will the real Violet, please step forward……….

Good grief, it’s midnight and I just remembered the blog!!!!! That’s never happened before. In my defense, first I made dinner, then I ate dinner with hubby when he got home and then I finished the movie I had wanted to watch….Unstoppable, about the train?! I came down here at 9pm and watched Mac Miller with Jesse waiting for the rerun of the season finale, at 9:30. He ended up staying extra, till 10:30. Then Summer called. We just hung up and I selected a movie….Ice Age….and whoooom…….I haven’t started the Blog!!!! So, here I Am……starting the blog! YeeHaw! I don’t even know when my blog anniversary is. I’ll have to go back to the first one to find out. But the first one isn’t the first one. I had created the blog a whole year earlier, but when I couldn’t get anyone to read it, I quit. I used to quit. It won’t let me change the name now….but I tried. Tried to rename it plain ole, MamaSherisBlog. Or even MamaSheris, which is even better. Oh well. The numbers are up, I should tell you. Not a ton, but they’re up. I’ll take it and exclaim…..yeehaw and a callimazooooo! Thankyou all for reading! For caring! For relating! For sharing! For hiding in the background but everpresent!

Tonight I was watching Touched by an Angel, where they find this family to go on the road for God. Can’t remember the name of the series, but ya, it spunoff. The first of the spinoffs, really. This guy has given up on humanity. On pride. He’s homeless and has a family to provide food for. He has an encounter with an angel. The realization of what is happening in my life right now was just like that. It hit me with a wham! I found myself crying, to realize….. An angel. Can I say it that way? I have an Angel. That’s what I’ve been hinting at. That simple. Don’t ya just love angels? I’ve been talking to them forever…all generic like, as one big group. My daughter has lately been suggesting I single some out. Like Michael. Ohhh, a calm befell me. I’m back. That was nice. I am very grateful for my Angel.

Often when I’m blogging, I remember Mary Berry’s words on a link once…saying MamaSheri, who says whatever comes to her mind…..or something like that. She’s right. I do. I do for a reason. I’ve lived a long hard damn life and if I can help anyone, touch anyone, speak to anyone….then ya……ya ya ya!!!!! Oh, I’m not saying she said it wrong…it was beautiful……I loved it. Thank you Mary. It inspires me constantly. If I don’t share what’s in my brain at night……the goats are a bonus……then I would be a hermit again. I would be hidden, unseen, gone. Useless once again. HAHA…. God didn’t like that. He shrunk my page Bigtime. Lol. Don’t think I could have read it if I’d tried. I know I know….I’m hard on myself. Are You? Sue suggested tonight that I need some self esteem. What is that word anyway. No, that wasn’t her word, but close….I’m asking. Self. Ok. Esteem. Is team. Oh no way. I don’t want it….no wonder I rejected that word all my life. I don’t want that. I want to be me. Me playing with others. No sides need picked. It’s not a sport….it’s a game. A rollercoaster ride. I hate sports. Life is not a Sport, to be charged money for, or to be bad grades forgiven for…life is……..a RIDE. Ride the wave baby, ride the wave. “To know life in every breath…..every cup of tea”. That’s my favorite quote and I’m stickin to it! (The Last Samurai). Yes people, my favorite quote of all time….is from a movie….big surprise….but no, seriously…..not a person from history, not an event,…a movie quote. Ahhhh whatever….I like it. You know those handheld label machines…yup, I have quotes all over my house chair area. To know life in every breath….in every cup of tea. I’ll leave you on that note. Night night and create the sweetest of dreams for yourselves. 1:12am = 4 = hello Angels!!!!!! YeeHaw! And once more, lest my words make you forget…..To know Life, in Every Breath…..in Every cup of Tea.

Good morning!!! We are about to shear, then I plan to take Jesse to Jack in the Box for lunch as a thank you for helping me with the babies births. I’ve thought about it. 2 of the help needed births I did alone….but the rest, if he hadn’t been there….I wouldn’t have been able to go in and help. So, he basically saved 3-4 babies! That’s worth a lunch reward, eh? Well, we got Maya and Tika sheared up, with the help of Cathy….45 minutes each, yeehaw! Good girls too! Then we headed to town. We had our burgers, then I got my smoothie then he wanted his hair cut. I tried to talk him out of it cuz it looked so dang good…..but he went in asking for a fade…and by the time I came in ten minutes later, the lady was still trying to talk him out of his fade. And she did. In the end, he’s happy and that’s what matters.

Have to tell ya something funny. Violet has been getting some grey markings on her face…been there about a week or two. Well, last night, the parts inside the lines, filled in with grey. Poor Lily keeps walking around checking all the black babies….sniffing them and crying for Violet….who cries back and says….I’m right here mom. So cute. Khalifa started to cry as we finished up his mom…….think he liked her with curls better. And Maya…..wow, she looks so different without curls. All the coats have been trash. This makes me very sad and very angry at the same time. Such a waste of beauty. Gonna have to take Stars early before it too gets trashed. About the fiber painting. I got a few responses and the general consensus is to go forward with the design idea. Tami suggested changing the green on the tree to pink, thus making it a redbud…..i love redbud trees….so I think I will. She is right, the background gives you the illusion of night and the pink would go better. I’ll see how it looks. Can’t believe tomorrow is Friday again already. So fast, life speeds by so fast.

Oh my…..Syria is using chemical weapons against its own people………which would justify American intervention…..Oh my! The white house wants proof first! WELL…….America is using chemical weapons against its people every single day……..so why the hoopla???? Between the GMO’s, the vaccines and the drilling which releases chemicals into the water……..AMERICA…you have no right to judge another country. Well, I’ve gone over….so I’ll tell you tomorrow about the breeding pen antics. Have a good’un. Signing off at YeeHaw RANCH.















4 thoughts on “will the real Violet, please step forward……….

  1. I’m sorry you took my comment as you needed more self esteem. I just meant that, for me, if I like what I’ve done, that’s good enough. I gave up worrying about what others think about me a long time ago. I am not perfect (not by a long shot), but I’m good enough!

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