Second guessing myself……

My readers are way down. Maybe I shouldn’t talk about my joy so much, or being so in love with life. Maybe it puts people off. I don’t think I’ve said anything bad, but my readers are way down and I just lost a follower. Oh well…guess that’s how this cookie is crumbling. I will continue until…well, until it’s obvious that I should stop. I’m not gonna start second guessing myself and I’m certainly not gonna stop talking about the fact that joy does indeed happen…and for long periods too. Nor will I cease to talk about love. Love is all there is. Love is the reason for everything. Ok ok…..I’ve been pondering this. I probably won’t change anything….cuz I wouldn’t know what to change…people used to like it…..but I also probably WILL second guess myself, if I’m to be honest. And I Do tend to be honest. Ah well….life. Up moments, down moments….chill moments. Tender moments…harsh moments. Gosh….the varieties are endless!!! But, I have to be honest…it bothers me. I’m a writer. I’m writing. I always thought I’d get more readers….not less. I just don’t know. Kinda makes me sad…..comin down off that love high….but the babies will bring me right back up in the morning.

And ye know what? I forgot to put any photos in of the boys! Well, the Mitey Ball, but that’s not enough! Opti is very handsome all naked…and looks very healthy. No shortage of food for that boy! I still love his ears. They hang different…Moonee also has similar ears. It’s very noticeable on the paintings on the truck and the cooler on wheels. Opti is on the cooler, Moonee on the truck tailgate. I wish my truck was done. It’s on my mind a lot. Been forever remodeling it. Next month, it’ll be 2 years since it was bought and put in place to be remodeled. Long ass wait for a gift folks. Can I talk about it for a minute? It’s gonna have air….so I can lift it for bad pothole roads….it’ll have a thing that’s half DVD player, half mapquest type thing, and half cd player and radio. Oh dear. Too many halfs. It’s got the little side runners and the wooden bed, with a big huge gas tank. Extra mirrors for Mama, just in case…awesome brushed leather seats that move and don’t forget the even more awesome…the paint job. A fushia/purple/pink shade, with tons of sparkles…..and paintings on the tailgate. Now, I just need him to add MamaSheri somehow, lol, and we’ll be set. Well, once I have it we’ll be set. I need to go get feed tomorrow cuz they were out….maybe I’ll just truck on down there…pun intended…..and check things out. It’s a little outta town, but not much. Maybe that’ll give him a push. A FINISH IT push. Hehehe. And on that note…let’s say goodnight and finish this day. Love you all. Night night. 1:29am = 3 = holy trinity.

And I woke up to rain. Obviously no shearing today…ha…the boys are out grazing in it for goodness sakes. Over here, everyone is fighting for a place in the houses. Just had to have a chat with Mimi and Kachina. Told em they’d be sleepin under the trees if they didn’t share the house. Nope…didn’t help. House has 2 portions. Mimi and her Buddha in one, Kachina and her two in the other. All else are standing outside…except Billy and Violet who have escaped and are eating greenies under a tree. Kachinas babies are climbing all over her, lol…she’s the rock today. So….guess this is a good day to go see the truck. Well, hmmm, just called the guy and about all that’s different is I could hear the motor, so I think I’ll pass then. He’s waiting on ac and heat parts….that’s been the hold up but they are on order now and once they come in….he can put the rest together. Jeesh. Ok. I’m waiting. Do still have to go to town though. Fixin to go walk with the goats in the sprinkles. Ahhh, fun times. They have more lift in their step in the rain…even the mommies run from greenie to greenie.

Well, been to town and back…always an all day affair. Guess what…I found those needles. In my purse Lol. Couldn’t find the keys to either vehicle, both on same ring….so I did what I do. In my mind, I go into an elevator. I say…4th floor please. Upon door opening into an absolute white room………and absolute empty white room….I walk to the center and I create what I seek. I create….ie, picture in my mind, the missing keys. Then I give thanks for them….and back down to ground floor I go. Sure enough….in the shearing bag of all things….I found them. During that though, is when I found the needles. On the way back, we stopped to let a turtle cross the road….but Jesse is a turtle lover so he had to get out and pick it up and help it across, as well as take advantage of a photo op. Cute lil bugger. Got home and played with me some goaties again. Fed the girls, let out the breeders…..and got a Khalifa nearly in my lap and a Crystal and a Butters to boot. Khalifa lets me pick out all his Vm, but today there was so much, I thought he may get up and walk away. Not. He’s such a boy though. Still don’t quite know how to do the baby boy thing this year. So much time between their births! Usually I move them all together….not sure what to do this time. I’ll probably put up the orange netting on the gates of the new pen we just built. But he’ll be all alone in it for at least a month, closer to 2. Yuk. Oh ya…..another thing I’ve been wanting to tell you. Ever since the day I tried no TV…….I have NOT turned it on during the day. If it comes on…’s not till 8 or so pm. CURED! Now, if only I could be cured of these smoothies….only $9 something left on my smoothie card. And true to my word…..the babies did indeed lift my spirits this morning….and again tonight. Yay! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

















13 thoughts on “Second guessing myself……

  1. Write for yourself. I believe that those who are supposed to read my words, will. And those who aren’t, won’t. I don’t know if you find writing to be cathartic, but if I could write with the honesty and lack of fear, which you do, it would raise my level of posting joy quite a bit! 🙂

    • Ahhhh made my day!!!! Ive decided to stop lookin at stats. That should do the trick and just not care but care.. Eh? Lol thank you very much!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. I agree with the above quote. Write for yourself. Spirit will guide those to you who need the words. Also, graduation time, folks are busy with shows and all. Don’t take down numbers as a bad thing. Let it all settle out.

    • I’m just guessing what’s different about the blog these days. All I can think of is the mood. The joy. But yay!!!! In the end it could still be bad stats too. I’m so glad you’re still enjoying it!!! Thank you Joyce!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

    • Ahhh spring. I guess that could be it. As for yours….still lookin for the page to switch from Reader to Email….I can’t find it!!! ❤😊❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  3. I’m sorry I have missed some of your writings, I do that every once in a while and go back and read them all at one time. I LOVE box turtles as well. Your pictures of leaping goats make me so happy, except the one of the leaping goat with it’s mouth open. That is a scary picture. LOL

    • Haha!!!! I didn’t see a scary one! Nah hon this is a pretty good decline. But I’ll ride the wave. I love that you want to read them. Makes me feel good. Like someone seein me, my art. Huggs!!!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  4. I just caught up. I do miss not being on FB as much, but I have been trying to get stuff done. I am way behind on my shearing too. I still have several girls to go and all the boys. Then I have to have everyone resheared by Oct or it is too late for them to have enough fleece for next winter. Those sheared now will be do in Nov, so I guess they will have capes of be sheared early 😦

  5. Hey Mama! We all lose readers. I recently lost a few readers – then a few more joined. I also notice that some were bloggers and they have quit blogging. So nothing personal about that! I noticed a lot of bloggers fizzle out. I do not think they know how much work it is to write content, post pictures etc. I like to look at my number of views daily and how many followers I have on a monthly basis to see if overall I am gainig readers or staying the same. Keep posting pictures of your goats and farm animals. I don’t think I ever saw a goat before – at least not in person. So it is great to see all these fabulous pictures and stories. 🙂

    • Thanks for that Bernice. Great points. I’ve stopped obsessing over the stats since that blog. Too stressful. It is a lot of work that most don’t realize. You do. I’m thinkin maybe I’ll just maybe not post Every Day!!! Didn’t post today…first time in many many months. Ahhh glad you like my goats. They change so fast and so often it’s crazy. I’m not goin anywhere! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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