Dancing in my Bed again……….

Well, I guess the Tv thing is over already. Sorta. I learned I don’t need it. Already knew that really, but Jesse came down and turned it on. Next thing I know….he’s turned it to August Rush. I love that movie. He never wanted to watch it before but he did get into it and watched to the bitter end. We talked about the Tv thing and decided it made no difference. There was never a time when I was too busy watching Tv to do something. To do what needed to be done. Never. So, in the end, there was no point. Now, maybe the FB for a week…but as we talked about that, we realized that wasn’t so easy either. Well, not unless I stopped the blog for a week too and jeesh…yikes and golly bums….no thanks. He was like….no checking of comments, just post the blog. Then, well, yeah, you can check em, but no replies. Lol, it gets complicated. It’s funny. The movie I found to replace August Rush when it was over? Soul Surfer. Yup….I guess that means it’s ok that I quit quitting. Cuz I’ve seen that movie too a million times and its a favorite. I’m having such fun with life right now. The interactions I’m making and having and the people are so awesome and I’m just like, wow. The energy with which I AM enJOYing life….is so equaled to the severity of the pain I suffered in the first half of my life. I can’t believe I’m saying that. If it can happen for me…it can happen for YOU.

I used to slide down walls. How many of you slide down walls? It’s a sadness thing…a depression thing….an overwhelmedness thing. Ahhhhhhggh, I can’t take ANY more!!!! Get me out, I just want out! I haven’t felt that way in over 14 years. And now? I’m so confident that I just LIKED a strangers FB thing to give them a boost and get someone to see their post. A complete stranger. Like….well, I got people that will see that and know the answer to her question. So cocky like. But not really. Not really at all….I’m thinking now maybe it’s just assuredness. Assure…. Sure. Yes. Believe. Convince. Calm. Sometimes I think I’m stingy….but I’m not…just with my pot cuz it’s so dang hard to come by. But in reality….I try to help…..almost every second of my life. Ok…not every second. But a lot damnit!!! 😀

Like a bird….I am flying. Flying in the hope of what could be…what may be…soon…my heart beats so fast. I anticipate….I wait. Rollin in the Deep. Adele. Movie over…Adele Pandora radio again……We could’ve had it all…..rollin in the deep. Yes…I’m dancing in my bed again!!! Gosh I love Adele. I wouldn’t have known that had Jesse not forced me to watch the MTV awards 2 years ago…….Plus…..I’ve noticed that some of her songs are really really good. Really diverse within the songs. Also…this is gonna sound funny but since I have to listen to Jesse’s brand of music….I have to tell ya…there’s this one……a rap….are you sure this is rap? Yes mom. Macklemore. This one particular song just riles me up….makes me want to save the world, the way this guy is trying to do. Yes…it’s Rap….it’s meaningful…helpful….give it a try. The 2nd one is just a fun song.

Hey there Delilah…..good song. Oh…no, seriously……this guy Macklemore…..man…this one song especially…I also like another…only heard 2. Lift your hands up…like the ceiling won’t hold us!

Who’da thunk it….Me, listening to rap. I found my 2nd hubbys favorite song and had the record mailed to me and put it in the jukebox of our local pub…..Hey Bobby. He didn’t appreciate it. I also found him the book from his childhood that he used to cry over…..that he couldn’t find….I found it and borrowed it from the library. Did he care? No. But ye know what? That grew me. Grew me just fine!!!!! And on that note……while I listen to music….I say goodnight and I love you all. Sweet Peace to you all. Hi Kris. Night night. 12:13am = 7= HOLY.

The pain isn’t so in your face today….YAY. It’s such a funny thing. No matter how bad it gets….I ALWAYS know that it can be worse…has been worse, so it’s really not that bad. Knowing that, helps each time. Well, not so bad if I just sit here. There’s weather comin in. Just got back from following the goats on the first part of their walk. Now I get to listen to the other pen cry cuz they aren’t out….but they will be. You’d think they’d remember that they always cept once…get to go when the others come back. It’s a laid back day with nothing, I REPEAT, noTHING, on the agenda. A little needling on the painting, a little play with the goats, a once around to say hi. Boy….I put those young’uns in with the big boys and danged if they didn’t grow up in like a month! Big old horns!!! Big boys!!! I didn’t recognize Opti….Jesse had to assure me it was him. His horns grew faster than all get out. Sitting on the bad…needling away. I think I might finally be happy with this one part now, Crystal laying down….for now at least, so I need to progress on to other parts…like the goats in the background and the grasses. I might’ve found someone to mostly donate some goats to on the reservation. I asked for a tiny bit of money. If it works out….awesome for us both. Just chatted with Kris, who got the 3 goats from me…Levi, Olive and SweetPeace…she changed it from SweetPea. She says they are fat and sassy now. She’s already petting Olive……and SweetPeace might be pregnant already. Goats…gotta love em. Ok folks…..I’m gonna take my excited self and go fix dinner. Later people!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















4 thoughts on “Dancing in my Bed again……….

  1. Hi Sheri…night and sweet peace to you… love the pictures as always… the goats were all still awake when I got home tonight. I’m not supposed to be! I said…”when do they sleep?”…and John reminded me that they lounge all day long! Have a restful night! love!

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