1-200 photos a day….and look at them several times, crop them several times….have glitches on WordPress, have to repost, etc…..somehow my memory knows which photo I have and have not…placed into a blog…even days back actually. Funny how I can remember the important stuff like that. Yes indeedy. Jesse and I were just talking. He said….what was I sayin before we looked at the tv? I dunno. He says…it was only a few seconds ago. I dunno. Wow. I was just visited by mosquito. He was beautiful. He landed on my Iphone at an opportune thought moment and I was like…goodness, you sayin…..? So…let’s look it up. Using water to Transform…there’s that word again. Drawing energy inside oneself and controlling energy flow in one direction. (Tv says energy.) Yup…mosquito represents energy…how odd…never would have thought. Mosquitos suck blood. Hmmm. Anyways…hmmm. Blood is red. Red is the primal, root chakra. Roots carry energy. Ok…makes sense now.

I’m watching Dear God. Talk about energy! Something I’ve always wanted to do. See…on the movie…it’s people praying. What I always wanted to do was have a place…I guess nowadays it might look like Ebay…but the difference is…it’s all trade and gift. The I HAVE…I NEED site. Where you list what you have and what you need. Could get complicated figuring….nah, just like Ebay. Yes….my mind it does a go……..and the mosquito is now crawling on the keyboard and showing himself off on the screen. He seems to be having a good time, sharing my laptop with me. Took a photo and he left. See? Life is good. And then Spider came. I took his photo and he stayed. He’s chillin on the sideways advil bottle cap, 2 inches from my beer. Regardless how much activity, he/she seems content to stay. Spider weaving web…weaving stories. Storyteller. Okie dokie. Time for this storyteller to get back to the story. Night night sweet sweet sweetish ones. 12:56am = 5 = change. Gee, ya think? Transforming? Ha!!!! Gosh I am so filled with a feeling of…..pride. Of Doing it. Of succeeding. Gosh, I think, hope y’all will like it. It’s a childrens story that doubles with adults. I mean, adults can enjoy it too! Just had to step back in and share that real quick. Night.

Good morning…I’ve had my tea and am watching tornado coverage for a moment before I turn the Tv off and go goat walkin. Today will be different. Today I open the L gate and leave it open…into the yard….and hope they discover the plethora of greenies that are so high the snakes are rampant. Can’t see what junk might be under it to mow, sooooooo. If they come in, I will have goaties at my door. I’ll wish myself good luck cuz I’ll be done by the time you read this. And in the end, it required peanuts. Good ole peanuts. Tossed em in the air and walked backwards. It was a smorgasbord for them, weeds of every flavor…..and low branches as well. When naptime came, they walked into the L under the resting tree. Back to the yard then followed me faithfully back to the L and into the pen for feed. Then we moved Wywy back with the boys. Tomorrow morning, I will open both gates and let them run as a herd…then leave both gates open at night…at least that’s the plan, always subject to change when I see a problem.

So, I followed them around the yard most of the day to make sure they didn’t go in the garden. We need to cover some precious plants in case they discover the garden and they will…too many openings now. But anyway… some of my yard mowed. With a few goats at a time, no dent. With a herd….dents. Yippee. The rest of the day and in between….I worked on the childrens book. At the moment, it is done…..but not. It needs a re read and changes maybe. The ending is a little weak, so may tweak it a bit. It took 2 and a half days….and it’s 4,237 words at the moment, but will most likely go higher, with changes and add ons. Quite an unusual experience for me….fun too. I have no idea if it’s any good. Will need to read the whole thing and find out. Made a change here and there….added a few more words and ya…I’m happy with it. Jesse wants me to read it like ten more times to make sure it’s right….but he said….pretty damn good. I’ll take it! Ok….well, signing off at YeeHaw ranch folks!!!
















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