the pitter patter of the tiny feet of rain

Rain, blessed rain. It spills over into everything. The sounds. The drip drip drip, tick tick tick….the pitter patter of the tiny feet of rain. The rumble tumble of the thunder claps and the silence of the birds. The puddles that feed the bees, butterflies, deer and a plethora of other fauna. The stray cats, the squirrels and ladybugs. The feeding of the flora thus feeding us. Beautiful silent, wistful, rambling, loud rain…soft rain….intermittent spurts of glory, a precious gift of water. Sorry Kimberly….know you need some. It’s been raining off and on all evening….hard and soft, so there may be something calculable on the rain gauge. I love the rain. I used to love standing in it. Still do sometimes. I have a raincoat. It enveloped me through a horrendous cold winter. It is my friend. Can you imagine? A raincoat in winter? People have even less than that. Pray for them and give. Give away your clothes…don’t throw them away…Sheri. It’s easier. I think I’m about to give my house an overhaul. Won’t be an easy feat and won’t start till I move back…but honey…it’s a comin. Can’t stand it any More.

As for the painting…..I tried doing it like the photo I was using…but it just looked stupid. I couldn’t think of anything else….but to cut it off. Then I can make another painting on the other piece. I was really happy with it today and I showed Cathy. She said…oh it’s just beautiful. Just beautiful….but if you could maybe add some darker color under the face for definition, it might be better. So I did. Yuk. I pulled it off. Yuk. I tried everything. Yuk. Then I lifted the entire head…ripped in other words….and rearranged it. And rearranged it….etc etc. Finally….finally was useable once again. Asked on FB and they said yes. But then I tried to finish it and nothing I did worked…just looked stupid so…….I shall separate it. Well….not a done deal….still pondering if there’s anything else I can do.

So…a topic has come up twice. Once by my daughter and now by my son. Who heals? God heals. In my opinion…he uses others….people to heal. Some healings are as simple as holding someones hand or sitting with someone who is afraid. Some are bigger….but who does the healing. Must I always say…God healed them? Can’t I say…I did this and I did that and because I bothered……someone is healed? Craziness. My opinion. My daughter can say God did it all if she wants…but lemme tell ya…her dad was dying. Had a hole in his organ. I patched it up before surgery. He might not be on the planet…had I not bothered. And the little child who walked…who couldn’t walk…when I was but a child myself……what if I hadn’t bothered then? In that case…then you could say….God chose not to heal the child…not to heal the ex-husband…not to heal my friend. Without spiritual healers and some Dr healers….people would be flying off the planet. And who wants to leave now? I still have a sense of anticipation. Don’t you? Goodness…I just wrote the Hoegger blog. It’s about fiber processing but I think I made it fun anyways!!! It’s now 2:32am = 7 = holy. Goodnight sweet peeps.

And then folks….there’s the Hard rain! Hard and loud and wet and powerful. We got that during the night. Quite a bit of it. Kinda scary…..but nobody is crying so they all must be ok. Good thing I have my new rubber boots….cuz a wet field ain’t gonna stop me from my daily journey with the goats. Hmmm….I should walk with the boys one day. Ha. No shade there till end of the day. Lucy goose is sitting again. Right up against the house under hubby’s bedroom window. She will stay there for days on end but sometimes, she has to go get wet and get a drink. She did that today. Makes a big stink about the fact that she’s off the nest….silly goose….so I watched out the window and saw Little Boy headed in that direction. Out the front door I flew and cut him off. Stood there with my arms wide, going left to right…using my body as a barrier. For a minute I thought he was gonna challenge me. Then Geezer ccame and I turned him away so Little Boy then walked off and Lucy came running back making as big a fuss as when she’d left the nest all of 3 minutes earlier.

Ahhh, what a glorious walk with the girls. It got really interesting for a few minutes. Heaven decided she had a beef with Kiwi so she was taking him on….and I mean hard. All out fighting. They are both raring up and banging heads and then Petunia comes to stop it. She goes in between them. She hangs out there, then rares up herself, then walks away…till Heaven goes at Kiwi again and repeat the whole process. I was fascinated. I think Petunia was defending Kiwi cuz they were pen mates before they all got bunched together in one pen. Just the cutest, sweetest thing. Then we get on the other end of the pasture and the babies spy the little pond and go racing over there as a pack. Then the herd kinda split for awhile and I hung out with Crystal, Butters and Heaven. It was just great fun. I love this new setup….all the girls, well, most….and the babies…free to roam the L. Never had it this way before. Lovin it with a capital L. Haha…or a greenie filled L. Worked on the painting the rest of the day. Tomorrow is Saturday….a bit different this time. Hubby’s sister and nephew stopping for a bit to leave boxes here…where? Dunno. Then off to the stores cuz outta feed. Anyways…..have a great weekend folks. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Oh ya….more rain comin.

















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