….the Ripple Effect

Question on FB…..”Did you ever feel like you were born to do something? If so, what? My immediate and oh so easy response was…..save the world. Yup. As a small child…that’s all I knew. Not how…just that it was my job. I am not succeeding. Well, maybe I am. Maybe something I say gets read…then told to another…then told to another…the ripple effect, in my opinion is the biggest effect. There’s all these Effects running around…..but the ripple takes the cake. The current. The spread. The flow. The current is a good word. The current in the water…or the current in the electricity…well, since I know nothing about electricity…let’s go with water. If it’s a river…go with the current, stay in the center and go to the edges and come ashore when you feel the pull to. Then get back in the river. It’s an easy flow, if you Know, it’s a river. If it’s the ocean….find something to float on baby……and if it’s a pond…..get out fast and find the nearest river cuz there’s water snakes in them there ponds. But if it’s a rain puddle…better watch out, cuz the gov owns those.

I’ve often wondered how many people were born with that need. That driven thing inside you that starts when you’re a small child…that you’re supposed to save the world. Well…only one other person put it and it wasn’t a person…it was a community. I then LIKED the community, of course. But can you imagine? Can you imagine the weight one might carry if they thought it was their job to save the world? Shoot…no wonder I was so sad and wanted off the planet. Ya, well….either way…that’s the answer. For me. No apologies anymore. No shame. Who are you, superman? Ya…none of that anymore. Now I just blog and tend my herd of beautiful and gorgeous and adorable angora goats. The babies being the adorable ones. When God speaks…I try to listen….so I wait. I wait for instructions of just how I’m supposed to do that and in the meantime…I carry on the Ripple Effect.

We do what we do…all in perfect timing…the good the bad the ugly and the most extravagantly gorgeously spectacular ever. We do what we do. We wait…we move…we think…we learn…we move. We DO. We trust. We grow a mustard seed. And we spread them around. Like fairy dust. And we toss some cannabis seed in for good measure. I’m having fun….I was stressing…but now I’m easing up and having fun. Ahhh…the stories God creates. Aren’t they something? People dying long slow deaths…people dyin in a snap of the fingers. People born without the mama even knowing there was a baby inside. The relations between critters in the critter world…..the movie stars and their woes. By that I also include musician woes. For that matter…artist woes. And it’s late….time to hit the hay…oh thank goodness I don’t have to sleep in hay. Yuk. Night night my friends. 1:05am = 6 = earth.

Good morning. We shall see if anyone gets sheared today…I mean, we’re only 2 months behind! I’ve told you that the goats change colors, well…..went out for that visit into the Bigboy pasture and they all came running. Sweet as can be. Flocked around Jesse cuz he had a red solo cup, lol. But they are way behind in shearing and you can see where the new curls are starting already…even before they get sheared….so you see their new color peeking out. Very interesting. But bad on the coats. They must be pretty matted. I surely hope some are good. My Kitchie has turned into a very handsome boy. Goodness, and so sweet. He stands out to me, cuz he’s so black and what a face. We used to be close. Still are if you ask him cuz he walked up and wanted me to pet him. Little sweethearts, that’s what my boys are. Much more friendly and even kinder than the girls.

Well….no shearing, but we did burn the bad hay. Took hours to burn just one square bale…it was wet. I just wanted it GONE and Fast!!! Ha…then we drove down the road to a houseless area and shook out the tarp…in case there were sticker burrs. See….I’m practically terrified of the dang things. It’s mohairs worst nightmare. But it’s done….unless there are more bales like that. We shall see. When I went to feed and put up the moms and babies….I also let out the breeders. Crystal came out and I was squatted down, so she just laid down right beside me, so I sat down. She was sleepy and wanted a nap. She kept trying to figure out how to lay her head on my lap cuz she couldn’t get her head comfie. So friggin adorable. Love that baby and that baby loves me. Flower was also very friendly today. Khalifa’s coat is a disaster…….rain and junk. Oi ve. So…..Crystal gives up on her nap and goes in the pen. I go to leave and get stopped by the cuteness of Flower and Violet. I sit myself down again…this time under the tree in the shade….and here comes miss Crystal again. Then she starts using a large dead grape vine hanging down, first, as a head scratcher and then as a teething ring. It was all too adorable and I took way too many photos.

Tonights dinner is something from my childhood. I was craving it a few years back…somehow it was stuck in my memory, so I googled it. Would you believe…….it was there? It’s even called the Italian hot sausage sandwich, Pittsburgh Recipe. It was the exact recipe. I’m lookin forward to it. If you’re interested….it’s hot Italian sausage, browned…loads of green pepper strips and onion slices sautéed. Then add 2 small cans tomato sauce, bit of parsley, salt n pepper….garlic if you want… some basil….simmer awhile till sausage is cooked thru and wala….serve on a bolo roll or something like that. Yum. I forgot to get me anything at the grocery store…..so not much for lunch. I did however, remember to order the doughnuts I want for next Saturday…told the guy it may be a standing order for every Saturday….it’s long john…glazed…no chocolate and filled with custard, ie Bavarian cream. Yum….oh man am I making myself hungry. Ok…I’m back to thinking about my awesome goats again. Sometimes I well up with so much love for them that I think I’m going to explode. Ha…then there would be little bits of Mama Love…everywhere! Lol, and on that note……signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















8 thoughts on “….the Ripple Effect

  1. I thought I was going to grow up to be President and I used to ask my parents if they would vote for me if I ran…. fortunately, they both said, yes. And fortunately, I never got into politics!

    • Lol!!! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. President, eh? Well that’s a pretty powerful job you thought you were gonna do!!! I wonder if it scared you like mine scared me? ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

      • It took me awhile to realize what heavy burdens I always took on. I was used to being scared and having to do things anyway. That’s not good either!!

  2. Wonderful blog, Sheri! Without the ripple effect I would never have met YOU 🙂 and so many of my new goatie friends. The things I learn from ya’ll ripple out every day to folks I know and so on…. You are so right. I always knew that I was going to be a nurse and so I became one. Now I am moving away from nursing people and toward nurturing and caring for my goats…who are much more appreciative…lol. Blessings to you and your beautiful babies…they are all just gorgeous!

    • Thank you sweetie. Yes you have a point indeed. I reckon you can even change the world by changing yourself then interacting with the world. Goats more appreciative? Ya….I can believe that. So….you knew you would help by caring for the sick. Interesting. ❤❤❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  3. MMM spicy sausage sub, do you put cheese on it too? I answered you reason for being here on the next days blog, sorry I am backwards. It is funny reading it in reverse. Your goats are so cute

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