Flap your wings & fly peacefully….

Just came across SNAKE in my path, in the dark. Transformation. Good grief and gollywags…..how much more transforming can I do…and this fast????? Okie dokie…bring it on…I’m ready. I mean, what else is there to say? I can’t. I won’t. I refuse? Ya right…and God will giggle. I mean for goodness sakes….am I ever gonna be the butterfly? Forever the caterpillar? Caterpillars have a gazillion legs which makes them move so slow. I’d rather have wings so I can fly……not fast, but not slow either….peacefully. Fly peacefully. Yes. Maybe we don’t get to fly while on planet. I was doing Primal therapy. I was being rewarded for 3 weeks of twice a day hard work therapy. It seemed like we were just starting another session…..next thing I know….after breathing down…he says….you’re on a beach. You see a flock of seagulls. One is looking at you. Walk up to it. Unzip it. Climb inside. Ok, now take a couple running starts before you actually fly. Ok….ready….careful, easy…..flap your wings and up up up you go. He took me over all kinds of terrain…so I know what it’s like to fly. I felt the breeze on my face…saw the rivers, trees, meadows, and then the ocean. Dive. Down you fly…swimming with dolphins and whales….and shooing the remora off of the whales. (little hangers on fishies) All the colorful coral and assorted fish. Then we flew out and back to shore where I landed and unzipped and stepped out of the precious gull.

I had one more such gift from him….This one involved a trunk and finding the key, unlocking it and discovering a magic carpet inside. I then rode this carpet across oceans…through time….to the crucifixion of Jesus. He then has me walk through the crowd…to get to the front…by the crosses. What came next was stunning for me. This should tell you a wee bit about me. He wants me to ask Jesus for a gift. What? He’s dying…suffering…..and you want me to ask for a gift? Yes. So I hung my head and asked for a gift. I deserved no gift….so I got no gift. Why did I deserve one? I was so ashamed for asking…plus, we’re talking about me. Little old useless me. I didn’t expect a gift, so I didn’t get one. That still trips me out to this day. Why on earth did he want me to ask that? And why on earth did he want me to carry the guilt of asking such a thing. I thought it was supposed to be a reward for my hard work? Just bumfuzzles me. And lemme tell ya….during these sessions…..I was really out. Gone…out. I was aware of my surroundings and the mat I was laying on….but I was somewhere else. You know when you meditate down to certain consciousness levels? Or like the levels in the Operating Room? Down down down you go until they know you are UNconconscious. Like the Theta state or whatever. Oh Lordie….Just saw lol, yes, on FB….the idea……………..When we start to approach the next dimension of consciousness, or the next level of density/vibration, we will begin to crave more liquids and less solid food. My response was….Yay!!! I drink fluids and rarely eat. But I DON’T drink Water. Don’t worry…I get it from ice melt and other ways….avoided it my entire life. I know…big switch from what we were talking about but hay, it was about consciousness levels! Lol. Anyway……back to the rewards. One is troublesome for me but the gull experience will bless me till I’m no more. I wrote a poem about it. Ha….I used to write poetry instead of blog. I was just telling Blue that I loved him. Then I realized I was leaning to the left, so I sat straight and couldn’t see him. Then I lifted up and rose my sight above the laptop and I saw him, then back down and then again over to the left. Like playing peekaboo with a baby. Then I told him. Sometimes I can’t see you. HUGE. He is right there…but I can’t see him. Just huge for my pondering mind. Plus…the movie I didn’t really wanna watch, JACK, showed a cocoon and a monarch butterfly coming out….then straightening it’s wings, then opening its wings and then flying off. Interesting night. See ya tomorrow….nightie night friends. 12:22am = 7 = Holy.

When I woke….this was posted on my FB wall: “God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls, and coal into diamonds using Time and Pressure. He’s working on You too.” Then, I look out the kitchen window and see a roadrunner. I’ve never seen a roadrunner in my yard, so I looked it up. Ability to take fast changes. Jeesh. Oh…..not only that….but I started a story last night. Just flowed like a waterfall sparkling in the sun. No table of contents…no bulletlist of what the story would be about…in fact….no storyline whatsoever. Over a thousand words in and Jesse says he LOVeS it! Yippee! I haven’t read it back…..I’m just gonna pick up where I left off and GO. I literally wrote it…in the moment…just like The Wiggles.

Well, today I had to go to two towns and run errands for hubby. So, no shearing. Again. We are expecting severe storms with possible tornados later on, so we went early. The winds were so strong, the car was being blown around the road and there weren’t even any storms then. Got my smoothie and it is melting with me, here in the Rv. Am planning to move Wywy today, back to the boys. It’s been a full month…well, tomorrow, but with a storm…I’d rather him not decide who gets in the house. Course, this is dependent on Jesse helping me…if he’s in the mood. He was excited to work on his music when we got back. We argued yesterday so I gave some shots by myself and it pulled my back out….trying to straddle a goat and hold her in that position….WHILE I inserted the needle. I got all but 2 in that pen….alone. One was biting and the other I gave a shot, but needle wasn’t really in, so meds oozed out. I’m not about to try to move a bucky buck alone. Speaking of bucky bucks…..I had to put Khalifa down again last night. Gotta nip this in the bud before he gets much bigger. He just wants to take on everyone…including me…..and the little girls. Told ya he was all buck. Well….I haven’t heard the death count…but it sounds like there were pockets of miracles in yesterdays storms. If it’s not your time…it’s not your time. Tonight I’ll be praying for us Texans as storms come upon us. Signing off with Faith, Gratefulness and Love…. at YeeHaw Ranch. Looks like they just might miss us.















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