The Mighty Balls…………!!!!!!!

Last nights question of Did you feel you came to earth do do a specific job……well, I didn’t get a ton of responses but what I DID Get, was something interesting. It seems that all the ones who felt that from a young age, they were here to do something….all the cases….were ways of helping. I say all…..we’re talking two. Be the President and a nurse. Well, I’m the third…save the world…that’s helping! Anyone else willing to share? I’m just curious folks. I get curious about a lot of things. Always have. Maybe that’s why I have 4 cats. And no…you can’t call me a cat lady…cuz I have way more goats than cats. So…I wanted to be many things…as I grew. I had too many interests and couldn’t settle on any, but I considered stewardess, shrink, columnist, author, and later, I wanted to be an attorney, to get my 2nd husband out of trouble. He was always in trouble with the law….so I enrolled at community college.

Turned out, I loved law. I even considered going to Baylor. In the end…I was my own lawyer in my 2 yr long, 4 attorney…Divorce. I was the 4th attorney. I got what I wanted. Bottom line. What did I want? Rights to the baby. Complete absolute rights with no visitation. I got it. He died not long after that, and then my parents used the law I’d found….against me, with my son, with Jesse. How ironic. I’m so glad now that I didn’t become a lawyer. Lawyers are from the old world and I live in a new one. I live in a world of love. No love exists in the courtroom….. I’m now in a world where I think about love. If you think about love…you love. Everything becomes love. Even pain. That’s remarkable, really. If you think about my past….my wanting to leave the planet…..and now I live in love? Yes. Remarkable…..and I wish it for everyone.

Oh goodness….I got to chatting on FB and time got away from me. Dontcha just love it when that happens? Interspersing yourself into conversations and lives…creating smiles, creating awareness, creating fans of ones work…so cool. Like a global trade system, sprung up in just a decade or so. Amazing and downright freaky. The speed of evolution, of us…evolving…is staggering. My mind spins with it all the time. I’ve told you…what was once unacceptable and laughed at…is now everyday occurance and nonchalant like. No big deal. Well, it was when we were first telling you about it…and you made us feel like idiots for even suggesting such a thing as energy or chakras or thoughts or the stars or auras……jeesh. I was just asked if I can see them. Yes, if I try, I can see a first layer. I don’t see big huge ones, just the colors nearest the body…including the tree…trees have auras too, ye know! Night night my friends. 1:41am = 6 = earth!!!! Yay earth!!! Night.

Headed out for my little baby jaunt now. Ha…they were all out..saw them as I came back from my morning tea and heard the moms call them back……everyone obeyed but Khalifa. He’s something that Khalifa. Maybe it’s the name. Gotta watch letting Jesse name them. Speaking of Jesse, he’s entering a contest…..a remix contest. They provide the mix and the sounds from the mix and you re mix it. You can add sounds but you have to use theirs too. He made me a blog friendly version, which is instrumental and no cuss words. One day, I’ll remember to post it for you. The boy is getting really good. It must be in his genes. My side, of course. Well, my morning walk was great, as usual, but then Cathy showed up for shearing so I cut it short….only say….150 photos. We loaded up the stanchion in the B….the Burban….lol. was gonna name the new SUV Lucy but since I have a Lucy goose…changed my mind. Word that comes to mind is Suburban but hubby keeps sayin its not one…I know that….so B or Bee it is. Anyone remember Aunt Bee?

So…we get ready to shear…I said, I wanna shear Kitchie and Opti…I want their coats. Jesse says…nah, Kitchie’s not friendly. Really? I walked up to the laying down goat and proceeded to pet him. Haha. So…Kitchie was first. Very good boy BUT……see…knew I should have pulled Nobles outta there…..he’s the only one with mites…or he was. Now Kitchie has em and as Jesse asks me to move his balls….I pull them out from down there…exposing them to the light of day and I saw mites…so I said….mitey balls! Then realizing what I said…mighty balls….Cathy and I got the laugh so hards you can’t stop. Hurt the belly. Gave him meds. Opti was clean and was the best goat in a long time, if not ever. He even let me pick up his leg and when I needed 2 hands….I just laid his leg on my arm….and he kept it there. That’s my good boy. My Opti…..basically, my Crystal from last year. He loves his Mama. Ya….speaking of that. I am unbelievably happy with the way things have gone here. The setup as it stands and as it stood prior. All I know is….I went to feed the girls and let the breeders out but wasn’t quite ready to feed. Just wanted to chill with them first so I sat down in the shade. Kiwi came and laid down 6 inches from me. Then Flower snuggled in between us. Khalifa, Tika, Kachina, and Crystal laid down a few feet away. To have evolved to the point where my goats lay down by me…when they have the whole pasture….fills me with so much love. Love hurts. Having more love than you know what to do with hurts too. I have a constant ache in my gut…a love ache. An I love this goat so dang much I can’t stand it….ache. Which goat? Depends on the moment. And I am outta here. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















5 thoughts on “The Mighty Balls…………!!!!!!!

  1. Cute goatie pictures!!! Yes, I was put here for a reason, and like you said it started early. With me it is more about being in a certain place at a certain time. Like the time I was going to stay at me Dad’s parents home where I had never stayed before, but I had a funny feeling I needed to be at my Mom’s parents home. I was hysterical saying I had to go and my GP’s didn’t know what to do so they let me go. That night my Mom’s father died and I was there for Granny. I have had friends that need to make certain changes in their lives and somehow I was part of those changes. I had a great friend who was a coke dealer when I met her, living in a trailer with two guys. She got an apt, a job, and has done a lot with her life, including sending Tilapia into space with John Glenn. I can go on with the people whose lives are different, including mine from the meeting them and interacting with them.
    Love Aunt Bea,

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