what is BAD art?……………

Nothing gives my heart a jumpstart, like a baby goat cry….in the dark. It’s like my heart jumps and I twist my body around to look. It usually settles quickly, cuz it’s almost always a case of….oops, where’d mommy go? The rains haven’t arrived yet, but when they do, you can bet I’ll hear lots of those tiny cries. I just love the cries. The different voices. The high ones and the really high ones are my favorite. Flower has an adorable cry….although it could be Kiwi, I’m not for certain. As they grow, the sounds change, just as the coats and colors change. I’m amazed with each baby…each year. The changes are most times quite drastic. Like I told you….one year I had 7 blacks….only 1 stayed black. The rest became varying shades of gray or silver. Well….I take that back. Sugarbee remained black, but she has passed to rainbow heaven. Point being….I, and now We…..get to watch this color miracle unfold before our eyes. Getting the babies to all cry for you on video….now that’s more difficult.

I’m still ultra excited and baffled and mystified and awed. Hopes either way…..I’m enjoying. I think I can start to maybe think about relaxing now and just dream of what can be. I’m being elusive and I’m sorry…..but this needs to be so. Sure….I could just blow right by it but that’s not me…..and I just can’t hide my excitement. My hopes and dreams stirred……stirred, shaken, spun. Spider has been weaving…..between distant energies…..creating. Spider is so prevalent here and with me. No, I don’t hold them, but I appreciate them. Yes, I’ve even named them. My favorites to this day are Iggy and Ziggy. The play dead to get a bug spiders who lived in my bathtub. I always looked at them as father and son. Iggy, being the dad. Have you ever seen this? Fascinating. How many times I tried to collect his remains and throw them away and he would jump up and run away. Remember the tiny spider? I haven’t seen the tiny spider here since that one night. That must have been the one. The one special spider….that wove magic. I want to shout from rooftops and twirl on mountains! Sing with my squeaky voice and Pray for the World. Beat the drums. You guys must get a kick outta me sometimes….I Do go on….

The weather has arrived. It’s 50 degrees and the rains are intermittent but the winds are singing pretty loud. The tiny baby is crying. Ha! Nope. I was wrong. It wasn’t the tiniest baby, it was one of the biggest babies, who rarely cries…Petunia….got stuck in the fence. I just went ahead and cut the fence cuz it’s after 1am and it’s friggin cold! My wire cutters fell outta my pocket and Geezer got em….again. My new good ones! And….they’re already rusty…but they still work….or they did…better not be chewed up too bad. All I had to do was say, Geezer! And he stopped chewing and looked shameful and let me get them. Pups. Cool….just found a mail order clipper blade sharpening service in Texas. One day turnaround. I better send em in cuz I had to open a new package and I don’t know how many are left. One, maybe 2. Had a friend offer to have me mail em to her and she’d take em in to her shop…but this is faster. Life is grande. Just grande. Night night and sweetest of sweet dreams to you all. 1:44am, hello angels, = 9 endings. Oh wait…..I’ve decided that since it’s raining and I will have wet goats….that I will start the experiment tomorrow. I’ll move the girls around…all the mommies and babies in one pen and the ones I want to breed in the other. Then I’ll bring the Wy in. I had planned on putting up a gate to close off the alley with him inside….but the girls have gotten a taste for grass and they’ll be hell to deal with if I close em off. So I’ll just go ahead and put him in. It’ll either stimulate estrus or it won’t. Yay, something to do on a rain day! One more thing….not sure if it made it into the blog last night, but due to shearing Joy, and Petunia being on the stanchion……we all got to touch her and we couldn’t resist. She had been taboo, off limits for so long that we touched that baby everywhere and just tried to make it feel good. God…..as always is Right on time. She was stuck tonight. She was not afraid of me. For the first time in her life, she was not afraid of me….and it’s when it counted. If they pull too hard, due to fright, they can rip their horns off and bleed badly. So…..all perfect, as usual. Ok….night.

Oh man it’s still cold and the wind is still whipping up some cream. Hope it’s just good cream and not ice cream. Phase One of my plan starts right now. I shall go let all the girls out to get it out of their system. Then I’ll feed. During feed, I’ll rearrange them. Then I’ll get my prize buck. Phase one commencing Now! Of course, Phase two is gather tons of adorable photos while they are out. I had to babysit again. Kachina walked out and they babies started crying and poking their heads thru the fence so I picked them up and put them by her in the alley. She sniffed them and walked on. They cried……I stayed. When they calmed, I went for more photos out in the field, then back when they cried again. Now I’m just calming them from my seat on the bed. Ok….car insurance is good now, ready to go…….when I need to go.

Alright! Operation Experiment has begun!!! Who’s the unhappiest camper? Can you guess? Poor poor Wywy. He’s all alone in a sea of young girls. He doesn’t know what to think. The rest are all dealing pretty well, except for the occasional ramming. All the babies are in one pen, except Star. I laid out a painting and sent a photo to Jesse. He didn’t like it. So I sent a photo to someone who likes owls. Still waiting to see if she too says chunk it. It’s just all laid out on the background….nothing needled in. I don’t know. I liked it. And what is laid out, is just the design…..so much more would have to happen and it would change and change and change, as I go. Ahhh, that’s the thing about art…..some will like it, some won’t. The dilemmas of artists. Well, I’ll decide eventually. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















2 thoughts on “what is BAD art?……………

  1. Did your son say why he didn’t like it? I think it looks fine. It will change as you needle felt everything down and can add more details. I usually take negative comments with a grain of salt, especially from certain people. Helps to have a good sense of my own worth, lol.

    • It’s ok. He misunderstood what was goin on. He now says he likes it and thinks it will turn out in the end. I do struggle with self esteem issues but I knew that I liked it so that’s why I wanted some more opinions. Thanks ever so much for your input! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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