Like it was a Slice of Pie….

Man….what a great day today and what a great idea. I’ve kicked around the petting zoo idea but this is the closest I’ve come. Aside from the driving part…we loved it. We argued about the driving cuz I was so scared. We had a few spurts of ick but like I said….all in all, a good time was had. Ye know….without me even trying….it appears as if I am making money as a jack of all trades. I’ve made money from a few fleeces, a few goats,(literally a few…3) a shawl, dreadlocks, some fiber in smaller amounts…like 2. And now a birthday party. You see what I mean? It seems…I’m diverse. Lol….grande understatement. Nothing wrong with being diverse. It suits me. The ironic part of the day was my calmness at the duty at hand. A few years ago….10 for sure….no way could I have done this. No way could I have walked into a party and felt at ease….shoot I couldn’t have walked into the party at all! This time….I remember being part way there and having a flash of the old me…the scared me…but it was gone with my own inner assurance that I could do this now. And I could….do this now.

I swear, I didn’t have a single twinge of fear or shyness. Not a shred. Not ONLY did I walk in there like it was a slice of pie….but I closed the wide open gate doors behind me! Are you kidding me? That’s a bold move. But I had babies and Mama was in the house! This new Mama Sheri persona is doing me so good! It’s emboldening me. It’s freeing me. It’s loosening the ties that bind. I guess it’s a persona…. Nobody calls me that here. Jesse calls me mom, hubby doesn’t call me anything but he used to call me Beautiful….and the goats all know me as Mama. Cuz I tell them I’m Mama. Like today. I had petted and made special both of those babies. When the time came for them to need to trust me…they could and they did. Like I said….huge yard…lotsa running children, water splashing when the kids landed in the pool, and when I sat down…. It’s like I instinctively knew what to do. Sit…and give them a home. I was their home. If they feared….I WAS HOME. Yes, very cool indeed. And money to boot!!! A hundred bucks! Half of my next medicine….which is creepin up fast. I foresee some halter training in my future.

Yes….I’m flying pretty high at the moment….she says as about 10 gunshots are rapid fired nearby. Hate that. But ya…between today and the fiber painting….and oh gosh……soo many things…..God has blessed me so far beyond that I find it hard to breathe. And those babies today…..were the best babies! They were so good. I’m so very proud of them. Speaking of proud….I had the opportunity to tell Jesse today how proud I am of him…how he’s changed, grown, evolved to a person I am most proud of and a decent human being. That was cool. He seemed to like it too. Take every chance, people. To tell the ones you love….that you admire them…if you do, that is…..that you love them, respect them….cherish certain moments. Jesse told of a moment in time he remembers with hubby…I said….tell him!!! It was a sweet memory. He was rarely allowed to visigt us when my mom had him, but he did once in Austin. He said when he came to visit us in the apt near where we went today, that hubby had bought every toy he thought a little boy would enjoy. A football, baseball and gloves, etc…and tht they went outside and tried to throw ball. He remembers that…that way. I love it. It Was that way, but I just am so tickled that he remembers. And realizes that hubby has done things for him….all the way back. Pow pow pow pow…..goes the noise outside. I really hate that part of living in the woods….you don’t know what the sounds are or why. This is the funnest portion of my life by FAR. I’ve had one hell of a ride and it’s not over. I’m still cruising and just now getting to the fast lane….well, the middle fast lane, lol. I’m not a fast lane kinda gal. And on that slow note….it’s time to say goodnight to my friends. See ya. 12:50am = 8 = infinity.

Last night, I was thinking of placing a spiritual blanket or cloak of whatever I needed….on, when I needed it. As I was trying to create the best way to do this….at that point, I was thinking of an Art skills cloak. As the pondering continued….I found myself mentally in the new version of the movie…The Karate Kid. The part where he’s doing….jacket on….jacket off….reminiscent of the old version……wax on, wax off. And it hit me. Jacket on. Jacket on of art skills….or courage, love, a no fear jacket, etc. I’ll just put the jacket on. Trick is in the remembering to do so. I’m waiting on some shearing help….just killin time. Hate that. If I can entice little Star back over here from the fields…..I can do her myself. Maybe I’ll try that. Yes, I think I’ll try that. It’s 1pm. Cathy’s availability is hit or miss these days and the boy sleeps very late. Yup…. I did it. I caught the Star….it was really hard….she jumped on the stanchion and I hooked her up. She didn’t much like being sheared but she sure is a cutie. Then Jesse came down but said he was releasing his new song today and he had another track to work on for a boy, so….he helped me catch my dalmation girl and miss Etta got sheared. He caught her then went up to the house. Didn’t take long. Kept the completely VMy fleece, not sure why….might be a few curls useable. What a shame, I already had a buyer. Star and Etta went at it a bit while everyone was challenging Etta. Have a feeling this was Stars last day to nurse. They usually cut them off when they are grown enough to be sheared.

Had a bit of a pen mixup and 3 black babies are now on walkabout with the breeding goats. Lily is hollering up a storm and Kachina ain’t sayin a word. Lol….go figure. As I was typing that, I hear a cry, look out and all 3 are waiting to be let in with their mommies. Done. And the boy dropped his song. Lol, that means released. Very proud. So, this proud mama is signing off now from YeeHaw Ranch! Ps….2 goats down…bunch more to go. 2 more left back here, then we move on to the boys.















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