Gosh…its been a Whole YEAR!!!……………..

One year. It’s been one year. So many changes, so much growth….and by growth….I mean people, the farm and definitely Me. I titled that first blog….Wonderland. Many times I’ve felt like Alice in the hole, and Wonderland seems fitting. You see, with the new views I have on life, gathered over the past 14 years of spiritual journey, have changed me. It’s like putting on glasses. Oh wow, I can really see! Then, they add tint to them…oh wow, I can really see! Then, they add extra fancy lens focus to them….oh wow, I can really see now. Each time…you thought you were seein just fine. Till it became clearer, then clearer. I’ve had so many experiences…brand spankin new experiences, suffered so many losses, gained such beauty, learned many techniques and have evolved, as has the ranch. Ranch, farm….same thing really. We don’t grow much food, so it’s more of a ranch. We should, but my interests lie with my goats and the product they contain…..and I don’t put enough heart into the gardens. I wish I did, but not hard enough, obviously. Hello mosquito. He’s checkin out the laptop screen….seems fascinated with it. Just in the last month or two….I’ve seen 4 snakes….scary for me. My 4 year run with only 2 deaths….ended. I’ve lost more than I want to go into my mind to count. Kya and Diamond were the hardest on me. Both babies….a year apart.

I got my pinto babies during this year! Me!!!! I got them! I was stunned. Me! I got them! They were so beautiful. So out of my reach. So….she will never sell those babies and even if she did the waiting list would already be so long it would be impossible……those babies. We had to put down our Lovey Love. Ahhhh, the heartbreak. Our beautiful Love, 7 months old. Our first in house bottle baby. Our Love. Got a Blue Goat!!! Went through a brainfart and almost sold him this spring. Got 3 kittens that seemed so cute and still are, but they tore up the house and still are. I ran over the boykitten, Wiz, as I was bringing him home from the vets. Punched a pup(large dog) in the head and broke my hand. Long story. Had a visit from my daughter, who then went to Costa Rica for several months and is back safely home in her little spot of Virginia. Sent my son off to sit out time in jail which backfired and he only sat out one fine. Acquired said son as a live in and have been trying to encourage his career, as a Club Dj, music producer(maker) and famous out the wazoo Mr. Business.

Learned how to be a goat midwife, with 6 different experiences…..got a new SUV!!!!! Received an angel, made hair dreads for sale, made my first sale, made my first goat sale, transitioned from scissors to clippers…Lister Star. Love my Lister Star and just got a 2nd clipper for when the other gets hot. Hubby bought me 5 blade sets for Christmas, so I’m good. Because my son is here….I now have a helper. A wonder-ful helper. In fact, those midwife experiences I just mentioned? If it weren’t for my son, 3-5 babies might not be here. Khalifa, Flower, Kiwi, Butters, and Crystal. Yes, I went in….but if he hadn’t restrained the doe….I would not have been able to do that. Kudos to the boy. And while we’re at it…kudos for me too. I got brave and did it. Speaking of brave…I wrote a paragraph the other day explaining how to have an orgasm. That’s pretty dang brave. But so is reaching into a goats behind and turning a baby and pulling it out.

In this last year….my family and I pulled further apart and I gathered new family members to me. And friends. So many friends. I, who had put up the blog originally a year earlier than last May 1st…….and took it down after 2-3 posts cuz no one was reading…lol. They didn’t even know it was there. I didn’t know about links then….or tags. For nearly the whole year, I felt silly posting the link to the blog….but I did it anyway. Started building pens for myself the rainbow way, instead of always relying on my hubby….and it’s working. I’m becoming a hue-man.

