Short term memory……very short

I just realized I haven’t really told you what it’s like to follow the goats on their walkabout for greenies. I was just looking at this one photo….of sleeping baby Crystal. She was so sleepy but her head would fall just a bit too far and she’d jerk awake. So I went and sat beside her and put my arm behind her head….she fell asleep. You see…..they don’t just walk around eating grass. Isn’t that what you think they do? Well, no….not really. Basically, to them…even the adults….it’s play. They will run as a herd till the herd stops. Then they graze a bit then run. During the running, the babies are doing jump and twists. Then when then come to a browse stop…..they do it again…..either that or they come to me or they practice adult goat games. They are constantly moving. If something spooks them, they run as a herd for the pens….at very high speed. When I’m out with them though, they rarely do that….they look at me to gauge my reaction. If I’m not scared, they graze again.

But had they run back to the pens….they would’ve just gotten a drink and started the whole thing over again. There doesn’t seem to be any order to where they sprint to…and they like to mingle under the large oaks. The babies play on and with the tree and each other. When they’ve completed what you think is the rounds….they just alter it a bit and go back the other way. Round and wobbly round they go, with the babies bobbing up and down and ears flying everywhere you look. Some will come back to the pens for a drink and lay down for a minute and sometimes they all lay down under a tree. All in all….it’s hard work grazing….on the babies especially. So when I call them to feed and they then play some more while the mommies eat…and some of them eat too…..after that….it’s pure exhaustion, like little Crystal displayed today. Just flat out. Almost too tired, sweet baby. She’s one of my favorites.

After this mornings event with Mimi and Heaven….I was too fearful for Heaven and had to move Mimi out. Just before dark….in the rain, I moved them over to the other pen. Didn’t see any other choice. Then she went after Wywy. Scary that. So….out she came. Her and poor baby Buddha are just out. In the alley or in the L. I don’t have an extra pen at the moment….and I’m just not willing to risk baby Heaven. Yay, the rains have stopped and they are chillin in the alley. Plenty of oaks they could’ve sheltered under, but oh well. So…..what does it mean when the Herdqueen gets put out of the house? Guess we’ll find out.

We who forget…it’s not just what did I come in this room for, or what did I forget…it’s also…what did I just do? What did I just say? With Facebook and most likely twitter, I can imagine the horrors…..I don’t really have to imagine very hard cuz I just did something….and I don’t know what. I don’t think I Shared anything. Hmmm. Nope….no idea. (just tried to figure it out). Losing memories can be a good thing, if you’ve had a bad life. But short term memory…man….that’s kinda crucial! I need that! I really need that. THEREFORE…….my short term memory is great. Its swift and sure. Strong and able…..amen. And Thank You! Now just repeat that more often than the other thought and we got a winner!!! Night night sweet folk. 1:03am = 4 = hello angels!!!!

Well, as I said….it rained last night so shearing was off the table. Instead, we created another pen with some of the last gate type things. Who knew you could create pens with nothing but rope? I knew. I’ve been doing it since last summer. Not one goat has escaped or knocked the pen down. This one is with 2 gates and 1 horse panel. Should work just fine….for now, it will hold Mimi. Buddha will be able to escape until I get some orange construction weave….but if he does, it’s no biggie. So….it’s done. Yay! Had a guy out today to fix the AC unit too. It needed a capacitor…whatever that is. Just put the girls up….and with Jesse’s help, got Mimi in her pen. Rounded up a few straggling babies and plunked them in their pen then snuck up on Buddha and he’s with his mommy now. The breeders are out now. Funny….the pain was so bad this morning whenever I walked that I said to myself I was taking the day off for pain. Then I sit, the pain goes away and I forget. Let’s put up a pen!!! Yikes.

Oh ya…..I finally looked it up last night. My one year blogging anniversary is tomorrow. Wednesday, May 1st. Isn’t that something. A whole year. A whole year with very few days missed. That’s a ton of writing and a ton of baring my soul. Shouldn’t I get a treat? Hmmm…..I should. Need to shear so can’t get a smoothie. Oh, I’ll think of something to celebrate with. Maybe I’ll finally heat up that frozen cobbler. Shoot, by now the ice cream could be bad. Lol, I don’t eat often. They’ve probably been in the freezer 6 months to a year. I’m kinda hungry today though….but I’m making chicken parmesan….means I’ll stay fairly hungry. Not a huge fan. But I splurged this week and got 3 of those prepared chef salads(not safe, I know) and for me…that’s 6 salads! Homemade 1000 island and I’m good to go. Lol, yes, I’m hungry. Guess I’m closing up a few words early so I can go scrounge for belly fillins. See ya tomorrow my sweets!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….Jesse was working on a song. I really liked it….his laptop froze up and he lost it. So very upsetting. So he started a new one which I didn’t like as well. Typical Sheri… honest. I’m an idiot. Love you Jess….and ALL your music.















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