MamaSheri’s Portable Petting Zoo…

It’s funny. So much is going on around me, including spacing out….that I’m watching a movie and waiting for the movie to be taken away. When I realized it, I snapped out of it. The movie just started…..oh wait. Crap. My son wants help making pancakes. Not now…at 11. When his movie is over. I guess the movie will go away after all. See, I knew it would. It’s always something. FB, email, goats, art, visitors, mind wandering….so many things distract me these days from my movies. I really am kicking the idea around of giving tv a break for a week. Pretty sure I could do it easily during the day, but nights…without movies? Yikes!!! You guys know how I am about my movies. Funny that I should talk about this now…while I’m telling you that I have no time for movies. Interesting. I love interesting. I have stuff on my mind that is interesting, but I’m not at liberty. Let’s just say my brain is very occupied about other things. I guess the best way to say it is, I’m in limbo. I don’t much like limbo. It’s actually more than that. More like a touch of fear. Or a lot of fears. I want to explain. The fact that I can’t is pretty crazy, eh? Need some light on this subject, please. Thank you Father. Just letting you know that I’m a little distracted these days. One day, I hope to explain all this with a laugh and a giggle.

Pancakes done, eaten and enjoyed. We visited, till we went crossways, then I came back on down. Oooh, it’s gonna be hard to move back. But I should cuz it’s an extra expense. Not a ton when the cold weather is done, propane wise, but then it’ll be Ac and electricity. I’m using a bit of electricity now for the phone, tv and laptop. Not a ton. I really do like it. My house right now doesn’t even feel like my house. The cats have gone to China and back. Nothing is where it should be. It’s like the entire house needs to be overhauled and I don’t wanna. What’s the point….we still have 3 kitten/cats. They will still destroy. One kitten isn’t so bad folks…but I highly suggest you not get 3. 2 would be just as bad as 3. Kinda like when I went to get my horse. One horse. I could handle one horse. Then hubby wanted one and we came home with 2 and 2 is a herd. End of horse interest for Mama. See, I’d wanted to get to know one horse. Two is so dang different than one. Apparently I was not destined to lose my fear Or love of horses. Keep em both. Ha.

Goodness….I’ve seen this movie a million times….The Bodyguard. I just now fully incorporated it. It’s cuz I always forget the endings. That too is funny. Lotsa funniness goin on here tonight. Oooh, speaking of fun….my son is in the process of a full length Trap music song!!! He was born to do this, it’s very obvious. Tonight he put out a preview of it…lol, with the FULL song to be released on Monday. I’m tellin ya…the boy knows what he’s doin. I mean how smart is that? A Preview? Release? Those are bigtime words….and he’s using them! The comments are great and he’s got over 200 followers….and rising every single day. JBusiness. Remember that name folks….that’s my boy!!!

I’m fixin to start on the other painting and when it’s ready…I’ll make a run to Seguin, to the Windmill Crest Farms and rent their machine. I think I can even find ways to make more things while I’m there….get my moneys worth. August Rush. One of the best movies ever made. Ooooh, gosh do I love this movie….caught it half way through and loving every second of it. Beautiful movie. Hey…if I haven’t said it before…someone should pay me for my movie reviews. Really, if you haven’t seen it, and you’re into art in any way…check it out. The way this boy hears and makes music is simply amazing. He’s Ignorant…of the how to’s. He just does. He’s handed a guitar and instead of strumming it, he beats on it like a drum. Yum. Speaking of Yum….I was just reminded…if I had tons of money….I’d carry around and give out the tiny book…..The Reluctant Messiah(the adventures of). Very eye, mind, soul opening book. Tiny too, so most people might actually read it…cuz it’s fun to think of. What could be…….What could be…..Night night sweet folkie olkies. It’s been a day…not a great day, not a bad day….but a day. Check off another in the cog………lights out. 1:31am = change. Yippee?

Goodmorning!!!! It’s 5:39pm!!! Haha!!! No I didn’t just wake up….just the first chance I’ve had to talk to ya! Between 2 and 3am, a FB friend was talking about the birthday party he was having for his daughters 3rd birthday. I told him he was a really good dad and next thing I know he’s inviting me to come and bring a goat. I was like…..lemme sleep and I’ll. Let you know. Well, WE WENT!!!! Took baby Billy and Flower…the chilliest goats we have. Knew the moms would be ok…or hoped so anyway. Shortcake is chill and Kachina still had her Kiwi. We yimmied and yammied on whether to take Georgia or Star, but in the end, at the last second…..we went with babies only. Excellent choice.

Put a tarp down in the very back section of Lucy(my new old SUV. They cried a wee tad but Mama reassured them. It was a huge back yard with a big blow up water slide and music. Took awhile to teach the kids to approach them slowly but they eventually understood and after awhile I sat down in the grass to give them a Home Base. That worked. They then chilled there and photos were taken, baby goats were touched and petted and one child even attempted a hold but she screamed so that was that. The babies are now socialized around people and children and splashing sounds and music and cars! A great time was had by all! The babies had their greenies and all is awesome. I let Jesse drive part of the way home, then we switched back. People…this was a paying gig!!! How cool is that? The girls were right near the gate when we pulled up and put the babies down and they ran straight for the milk. And both mommies let them. Yay!!! Ahhh, it was all very cool. I’m a happy camper. Turns out the guys mom is an Event Planner and we are staying in touch for future gigs. YeeHaw and signing off from the Ranch!















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