I may not be an activist standing on the forest lines…with a spear in my hand, but I do bring awareness to their plight sometimes. I try not to do it too often, lest I lose my readers completely. As well, the Natives of this land and the woes laid down on them like the thickest blanket ever made. I’m not only speaking up for the Natives now, but also for cannabis and hemp and plain ole pot. It has saved me many times. Many many times. I cherish her….for only the female is wonder-ful. My truck is STILL being worked on, and the whistler ducks rarely make an appearance, but today, I think Polly pigeon brought some friends. I went to feed them and they had already flown off….poor Polly, probably got a bad name…no smorgasboard there! I remember Ann coming to visit and meeting Polly and saying I should shoo her away or she might bring friends. Yay…bring em back Polly. I’ll feed ya. Making good use of the Rv these days and living in it during kidding and breeding. Paid for itself in knowledge already. I guess the biggest events in the past year have been getting my new pinto goats, and my son Jesse coming permantly, well, till he’s ready….to live with us. Thank you God….he’s very willing and able to help. When we went to pull the 10 ft gate off the zenbuggy, I reached and he said…no, stand back, I got this. YES.

I stopped cooking new recipes cuz they weren’t appreciated. I learned to sleep with light and without earplugs. I learned what goats do in the rain….do they share? Sorta. I taught my pups to come to a certain whistle and my aussie Blue’s bark, when they escape….from wherever they are. I taught them how to find Home. And just today, it occurred to me to post the title of the Blog, not the words…My Blog….on FB. Lots and lots of changes here at the YeeHaw Ranch, lol, and farm. I didn’t worry about the word limit I’ve set tonight. Why did I set it? Cuz my mom said my blogs were too long to read. It’s my anniversary and I’ll talk if I want to. Cry if I want to Fly if I want to. Gosh….without you guys to read….there would once again, be no blog. A huge smooch and a hug and a thank you from my tippy toes for reading my endless thoughts….and happenings. I love you guys. 11:55pm = 3 = HOLY. Yes, this is all Holy. I feel it in my bones.

And good morning on this One year day. I’m fixin to go play with me some babies!!! Then I’ll shear. Play first. Then shear. Ahhh, that took a lot outta me. It’s quite hot and the boy wakes up even later than me. The first goat was a Pretty, Yoki, which means a bitch on the stand. Like Happy, this time, she forgot she was a bitch on the stand until we had done 1/3 of her. We were determined this time and got all the stragglies. Kept a portion of her fleece. Next was Milly. Both of these girls are extremely dense…and even with 2 clippers….they stayed hot. Milly is a good girl though. Trashed her felted fleece. Only followed the babies a few minutes cuz I was dehydrated. In fact….I finally turned the ac on here in the Rv for a bit. Just couldn’t take it. Feels much better. Well, it did….stopped cooling. Found out I can get a 100 ft roll of orange construction netting for only thirty bucks! Cool. I shall put some around the thorny vine too that has already tangled one baby. I remember way back when I first got goats and they had the first babies. One baby got wrapped up in the thorny vines in my front yard. Took forever to untangle her. Well…..changing of the guards….lol, putting up some, letting out others. Poor Buddha….must be scary for him at night, he’s exhausted. Well folks…..that’s my year in review. Long short, fast slow, joy,pain, happiness and sorrow. Like everyones year I’d say. Thank you for sharing it with me. Bless you. Bless me. Signing off one year later…..from YeeHaw Ranch!!!



















4 thoughts on “Gosh…its been a Whole YEAR!!!……………..

  1. Excellent post, Sheri!! Wow what a lot you have done over the past year, so much growth and learning and new experiences. It’s been about a year since I last wrote on my blog….sigh. I really must get back to it. You do inspire and I look forward to reading your blog every night 🙂 Hope you have had a wonderfully blessed Beltane and one year anniversary! (((hugs)))

    • Thank you Storm! I had mostly fun doing those lessons! Fun to share them too. Bless you too! Yup…quite a year. Now get to blogging woman! 🙂

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

    • I have some kind of cool spray. Kinda leery about using it too much.i used store bought oil and clipper acted as if old blades. Found the right oil and works great. I spray a bit. 😊thanks!

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