TURTLE Medicine….

I’m watching the cutest little movie….about a wizard who finds an egg. When sunlight hits the egg that morning, a little tiny witch is hatched. Eventually she decides to be human size, so her father gives her special water and with each hiccup, she grows. The voices don’t match the lips, but it’s still adorable and just what I needed to watch tonight. On FB, where I should or shouldn’t be…..is a photo of a mama turtle with her babies on her back and one on her head. Sound familiar? It says….Turtle cannot be separated from its shell…and we cannot separate ourselves from who we are…..Turtle Medicine. I just spoke to a turtle yesterday, remember? Didn’t occur to me to look up its spiritual meaning…but I was given it anyway. I am dealing with this very thing. I AM needing turtle right now. I am not being myself. I am holding back. Restrained, tight, like a violin string. Boing! Lol, the boing is in a poem of mine, had to say it just now. (no clue which one).

Which reminds me. My issues at the moment are NOT about low stats. Yes, it bothers me some, but it’s not that big a thing. I was guessing at why the stats were down…not certain….was just thinking of what the latest blogs had been about….joy…..but on the other hand……I almost hate to post the negative blogs. Like tonight. I went ahead and posted the link on FB at 7 as usual. But at 9, when it was time to post a photo with the link….I hesitated. Then I had to remind myself….ask myself….who are you writing it for…you? Or them. Mostly them. So…..I had to post it, cuz not all things are sunshine and rosy. And ye know what? Y’all proved me right. Sometimes, I feel it’s even God speaking through me, and in that case…I have no control. Except for the delete button. I mean really? How am I to know what you need? I can’t. But God/Spirit does. Michele said…..But you ARE saying what I need to hear. Bless you Michele. Guess I should get back to turtle. Be who we are. Be who you are. And be who YOU are Sheri.

Be who I am. Well, be who I am, first needs to say that the internet is a big unknown. Al though we all get to know each other and even love each other….there’s still that knowledge in the back of our minds, that until we see that person in person, we are not fully able to believe, to trust, to let go of ourselves and give completely of ourselves. Sometimes we get that gift. The gift of meeting. Aren’t we all wondering in the back of our minds if the petite woman I chat with is in reality a bald fat man? Not that there’s anything wrong with bald fat men, but I am trying to make a point. Faith? Faith in God…yes. Faith in humans comes from knowing someone. Knowing someone deep, and spiritually. Until that happens….it’s a waiting game to find out. Are they real or aren’t they? And sometimes….it actually matters. Matters bigtime. You all say you know me by my words. You’ve sure read enough of em. Well…..am I unkind? Am I prejudiced? Am I envious? Lol, yes…..I want one of Mea’s peacock babies!!! But seriously. You people find me. Your take a deep look into my heart and my soul and my life. I don’t get to see yours. I don’t get to see much at all. You all KNOW me. Give me a chance to know YOU. If ya want. I’ve had the privilege of meeting a few of you already….EM, Mary, Tracy and Joyce. Awesome people. Ok ok……Night night. 11:56am = 4 = angels! Thank you angels.

It’s been a very sticky humid day here. My fingers are barely lifting off the keyboard…as if there is sticky stuff on my fingers. I played with the found felting needles, checking them out to see what each does…well, not really each…only 3. Very cool!!! Who knew?! Seriously folks….any needle felters out there….heads up….the assorted barbs and assorted needle sizes are awesome. Hard to describe how much more easily the fibers come together with these individual needles. Fun. Lol, I took so many photos this morning….there were 182 left after I’d gone through them!! And I just took more. Lol….I seem to be addicted to so many things……goats, taking photos, FB, smart phones….the list is endless, eh? They all laid down around me again……maybe I’m addicted to that too now? Put them up, then Khalifa and Butters came to visit. Khalifa laid down, then Butters wandered off. Eventually I went to leave and I told Khalifa thank you for sitting with me…he must not have heard cuz a minute later, he realized he was alone and he let out a cry. My heart melteth. I’m wearing shorts…a rare thing, and Flower started to lick my legs, then bite. Then on my hands. I said no on the biting….she then licked. I said good….she kept licking! Yay, good little goatie. Ha! And Jesse forgot to put a pen of girls up last night. I went for morning tea and they were out grazing with guilt on their minds. They ended up spending the rest of the day in their house….with the gate wide open. Lol. Silly goats.

Cathy and I were talking about the Lottery. It’s like, 550 million. We talked of if and how much we might change with all that money. The answer, we believe, is not much. Take my shoes for example. I don’t have to wear $3.00 swim shoes! I needed new shoes cuz my feet were falling outta the moccasins….the $3 shoes…well, they fit, I could step into them, and they were hot pink for hubby. What more could I want in shoes? I don’t dress fancy, don’t get my hair or nails done. My new beliefs, I believe….would keep me sane. And if I won the lottery, I still wouldn’t get my nails done, etc. It all sounds good….only problem is….I have to buy a ticket!!!! Lol, I don’t usually do that. Well….the babies and I wish you a fun, enjoyable, relaxing if ya want it, or adventurous if ya want it……weekend. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch with a maa maa.















4 thoughts on “TURTLE Medicine….

  1. I would love to find out if winning the lottery would really change me. There are things that would change (new fences, a hay barn, a pick-up and matching trailer), but me? Not so much. I’d still hate to go shoe shopping, so I’d wear my shoes into rags before I replaced them. But it would be nice not to have to worry how the bills are going to get paid every month, and fret about not selling enough stuff to make ends meet.

  2. You are great, do not doubt, remember things come in cycles, but what comes around goes around, so number go down and they will come back up then cycle again.
    I love the peacocks too and one day one will move in with you too!!! Turtles have a hard protective shell to keep them safe. You don’t have that hard shell, that is why you are so vulnerable. Don’t become a turtle, your vulnerability is part of who you are.

    • Ya…I don’t feel a deep connection with turtle but I’ll take medicine for when I need it! Cycles? Gosh….this ones wierd tho! My vulnerability, eh? Yup. Lol. Huggs and thanks!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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