Easing into things…….

I’m calming down now. My high on life has pinnacle’d and I am evening out. Once again gaining my balance. Not an easy feat, mind you. I was way way up there…..playin in the clouds. Don’t get me wrong…I’m still playin….just not in the clouds. Not one thing has changed….just that I’ve eased into things. Very happy and giddy and tickled….but in a calmer fashion. There is one thing that I want to tell you so bad. Soon you’ll know cuz I won’t be able to shut up about it and I won’t be able to stop taking photos. Well, not completely soon….it will be at least 2 months or more. With it….will be another Special…..that is pert near required. So, two joys at once. I love joy and joys. So much more pleasant than the lower adjectives. Like sadness, fear, or anger. Nope…..none of that right now. Just me….sitting in my Rv, in the wacky weather that happens to be pleasant at the moment…….pondering one of lifes greatest things. Love and all its varieties. I told ya my new destiny was Love and I wasn’t joshin ya…., but it’s just a side destiny….cuz I’m still lovin on my goaties and making pretty pintos for people….yes, one day, they will be for sale…..when I get the herd started good. Cathy said I would have to be around people more to have a destiny of love. She has a point. I’m up to the task….took me forever to get here. Half a century!!! I meet people pretty easily now. I can hold my own in a conversation and I can leave the house. Yup….I’m good.

Been having weather pain lately. It’s almost a surprise when it comes now. It can stay away forever if it wants to…..hint hint….(hoping my body is listening) but at the moment, it’s just making intermittent appearances. The wind is whippin again. What’s up wind? Oh man…..tonight Jesse was down here when we heard a baby scream. He was closest to the door and I just yelled go go go. I knew what it was. Yup….Heaven had stuck her head thru the fence to get some grass and Mimi was ramming her hard. Same thing happened to her last night, only it was Yoki bashing her. Well, Jesse ran out with no shoes and went to climb the non existant gate…grabbed hold of the barbed wire and got a slice down his leg as well. I just don’t understand that aspect of the goats. Just don’t get it at all. Why? Why bash tiny babies? Cuz they’re in your way? Cuz they’re near your kid? Cuz you can? The only part I hate…about raising goats. They did it to Star too, so that’s the 3rd time this week.

Remember I told you I filled up a huge baby goat bed sized basket with towels from a garage sale for a dollar? Well, the basket has some broken fronds at the top of one side….so I’ve decided to take some old yarn and just wrap it up, so it won’t be a danger to the baby who will eventually sleep in it. Plus…that will give it a bit of MamaSheri decoration. It’ll be cute. And efficient. Like that combo. That’s probably the best buy I’ve made in years. Ha…a dollar. Well, I got a ton of sweaters last year from the resale shop. That was good….wore them on some goats and took the sleeves as baby coats. Probably spent twenty bucks and got 10 wool sweaters. I still wanna make my own though. I’m a rainbow gal….that’s what we do.

Jesse said leave the babies out when I told him we needed to get some hay onto the buggy and give to the girls before we went to town. I didn’t want the babies needing grass and sticking their heads out and getting beaten or killed while I was gone. It’s been our screams that have stopped it each time…not the babies. My theory is that if we put enough hay in…they won’t need to put their heads out. If I left them out….there is a pond…not my idea, and I was opposed to it……and things just happen. No….safer in the pen. Night night sweetest of sweet people. Lovin you. 12:21am = 6 = earth.

The things I fret over, jeesh. I have some time to take advantage of. Want to go into the pen and take photos of the babies….but I don’t want to rile them up, then have them be disappointed that they don’t get out. If you’d heard the screams as a stuck baby gets beat on….you’d fret too. In a perfect world….I would have small square fencing in those pens….and then just cut a few baby openings. Then this wouldn’t happen and if baby wants grass they can get it. Hmmm. I know what to do. I’ll wedge the gate open some. Yay, I can relax now. Nope…..in the end I let em out. I’ll pray. Headed to town. Well, I don’t hear any sounds of panic, so I’m thinkin all the babies survived being left in the whole L while we were gone. Georgia is hollerin up a storm but that’s cuz she wants food. She’s one of the food hollerers. I haven’t been feelin wonderful lately and was really draggin today, so Jesse said he’d do all the feeding and delivering of feed. All I gotta do is feed these girls then play while the moms eat. I wanna work on the fiber painting tonight but I need to find something large, firm and flat…to be able to move the piece around. Maybe the side of a box will work. I’ll find something.

Lemme tell ya….these animals have horns and are dang proud of it. Their favorite thing to do with these horns, is to jab them under another goat and lift up. Mimi just did it to a laying down Kachina, in the house. Plenty of available space, but no….So…..I had me a talking to with Miss Mimi. Told her to be a role model for goodness sakes! Doubt it’ll work, but was worth a try. Well, I guess that’s it for this’n. Holler at ya tomorrow. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

















2 thoughts on “Easing into things…….

  1. Wonderful pictures here Sheri. I’m wondering if this big surprise is a feltloom? Just wondering. Hope you get to feeling better. Enjoyed reading. Good for Jesse helping you!

    • Ahhh thanks Kris. Mmmm not time to tell my secret yet. Thinkin I might go to the Dr for bloodwork. So glad you enjoyed the words too and yes….he’s a tremendous help! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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