Sucked into ART….

Ha! It’s 1:30 in the morning! It was so fun. Jesse was down here and saw me staring at the fiber background. He said he could help me start it. So he situates himself on my bed so we can both sit here and he just goes. He began the painting, then he left. I offered to let him just do his own and make it his. Nope….too busy starting his new life….I started it…you finish it….or we can do it tomorrow. Well, he left and I’ve barely moved from my spot. I’m way behind on beers to get me to sleep now though!!!! I got so sucked into the art….happens every time. Anytime I work on something that isn’t rote……I go through this. Next thing I know it’s the middle of the morning and I’m surrounded by fiber in every color….all the colors are combined, all the fibers are comingled and it’s a color mess on my bed. The way I do things is….i then gathered all….in one bag. Right now, it’s the tree and stars Bag. I have a wacky way of doing things. Let’s just hope in the move back to the house, whenever that happens…that it doesn’t get put at the bottom of a pile…great stuff in that bag!

I’m having fun with this and the best part is……my son started it. We created together sorta. Sorta. He had the idea, I offered him fiber goodies and we went like that. He told me to add more stars. Ha, I added more. He wasn’t here and yup I did. Told him I hated waiting and I’d just get the other one down and work on that…nope… do that one. So I did. FIVE hours later, here I am, talking to you. Tell me some of you can relate.??? Jeesh, now I have to get sleepy cuz the other part of this passion is the coming down. Like from a drug. It can take it’s slow asss time. I gotta wind down. The girls have been upset tonight. I don’t really know why. Yoki acted like she was starving and was constantly crying for Anya while she looked for nonexistent food. Then I kept hearing strange cries. Went out so many times….everything looks good. Don’t know what the heck it’s all about.

I have a way of doing my photos that probably isn’t usual. Ha! So what else is new? I got a photo I liked from FB to show you what I do with photographs that I take here. It’s pretty self explanatory…one of those cases of ……a picture says a thousand words. Ha, kinda funny after last nights Blog. Oh, and speaking of last nights Blog…..thank you for all who commented and all who didn’t. Bless you.It means everything to me and I really really to my depths appreciate all of you. Seen, unseen, wassup, dude? And…’s 3:00am = 3 = Holy trinity. Nightie night from a brisk wind and cold ridden Rv, near Austin Texas.

Goodness, that was a late night. That’s what happens when I get sucked into art. Sucked into….sounds horrible. Absorbed into, enmeshed in my art. Ha, sounds a little better. Boy, the Rv is a rockin with the high winds. It got down to 40 last night. The girls and babies are lovin it. The winds are blowing the oak leaf bundles off the trees and they are finding them then running…lol, to try to enjoy it themselves….Usually someone sees them and tries to get it or, the herd moves and they drop it and run. Plus, it’s spooking the babies. Lotsa crying in the pen last night. Probably cuz it was cold and they are nearly all sheared. All but Shortcake in that pen. But no, the sound of the wind and the gusts…scares some of them. Right now they are having too much fun to be scared, but it’s picking up and I can envision some babies flying to home, in their moment of fear. No shearing AGAIN, due to rain. Would be nice to get a few saveable fleeces.

Poor Cathy…got all excited that she was getting a 4G hotspot….nope, didn’t work. They assured her it would…nope. She’s all disappointed now. She joined me this morning for part of my play/photo session and got to see what it’s like, up close and personal. She loved it, of course. What’s not to love about excited baby goats jumping and playing? See, I don’t just watch them play from a distance…oh no, I’m right in there with them, part of the herd. One time, I hid in a little dirt cutaway for them to come around the corner. Lol, they thought that was hilarious….they swarmed on me! Adults and all. Silly goats. They were so close I couldn’t really get any photos, which was of course, the point. I like to go out when they’re all laying down under a tree and if I do it right, approach right…..they stay laying down and I join them. If I do it wrong….they think it’s feeding time and they run for the pens.

While they’re still grazing, I’m gonna take advantage and work on the painting some more. Ha….my felting tool just bit the dust. Yup, still haven’t found the new fancy needles, so sent Jesse to get me another tool. Bummer. Nah, no bummer, I’ll just lay stuff out. Ya. And I did. Finished and did the changing of the goats….and he was back and all felted in. He wants to work on it together tonight. I’ve never really collaborated with art before…it’s fun. And even when I’m in pain. Like today, I didn’t care how much pain I was in….I even ran to catch up to the goats. I wonder if pain is sometimes there as if to say… bad do you want it? Speaking of that…….using the FeltLOOM at the festival was hard on me. I am feltLooming in my sleep again. Every time I get near one, that happens. One year…..I refused to play with it while I was there. Think that was the 2nd year…..was so mad that I didn’t have it that I figured it would just cause me more pain, so I avoided the booth entirely. But alas…the desire is too great and it caught me up again. Well….back to it before dinner needs made. Enjoyed the chat. Have a great ….wow….weekend!!! AGAIN??? Already? Wow. Signing off artistically at YeeHaw Ranch.

















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