Eight hundred & twenty words….

Well, this has been a strange anniversary. Nothin happened. 2 people commented and said they’d enjoyed the journey. Hmmm. I dunno what I thought or expected this day to be like. I know now not to put any hype or expectations to this type thing again. Well, for me, it was, IS a special day. It takes a lot of courage to put so much of myself in here and I applaud myself for the efforts. It also takes Time. My time. I give to you, my time. My heart in words. Words. One of the most powerful things on the planet. If we couldn’t speak….we’d be worse than the animals, cuz they have a language. All of them. From birds to elephants and ants to dogs. Communication. We’d find another way I suppose, but there is such an elegant beauty in words. The way we can choose from thousands and arrange them like a puzzle or a music arrangement….and convey something, anything….to another. A dog, say, can move his ears just so to say something, body alertness, tail position, etc. These are all ways that the dog speaks to you. And then of course he has a voice as well. I’ve heard all kinds of words come out of my dogs…sound words. But what I’m getting at, is the beauty of the hugeness of our vocabulary….and the intonations and our body language as well. I think that’s what puts us above the animals. Then add in the written word and what you can do with that, and…..we seem to have a more thorough communication system.

It probably sounds egoish….but I happen to love the way I write. It makes me laugh. It makes me smile. Oooooh, here comes the weather. Knew it was headed this way but not till morning. Yay….just a surge…the pain is gone. The bugs have taken over the Rv….and now it’s not only just flies. Beetles, and all kinds of flying things….some of which go up my sleeves and pant legs to tickle me crazy. Ha….I tried turning the one overhead light off and they all flocked to my computer screen. NOT. I almost just drank one! Lol, why don’t they fly toward the strip? Ooooh, I know. I just changed lights…..put one on across the way. Nope, put 2 on. Oh crap….they just like me. What’s a girl to do? Speaking of girl….when I look in the mirror and see my wrinkles…it’s strange to see her looking back at me. Tonight during a conversation, I said I didn’t have a bathing suit. Jesse said…good…don’t ever get one. I said…dude, I’m not fat….not that that has anything to do with a bathing suit…I was trying to say….under these size 3x clothes, is a body. Probably. My guess cuz I haven’t seen it in forever. Anyways…point is….his response was…….wait for it……I’m OLD!!!! I’m too OLD to wear a bathing suit. Too shy maybe, but not too old sweetie. Never too old. Night night you wonder=ful people. 1:06am = 7 = HOLY.

Ahhh, not much accomplished today due to the weather but OH what fun in the fields today. Sometime this morning, I was still sweating at 7am……the cold front came through. It brought rains last night but just humidity. Today brought the winds and the cold. The girls just loved it. Even the mommy goats were running and a few of them did some jump and twists. Even big ole Mimi was running. Ahhh, they had so much fun, that I had fun just watching them. After the photo session….I deleted and cropped and ended up with 104 new photos. Repeat that….add 26. And I go out one more time before dinner to feed and put up the breeders. Speaking of breeders. Last night it was rainy. I couldn’t see into the pen really well, but I heard a lot of noise. Snorts mostly. I’m wondering…… lol. I ended up dismantling the fiber owl painting for now. Maybe another day owl will get his due. I have all colors and kinds of fiber here on the bed with me to play and experiment with. I’ll be playing with this all night. The artistic mind will struggle….it will push and pull and think and ponder and it’s a gut wrenching feel good time. Ha! At this moment, I’m back to the plain old background….cept this isn’t plain old. It’s purple with shimmer highlights in orange green and yellow. In other words….it’s a challenge. One that I accept and look forward to taking. In fact….I’m realizing that it’s all I can think about now and therefore this here blog has got to end. Early! WOW, only around 800 words. It’s getting colder as I type and loud blows the wind. See ya. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. YeeHaw. (Needed the YeeHaw for it to be 800 words, not 799, and now this explanation has taken it to….819, lol.(820)
















8 thoughts on “Eight hundred & twenty words….

  1. I APPLAUD your many hours and courage you have shared with all of us!! You are SO inspiring!! I love to go back through your posts to see the growth and beauty that has transpired as you have blossomed through this journey!

    • Bless you Michele. You’ve championed me before! Yes….I grow before your eyes as the baby goats do! Thank you for the encouragement and stayin on the journey. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. I read you anniversary blog last night and it didn’t occur to me that I should thank you! Well, I’m taking a minute now to say “thank you”. There are many days when I totally relate to your words. I found your blog at some time after your initial post, but I’m a faithful reader who looks forward to your daily posts. Even in the time that I have been reading, I have noticed a huge difference in your confidence! Congrats on one year and looking forward to the next!!

    • Well Dwanna, that was a really sweet thing to do. I appreciate your words to my core. I am blessed with sweet readers!!!! ❤❤❤🌹

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  3. I echo the sentiments of Dwanna. I read your blog nightly as I head off to bed. I should have taken the time to comment on your anniversary. So, belated, THANK YOU!!!! Thanks for putting yourself out there for us.

    • Ahh hey…there is only now! Thank you hon. It means a lot. I know you enjoy them but sure… I’ll hear it again!!! Huggs. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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