A pond full of rain…

Tonights rain is the kind that comes in waves. It’s really raining, then it’s really really raining. In and out with the occasional boom clappa, one being very loud…and even the sound of tiny rocks hitting the Rv. The surging has layers. I can hear them. It’s like I hear differently with each ear right now. Yes, it’s definitely layers of rain. Yes ma’am, that’s a lot of rain when it comes in layers. I never even thought about it before, but since I hear it…I’m thinkin about it. Can you imagine how many drops it would require to make the sound I’m hearing right now? Not sure there is a number big enough. It knocked off the season finale of my favorite show….Touch. Isn’t that wonderful? Ah well…we did need the rain more than I needed to see a show. Hubby just texted to say we are expected to get 3-4 inches. We used to get trapped back here but they put in a new tiny bridge. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t flood….cuz then we’d see Mama go nutso without sleepy beer. AND….we’re outta feed. Yes, the goats would survive….we have hay…speaking of hay….the bale on the buggy right now is loaded to the T with the horrible ouchy sticker burrs. I wanna burn it!!!!! No seeds distributed…jeesh. In fact….I will burn it.

Got a noise break at the moment. Ha!….sorta….I’m now in the habit of playing the Adele station on Pandora, and I’m watching tv. And I’m needling. Creating….over creating? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. When you do and redo, then add add add, then redo, add. It’s all a blur. And now Jesse has come down and worked on the background goats. Gotta say, he improved em. Wasn’t so sure at first and it gave me an icky feeling…but I just kept saying, no…not happy with the face. Finally he got frustrated and got up to leave when I leaned over it and looked again. Oh…good…ya. Closer. Lol. Like I said…collaborating is new to me and it has its moments of doubt. Moments of doubt. I try not to have those. They creep up and I squash em….sometimes it’s hard, but I keep squashing.

Whoa….I’m listening to the radio to a song I’ve heard a million times….and I hear the words…he’s saying he hit his girl….and he’s trying to make up for it…We are young….or set the world on fire…or tonight, we are young. That’s the chorus. How strange…such an UP song. One would never guess. Words are important. My son doesn’t understand that. He wants me to watch his tv shows and listen to his rap music, most of which is about drugs and booty and drugs. Oh ya…guns and stuff too. Point is….it’s not good for my psyche to listen to. I can hear his comeback….but you watch all those end of the world dramas! Point taken. But still…..on a daily basis…I do try to keep things positive….and even more so since I’m no longer watching my soaps. When they took 2 of them away…they broke me. I don’t need them now. If I listen to words about booty and pot and cough syrup and money… all day, it’s gonna affect me. I’d rather watch or listen to music with a message. A good one. A positive one….lol, with the exception of Adele. Oh ya…and my grieving song…O’ Children. Lol….and whatever friggin song comes on the radio now. For years….I have only listened to music in my car…and just the country station. Times….they are a changin. Night night sweethearts. 1:433333333333333333334. Lol. 1:44am = 9 = endings…..and the other just for fun sakes…..= 3 = trinity. So…we got angels and trinity. Good match. Night.

Ahhh, good fun. The rains waterlogged the goats and they were in high gear to play instead of hunker down. The tiny pond tells how much rain we got. I kept saying be careful, be careful. They don’t understand. I have no idea if snakes have come to it, plus….they’re babies and it’s a lot of water. Wasn’t asked before a pond was put into the L. The pond has grown to 3-4 times its size prior to last nights rain. That’s a lot of rain. I know we are not flooded in….cuz hubby is not home. He should be here soon with his sister and nephew. I’m antsy. Not sure why. I was telling Cathy the other day about explaining to y’all about a lightworker and feeling sad for no reason, etc. She said once again….that I am intercessory praying. Standing in for someone who is being buffeted by the winds of life. Taking some of the flack for them. Wonder if the occasional antsy feeling is intercessory too? I used to know whenever my abusive hubby was up to no good. Knew it in my stomach. In my gut. Didn’t matter if it was trouble or he was cheating…didn’t matter…same feeling. This doesn’t feel like a …..something bad is happening feeling….just anxious. Fluttery. Course, my stress level is off the charts….can’t determine if it’s that or something else. Wait and see I guess as with all feelings of insight. Ha!…or intercessory prayer but with those…you never do get an explanation….those you just ride out. Not entirely sure how it all connects to the Lightworker…but I will someday.

Well, pretty much a non day. No feed, no groceries. Got lunch out though! Had to throw a bag of peanuts and pumpkin seeds to the girls for dinner. They ate greenies from 11am till 5pm though. Can’t give em hay, like I told ya, so they’ll live till I get grains tomorrow. As a passenger in my new SUV, I discovered two extra charging outlets!!! 3!!! 3 phone, map, etc chargers at once! Now I don’t have to rotate phone with map thingie. Oh wow….it’s after 7…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!

















4 thoughts on “A pond full of rain…

  1. That’s interesting about the intercessory praying. It strikes a chord with me and I have never heard of it until reading your blog. Great pictures tonight, too!

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