Two LOL’s in a row…………..

Ok…guess what…..I’ve got it! TWO lol’s in a row! That’s how you let someone know you really are laughing out loud. What’dya think? I mean really folks. Nobody ever is…until they actually are….should be a perfect fix for the situation. Yes, I’m goofy, but what’s new. So…..I told you I’d tell of the breeding pen antics. Oh what fun. So…first they completely circled him and sniffed him. Later that night, Pearl was flirting. They would rare up then come down for the headbutt….but no butt. Gentle. Then she would run, he would chase, sniff, sniff. Up on the log and round and round. She humps Georgia….then flies up to the top of the stump and lays down. Safe, even though she’s curious. Today it was Belle and Wywy playing. I don’t think anything has happened yet, but I don’t know for sure. Everytime I look out the window…it seems I see Wywy staring at me. Lol. Oh, and boy is he big! Big and strong and friggin gorgeous.

I got dizzy 4 times while shearing today. Jesse kept sayingYou need to eat. Cathy said…you are losing weight. While we were at the hair shop, there was a huge mirror with me staring back at me the whole time we were in there…..and she is right. I look thin. I don’t ever pay attention to that stuff. I don’t care anymore if I’m big or small, fat or thin, pretty or ugly. I just care that I help people. Speaking of that…….I have an Angel and my life has changed. Completely. Ya, I’m still in the same house with the same goats….but everything is different now. No proof yet, but it’s coming. I’m living on the edge. The edge of something so awesome I can barely breathe. I am loving this edge. If it isn’t real….Then……..what a fun ride it’s been. If it is real….I’m in for the life of love. No other words for it. The life of love. And on that note……it’s night night time. See ya people. 2:25am = 9 = endings…..again.

I say….if it’s real, even though I now feel sure it is….. cuz I’m human. A human who has been let down time after time. A human who was truly helped…..only once. My hubby saved me. He believed in me and he threw me a rope. I have always called him an angel and even asked him why wasn’t he doing his angel job…..during my winter solstice thing. Well, it seems that someone else believes in me, and I have a new angel. This angel requires me to use every ounce of my brain. My brain cells are growing as I type. I like it. It’s so odd, looking through these new eyes. New eyes can be grown in an instant people. All it takes is one new piece of information. Or meeting one new person. Whamo……perspective changed!!!

Oh man…get this……we bought a windmill 5-6 years ago…trying to be a bit sustainable. Spent a ton of money on it…well, $12,000. Yesterday I called to get a service visit scheduled and discovered they went out of business. Warranties no longer good, parts no longer made. He gave me 2 options. Pay $24,000 for a solar array and they would fix the windmill for free….or pay $7.500 for a new inverter. I was astounded and bumfrizzled. You’re telling me that to fix what I’ve already paid for I gotta spend either $7,500 or $24,000???? Logic is missing in this equation. Yupperie, buddy. So, if  you are considering a wind turbine…..I’d get it written into the contract….what would happen if they went out of business. What a waste of money. Hubby might know of someone who can fix it though. But seriously…..this is not kosher. Had the internet people out today…..seems that trees have grown in the 2 years since we put up the 40 ft pole….and they will have to find us another tower to point to. Cathy’s hubby got a loan, so now she will have internet…should be fun to watch her go! She’s been envious of mine forever……can’t blame her. She watches me go….now she gets to go. Go Cathy! She’s so excited….remember when you first got the internet? She’s getting a hotspot! Says if my internet is down, just call and she’ll come over with her hotspot. That’s my Cathy alright.

So….back to the breeding shenanigans. It’s quite beautiful actually, to watch the interactions. Some of the girls look at Wywy with love lust in their eyes. Today….HE was the one on top of the stump and they were all staring adoringly up at him. That stump is Pearls refuge from him when she’s done teasing. None of the tussels are violent. All are like I described with Pearl….just a rare up and pretend head butt. Just fascinating. What a shift from previous years of what looked like rape…but wasn’t….or they wouldn’t then chase the boy, and nuzzle him. This is more like courting. He is courting his ladies. I’ve seen some humping going on between the girls….so I’m thinking it will work and estrus will be achieved…..ha….only now I’m wondering if the larger goat is worth a fall birth. It will be cold then and I won’t have as much fun playing….or even willingness to play in the cold. I dunno…this may or may not be my one and only fall birth…thank you Summer Girl for that perspective. Ha! And that’s only IF it takes!

So… way overfull brain……calculating on overload… set and ready. Primed and ready. Ready to meet my new destiny headon. I’m just truly astonished that God was kind enough to give this destiny to me. Little ole me. So hard to wrap my head around. Me! Don’t worry….I will wrap my head around it and I will Love… much as I can….as hard as I can. That’s my new destiny. To Love. Boy, I know how too……I love these goats with an intensity that often scares me. Today as I sat on the ground near the logs in the Ladies pen….Heaven came up onto the log and laid down. Very close to me. Her mom, Maya stood very near me as well. Then I moved to visit another goat and Heaven laid down by me again. I gently reached out and touched her face. She did a tiny cringe, then release. I pulled away. Repeat a few times and I got to scratch her neck. And Khalifa….every single day…..I drool over my own goat. I love the way he walks….what a manly strut. I love his curls and his face and his blue eyes staring at me. Love is an easy thing and it’s a hard thing. I will be praying that I love according to His wishes. Full of Love……signing off at YeeHaw RANCH.

















4 thoughts on “Two LOL’s in a row…………..

  1. I love that I got to see the pictures today. Enjoyed following your thoughts today. It felt like we were sitting down to a coffee together and you were just sharing with me there…right outside the camper while we watched the goats. Love you

    • Well I’m thinkin it’s Crystal but I guess my photos go in reverse on iPhone. If its the photo with the red goat next to it and the gal Pearl on the log then it is Crystal. Otherwise it’s Anya. Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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