Nothin but a Thing…..

Every night, I try to spend time with hubby when he comes home. I watch while he fixes his plate and talk to him as he does so, then I go back to my old chair…which is the same but not the same since Jesse uses it now. Usually I make small talk and retreat to my Rv, but this time he had a movie I liked on…ha, maybe he’s lonely. I ended up staying till it was over. Not really what I wanted to do, but sometimes we do things we don’t really want to….for reasons. To help things. Women do it anyway…not sure about men. Ya…they do….my husband has done many a thing he didn’t want to and watched many a movie he hated. Ah well, guess we all go through it in some ways. Life is just so danged interesting. Everyday it changes just a little. Some days a lot, but usually, it’s the trickle….the tiny things. The goat that lets you touch her nose now, or the pup that comes to guard you. The cock of the head of said pup, with the cutest darn face you’ve ever seen….or the new song your son has written or the phone call from your daughter who calls to read a passage from a book.

Ahhhhh…..I’m feeling so restless! So disjointed and ready to climb out of my skin and become a….a……a……a? Guess I’m rollin again…and I don’t mean in the drug term way. I mean in the Light. Rollin in the light, means that sometimes you are in the dark, if that makes sense. Goodness. Grace just posted a simple photo of a light cord being crocheted around, to make a floor mat for the front door. It popped a bubble for me. It opened another door…window….avenue….in my mind. Creation wise. Pay attention to the tiny triggers in your lives folks. They’re sometimes so easy to miss. On the other hand…everything that happens is what was supposed to happen, cuz it happened…….well, see…a conundrum. Or all part of it. Yeehaw! And I just realized….it was Light. A light cord. Lol. Yes…another way to say popped a bubble for me would be……turned a light on. I turn lights on on purpose and this one was a gift. Thank you. By that, I mean that I mentally flood myself with light…I sometimes put my thought up into my brain area and turn on cells…wake up my brain. It’s just another funny thing I do….besides talking to my body and expecting it to respond to my wishes. That’s probably unusual. Oh, and I’m not really in the dark….just rollin through shadows mostly. No biggie…just a thing. Nothing but a Thing. Kinda like clouds. Some are way up there and some are hanging way low. And some…are both.

Jesse just came down and kept me company for about a half hour…..really cool. He’s pretty cool. We have our moments…tonight none. Bad ones I mean. Most of the time it’s great. Just as in any relationship. I have moments with Summer too….don’t we all. Well, yes. We do. We all have moments of ick….and then we proceed on. As humans do. We keep going. Always. It’s our nature. We strive for more, for better, and some of us strive for best. We view things as things, forgetting they too are made up of the same material…silica. The essence of us…crystal. Everything….crystal. I saw myself 3 dimension in in my diamond once. Literally, saw me looking at me looking at me looking at me. This same silica is in the technology and the air and the pencil. Goodnight stardust people. 1:36am = 1 = beginnings.

I know I know…I’ve told y’all about the crystal before….what can I say, it’s on my mind. Cathy and I were just talking….after we sheared Shortcake….about her Indian relations. She said her grandfather was in the Trail of Tears and that’s as far as she could track him cuz everyone had white man names and then chose the last name….Walker….for walking the Trail. She said there were so many John Walker’s that she couldn’t follow the lineage any further. I didn’t know that. So sad, that they named themselves Walkers. Then we discussed how it’s still happening all over the planet. How China is moving the residents of Tibet and Nepal… an unfamiliar territory and moving another group in….in essence…having both sets in unfamiliar territory and easier to handle. Sickening my friends….sickening. Why do we have governments anyway????? They don’t really govern….they rule. They rule over us lowlies. We, who have kind hearts….are ruled by black hearts. Go figure.

Well, the rains never rained last night and today we received one tiny sprinkle that was so short, the goats didn’t even come in. All this pain….for what???? Where’s the rain? So….we sheared the last goat over here and got that out of the way. Now we will move the stanchion and start on the boys…..yippeee……can’t wait…..some gorgeous fleece out there. Like Opti. Gosh…those pencil curls are very long. Hope they’re not matted. Guess I’ll find out in the wash. Think I’m gonna go sit with the goats now. They’re all in rest under trees mode. Now see….that’s what I call a good day. Got something done and had the sweetest time sitting with the goats. The babies all lay down around me, then I started singing….amazing grace and somewhere over the rainbow. Then the mommies laid down by me and their little ones curled up next to them. It was a sleep happy day in the pasture. I was out there well over an hour. Got so many beautiful photos I don’t know how to show em all.

I’m thinkin that Crystal is one of my Deep favorites. They’re all my favorites one day or another but we connect way deeper, me and miss Crystal. She adores me, as I adore her. Oh wow. That’s it!!! It’s Kya…..she said she was coming back as twins. Said that the night of the supermoon I think. Cool…now I can stop feeling guilty. It’s Kya!!! KyaCrystal or CrystalKya. Lol. It’s getting darker here by the minute. Think we might actually get some rain now. Poor Breeders…just got let out too. And Mimi was interested in Wywy! But her baby is only a month and a half old….too soon to rebreed her. Etta’s baby was weaning age, that’s why she’s in there. ALrighty then….. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch! Ahhh, I got it….CrystalKy!!! Lol…..later.















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