Putting PAIN in the backseat….

Day one of my no Tv thing. I call it thing cuz it’s not much of anything else. The Tv has not been turned on yet today. It’s 9pm. It got so bad in the last hour that I could hear myself think with the volume turned way up. That’s when I turned on Pandora radio on the Iphone. I’m very addicted to Tv yessir. Good thing I have music on, the sound outside is of coyotes. Many many coyotes. Did you know they are very pretty animals? Very pretty and very hungry. I had opened the gate again to the girls pen for the first time, just before dark. They all took off and had a grande time. I’d planned to leave them like that cuz I had to pull Heaven outta the fence twice tonight and didn’t want her hurt. That’s why I let them out in the first place. Anyways, they played on the upside down water trough making a huge racket…can you imagine that at 6 or 7am? Then Buddha got into the other pen. I thought I’d blocked them, but nah, he was there. Nobody was hurting him but ye just never know so I put them all back up. Probably best cuz of the coyotes. See, normally….goats are silent at night. But shoot…nothing silent about a herd of goats happy to be foraging in the grass at night for the first time in months….and for the babies….first time Ever. Well, I’ve prayed a shield around Heaven, best I can do.


All during my studies on my 14 years of Spiritual Journey…ie, life awake……I’ve considered myself a Lightworker. I’ve read the descriptions so many varied places and ways and it feels like skin fit. Smooth skin…no wrinkles. The other day, Valerie posted a thingie on FB about Lightworkers. I’ve copied a photo for you. It’s the Lightworkers Creed and you’ll see why I believe I am one. And see if maybe You are too! See, there’s a lot to this lightworker thing. One for sure, is rolling through emotions. I’m rolling. Rolling…when I have made a deal with myself to go Tv free, which means songs. Songs bring up the past, movies don’t. So….add emotion rolling to song emotions and yikes!!! Not a great fit…but I’m hangin on….No tears yet baby! What do I mean by rolling? Sadness with no explanation. Joy with no explanation. You just feel it. Go through it. Ride the wave. I am a surfer of Gargantuan Fame….in the emotion surfer Book of Records. I can’t stop staring at a cat. It’s a mountain in the Ukraine and it looks just like a sleeping cat. It fascinates me. God surely does have a brilliant beyond brilliant sense of humor. I just can’t stop staring at it.


Jammin to Adele. Listening to Adele radio, which means songs similar to hers, with her thrown in every now and then. Pretty cool. First time I’ve actually enjoyed it…I usually want only Adele and hate when it’s someone else, but tonight I’m free-er. Rollin in the Deep. Hahaha…..too funny. Rollin. Good Lord how am I gonna amuse myself all night??????? Eventually I’ll get tired of dancing in my seat. There aren’t enough flies in here tonight to go all out fly ninja. Hyyyyyaaaah! Sure, I could work on the other background….but I haven’t put on my art jacket. It’s here on the bed should I get that all consuming need. I pretty much wait for that. Or…I just lay stuff down and Look. Or…I look at the background itself and see what I see. Gosh….it’s only 10 and I already have 600 words. Guess I need to get all consumed in a jiffy! Yup…it worked. Not so sure about the painting…it has potential, but way not there yet. It’s nearly 1am so I was able to occupy myself for 3 hours. A good movie length. Hehe. I have successfully made it through my first intentional day with no Tv. YeeHaw. Night night wonderful people. Till tomorrow then. 12:50am = 8 = infinity. Hmm, 3rd one, right?

Great balls a fire….woke up in pain….and it’s still here. Decided not to shear, but have Cathy and Jesse shear. Then switched it to put up a gate at end of alley. Then said…oh crap…y’all do that and I’ll shear. So much for the day off. So I sheared Belle. See, complicated, but to solve two problems with the babies….I switched pens again. This way, the babies can squeeze out. They can’t in the other pen…and they won’t have need to stick their heads out through the fences, getting stuck and rammed by big goats. And…they can no longer sneak into the breeding pen. Just for safetys sake. The gate is now up and they are switched. Since I sheared Belle, only one left back here. Then we went to town for my inhaler which ran out days ago and I’m using old ones. Did a bit of work on the painting….why oh why do I insist on realistic paintings when I could do fun, free, whimsy??????? No clue. This new painting is of Crystal in the field laying down. I’m so exacting…it needs to look like Crystal. Just bought all those special needles, and I lost em. Am using single needle at this point for the goat painting. Fun and tedious at the same time. I’m gonna have to smoke now, during the day. Medicine that is. The pain is pretty bad, and I’ve gone as far as I can. It’s 4:30pm. Got stuff done, now I can turn the pain to fuzz. Like….what’s that feeling in the background? Is that pain? Oh, could be. Cool.

Just saw a post on FB about what makes a person an Indian. Not the color of his skin but more his beliefs. The person posting it IS an Indian. I said….so does this mean I can consider myself an Indian and stop feeling dirty around them? She said…Yes ma’am, I consider you an Indian and I AM an Indian. Yippee!!!!! That’s an honor, like WOW. Seriously…it was all so fast, but the feeling in my heart right now, is of awe. I have been connected and drawn to the Indians from a very young age and have carried it through my life. Seriously honored, my friends. Right now…there’s two things I’d like to scream from the rooftops….or the Himalayas with a video player going for Youtube……marijuana makes your pain go in the backseat…….and I’m an Indian!!!!! Yeehaw and triple banana smoothies!!! Shoot….throw in some strawberries too!!! Ok…..see ya tomorrow folks. Be sweet and remember…forgiving someone is for your benefit…not theirs. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps. The beautiful curls I show….are my Petunia….just a few portions of Petunia…..and the beautiful naked gray spotted thing? That’s Belle!















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