Dang…..I’m a tease!

I’ve told you about my fascination with crystal skulls. I have my little guy…..citrine with a touch of black tourmaline…..and he sat in the presence of Max, so I named him Minimax. Tonight I’m watching Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls movie. Every time I hear about them or think about them, I go back in my mind to Shirley MacLaine’s words. She said there were not only crystal skulls in Lemuria and Altantis, but the entire body. Ye know….I just like that. Gosh…been awhile since I’ve read any books….but I’m thinkin that they were used in the division of the spiritual human bodies from androgenous to male and a female. I’m also thinkin there were 2 crystal bodies…one on either side of the birthing pool. According to Shirley’s stories…..I like Lemuria….not Atlantis. Atlantis took things further, like modern always does….while Lemuria was pure and unfettered. I don’t remember if I’ve told you, but she said everything was mutual there. Trees handed you their fruit and birds handed you a quill, etc. Hmm, what did the animals get from it…..needs to be a good trade!

For me personally though….I have a connection to clear crystal. The Wiggles story…..was mostly channeled, sort of. I don’t know what else to call it. I had the idea…given to me 20 years previous….and all of a sudden, I was creating characters in my head, so one day I sat down at the computer and I was basically there for 4 days. I ate and slept and typed. When I got done…there was a story. I also have the citrine hand holding the sphere…clear crystal. Sure, I’ve got purples, pinks, blues and grays….but I’m drawn to the clear. My favorite crystal book is called….Love is In the Earth…by Melody…………..turns out, she’s from the town I spent most of my childhood in…..no coincidences…just frequency. Energy frequency that is. Maybe people are right about the tv in one regard….if I wasn’t watching it all day….I’d be doing other things…like possibly, probably, playing with my crystals. Hmmm, something to think about. Oh God…there it is…the skull. It’s all lit up and just gives me the willies….the good willies. I hope it’s true about the crystal pyramids that have reportedly been found. Sedona sits on a bed of crystals. Everything is crystal. If everything is crystal, why do I seek these particular crystals? Hmmm…something to ponder. I love Somethings to ponder.

I was thinking about the shearing. I’m tired of having these off days. Next time, I’ll just find a way to do it myself. I used to. I can again. The lady I just sold the three goats to kept saying she didn’t want butted by the buck. I told her time and time again….I’ve never ever had a buck try to butt me. They are all gentle. Now…..I did have an incident with one of the Beautifuls once….remember, they are trapped in a very small pen. Usually they are quite good, but they hide and we have to catch them. This one time though….DaVinci I think, rared up at me. I remembered words of advice and I flipped that buck on his side and pinned him down until he stopped struggling. But that’s the only time. I betcha I could go out with a rope and walk up to one of my boys who are now available in the front pasture…tie him to the fence…and shear him, without any trouble from the other boys. Hmmmm….I might just have to try it, to prove it to myself I can. Ye never know.

I’m keepin something to myself. Jesse said tonight…Mom, don’t get your hopes up. Too late. My hope is up and it is going to stay up. Bring it on. I’m up for the challenge and feeling it in my gut so bad it almost hurts….again. I could just scream. I want to scream. I’m ok. Don’t worry….just thinkin out loud at your expense. What if? Oh God…..What if. My stomach is all tight in a knot. Don’t ask me right now…cuz I won’t tell you. I’m having a moment of Awe. And whether it’s real or not….it’s still Awe. Just to ponder, just to hope…it does a body good. Unlike Milk….lol. Or so I hear. It’s a possible dream come true. A wish gone to the heavens and come back as pure light and kindness. I actually went into shock and had to be told to breathe. I said the word…but then it was said to me and I did. I took a breath. And then another. I feel like Alice in Wonderland at Christmas. Can you imagine more fun than that? Wow…there are 4 flies on my laptop. Hello Angels. I don’t think there’s more fun than …….ooooh ….wait…yes there IS! Oh my Lordie goodness, I am plum having a conniption fit. Let me live to enjoy. Calm. Calmeza. (Phenomenon, the movie). Ah well….night night. Time to calm. Time to shut my brain down…..ya right. Anyways….night night my sweet friends from the world!!! Talk to ya tomorrow! 1:24AM = 7 = holy.

Haha….boy am I a tease! I really can’t tell you……all I can say is I am still on cloud 9 and prayin, prayin. So….we did shear today. We did Happy, who is always very bad…but this time she let us get 1/3 done beforre she remembered she was supposed to freak out. It’s so funny. Jesse just picks their back legs up and holds them in the air and I shear real quick. Next we did Joy. How fun was that!?? Lots. Jesse said she would be worse than Happy…I said, no one is worse than the Pretties. Cathy said Choxie and I said, nah, she just bites. Nope, Joy was a dream. And the fun part was her baby Petunia came up on the stanchion with her. She nursed, she laid down under mommies neck, she laid down beside mommy and mommies coat was draped over her as it came off. Plum adorable. Then we let everyone out and I followed as usual. At 4, I fed them and took a few more photos and was on my way out when Ernie decided to fly into the Girl pen. It was cute till the goats got too close, then he would go toward them and actually attacked little Star. I shooed him right on outta there and all the way outta the L. I have a friend who needs a farm logo. Small amount of pay. She needs a bridge and an angora goat. I’m gonna try, but if anyone out there can draw good….give it a go. Kachina left the babies behind….Again. Oi ve. When will they get to enjoy the great outdoors? Cold front and rain on the way. I can feel it….cool air is blowing through the Rv. Time to get a jacket. Well, I better deliver hay before it hits. Have fun tonight people!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….forgot to tell ya….because Petunia was up on the stanchion we got to touch her all we wanted!!! So soft!
















4 thoughts on “Dang…..I’m a tease!

  1. I love all the flying ears!!! You can do anything. Have you ever seen the Aztec and Mayan Indian Art Exhibits? OMG the skulls are incredible. Google it and if you get a chance see it!!!

  2. I’ve never been butted by my bucks either, but it’s best never to trust them completely. I watch the boys very carefully when they are teenagers. Some of them go through a phase where they think they can take me, and I am always very quick to dis-abuse them of that notion, lol.

    • Hehehe!!!!! Ya I hear ya. Don’t worry. I have a highly alert natural fear factor built in!!! I will be careful. But now it’s raining. Jeesh. 💜❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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